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Articles from Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences (November 10, 2014)

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A case report: anaesthetic management of a cut throat injury. Jayaram, Shruthi; Amingad, Bhagyashree 1204
A clinico-metallurgical study of implant breakage in diaphyseal fractures of humerus, treated by primary 316l ss dcp fixation. Mohan, Rahul; Ramakrishnan, Ashok; Gopakumar, T.S. 2433
A rare case report of xeroderma pigmentosum with strong familial association. Raikod, Basavaraj R. Patil; Saraf, Niraj; Kinhal, Sudhanva V. 1494
A study of changes in liver function biomarkers among malaria infected patients. Shwetha, M.S. Report 1440
A study of prescription pattern of antimicrobial usage in ear, nose and throat infections of a rural teaching hospital. Prasad N.B., Guru; Dhananjay, Kulkarni; H., Rajasekhar C.; D., Rajesh; Y, Raghavendra A.; K., Vinodr 3349
Bilateral accessory breast tissue presenting as mass in axilla with leaking milk. Chaturvedi, Vineet; Dayal, Seema 769
Correlation of bilirubin with liver enzymes in patients of vivax malaria. M.S., Shwetha 1361
Endotracheal intubation in a child having occipital encephalocele with bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate: a case report. Ekbote, Shridhar N.; Padashetty, Nandan; Gadwal, Nagaraj 1208
Giant cell tumor of talus in a skeletally immature patient: a case report. Kumar K.N., Shailesh; Kumar P., Devendra 1781
Incidence of down's syndrome with demographic and chromosomal pattern in Odisha. Prusti, Jami Sagar; Panda, Sitansu K.; Sahoo, Santosh K.; Mishra, Dharma N.; Sahu, Mahesh C.; Das, S 4752
Incidence of pneumonia in critically ill patients on ventilator in basaveshwar teaching and general hospital. Raikod, Basavaraj R. Patil; Awati, Akash; Kinhal, Sudhanva V.; Saraf, Niraj 1805
Kartagener's syndrome. Gadappa, Swati M.; Bakliwal, Anamika 1304
Moya moya: spectrum of imaging. Kishore, Jai; Ramkumar; Karpagam, Bulabai 838
One year prospective study to compare underlay and overlay techniques of myringoplasty. Rony, K.M. Thomas; Markose, Anil; Abraham, Asha Annie; E., Jacob C.; M, Sajeev George Clinical report 4025
Pediatric scrub typhus with meningoencephalitis. Gadappa, Swati M.; Chopra, Deepika 1639
Predicting outcome and severity in acute organophosphorous poisoning with clinical scoring and serum cholinesterase levels. Raikod, Basavaraj R. Patil; Saraf, Niraj; Kinhal, Sudhanva V. Medical condition overview 2431
Relationship between psychopathology & socio-demographic and clinical variables in COPD and bronchial asthma: a comparative study. Sarawag, Mayank; Saharan, Sameer; Bhaskar, Manju; Singh, Rajinderpal; Yadav, Kuldeep Singh 5191
Role of USG and MDCT in evaluation of urinary bladder mass. Goyal, Sunny; Prabha, Tushar; Shivnani, Mohan; Aggarwal, Ankur; Mishra, Hemant Kumar 1331
Use of panoramic radiographs for evaluation of maxillary and mandibular residual ridge resorption: in vitro study. Tiwari, Priyanka; Karambelkar, Vikas; Patel, J.R.; Sethuraman, Rajesh Report 4922
Utility of cell block technique by microwave processing for rapid diagnosis in fluids and fine needle aspirates. Prabhala, Shailaja; Gangane, Nitin; Sharma, Satish 3231

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