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Articles from Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences (May 26, 2014)

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A comparative study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of valacyclovir and famcyclovir in the management of herpes zoster in a tertiary care hospital in Puducherry. Indradevi, R.; Manoharan, K.; Oudeacoumar, P.; Karthikraja, S.; Jaffar, N. Azeem Report 2969
A study of awareness and attitude of postnatal and post abortal women towards family planning methods and their use, at rural tertiary care centre. Vishwakarma, Kshama; Yadav, Kalpana; Bhargava, Meena 4245
A study of management of intertrochanteric fractures using external fixator. Pawar, Eknath D.; Agrawal, Saurabh R.; Patil, Atul W.; Pawar, Purshottam; Choudhary, Sandeep Report 2874
Acute gynaecological emergency caused by ruptured dermoid. Lal, Sweta; Singh, Alpana; Goel, Neerja 1943
An uncommon complication of a common disorder: pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema complicating acute severe asthma: a case report. Singh, Urvinderpal; Aditi; Mittal, Vidhu 1456
Anaesthetic management of a patient with sickle [beta]+ thalassemia with cholelithiasis. Murthy, M.; Murthy, R.; Nigam, R.; Kosam, D. 2163
Anesthestic management of elderly patient with severe mitral stenosis associated with atrial fibrillation and renal failure posted for right trochanter DHS fixation under continous low dose segmental epidural anesthesia. Kumar, A. Naveen; Vijayabhaskar, B. 1741
Basal cell carcinoma with eccrine differentiation: a rare entity. B., Divvya; Tippoo, Rehana; Viswanathan, P.; Krishnaswamy, B.; Ali, A. Anvar 1035
Case report: Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome. Tasneem, A.F.; I., Vittal Nayak; Shwetha, B.A.; Lari, Ali Akbar Jafarian 1001
Computed tomography guided fine needle aspiration cytology of mass lesions of lung: a study in central India. Gupta, Vivek; Valecha, Jyoti; Mishra, Jharna; Chanchlani, Roshan 1860
Dexamethasone prophylaxis on incidences of post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) in patients undergoing gynecological surgeries under spinal anesthesia. Chandrashekharappa, K.; Ravindra, C.G.; Kumara, A.B.; Kiran, M. Clinical report 2944
Evaluation of HIV testing status and its positivity in pregnant women in Rajasthan State in the year 2011-12. Pal, Dhamija Jas; Surbhi, Chaturvedi; Niharika, Sharma; Manju, Maheshwari; Vithal, Maheshwari 2184
Experience and challenges in the management of pelvic fracture urethral distraction defect (PFUDD) by excision and end to end urethroplasty. Mathur, Rajkumar; Odiya, Sudarshan; Patil, Lukesh 3104
Fibrous dysplasia of proximal phalanx of hand a radiological diagnosis and histopathological confirmation. Khanduri, Shobha; Khanduri, Sachin; Parashari, Umesh C.; Chhabra, Saakshi; Bhadury, Samarjit 1377
Generalized lentiginosis: an uncommon presentation. Valluvan, M.; B., Divvya; Viswanathan, P.; Prasad, P.V.S.; Kaviarasan, P.K. 2143
Heart rate variability in type 2 diabetics with change in posture. Pramodh, V.; Shetty, Ashwini K.; Kumar, M. Prashanth; Prasad, B.A. Krishna 2874
HIV post exposure prophylaxis awareness among the nursing staff. Aswar, Nandkeshav R.; Barure, Balaji S.; Inamdar, I.F.; Tambe, Saleem H.; Mohammed, Ubaidulla; Akank 1738
Importance of medical audit in a community ophthalmic outreach program. Sathe, Shubhangi Prashant; K., Sharmil S. 1629
Is brain death reversal possible in near future: intrathecal sodium nitroprusside (SNP) superfusion in brain death patients = the 10,000 fold effect. Kumar, Vinod; Husain, Mazhar; Gupta, H.K. Das 4307
Low dose aspirin in combination with low-molecular-weight heparin is better than low dose aspirin alone in the treatment of pregnant women with recurrent miscarriages. Laddad, Manisha M.; Kshirsagar, N.S.; Patil, Sanjaykumar P.; Shinde, Gauri; Nimbalkar, Pranjal Medical condition overview 3031
Malignant phyllodes tumor with skin ulceration and nipple areola complex involvement: a case report. Mishra, Braja Mohan; Nayak, Malaya Krishna; Bishi, Pratyusa Ranjan; Jena, Jyotirmay 784
Maternal and perinatal outcome of hypertensive disorders in a tertiary care centre in North Kerala. Smitha, Sreenivas K.; Naseema, Beevi A. 2240
Metallo-beta-lactamase producing pseudomonas aeruginosa in neonatal septicemia. Murthy, R.; Murthy, M.; Pradhan, S.; Barapatre, R. 2089
Mixed glial choristoma of tongue and gastro-intestinal heterotopia of oral cavity in a newborn with cleft palate. Rao, S. Pratap; Jyothsna, B.; Khan, Sana Salim; Sravanthi, M.; Prasad, C.N. 1592
Nasopharyngeal branchial cyst causing stridor in neonate: a case report. Gill, Jaskaran Singh; Bhardwaj, Bhanu 1359
Pattern of head injuries in fatal road traffic accidents in Indore Region, M. P. Chaturvedi, R.K.; Mishra, Abha; Chaturvedi, Praveen 2094
Persistent Left Superior Venacava. Mahajan, Devinder Singh; Salhan, Preeti; Kumar, Dinesh; Kaur, Ranjeet 1002
Post-operative analgesia in patients undergoing major surgeries: effect of adding IV ketamine to morphine in presence of morphine resistant pain. Mathew, Blessy; Rajkumar, Arti; Afzal, Lalita; Verghese, Mary; Kaur, Narjeet Clinical report 3926
Pregnancy with carcinoma cervix. Goyal, Sunita; Tuli, Arti Gupta; Dsouza, Aprajita; Masih, Tapasya Dhar 1110
Profile of human rabies cases admitted at Epidemic Diseases Hospital, Bangalore, India. Mahendra, B.J.; Harish, B.R.; Reddy, Thimma; Nagaraja, Goud B. 2183
Prospective comparative study of complications of laparotomy wound in elective and emergency surgery. Chavan, Deepak R.; Metan, B.B.; Rushabh, Somani; Shankar, Bharat Clinical report 3851
Retrospective analysis of treatment of tubercular pleural effusion. Motiwale, Satish; Dosi, Ravi Clinical report 956
Sexual assault on women. Prasad, Dara Durga 1765
Single incision laproscopic cholecystectomy: initial evaluation of a large series in Kumaoun Region of Uttarakhand. Sayana, A.; Singh, Rajeev Kr.; Pratap, Pranam Singh; Verma, P.K. 1464
Study of association of fundal changes and fetal outcomes in preeclampsia. Mithila, R.; Datti, Narendra P.; Gomathy, E.; Krishnamurthy, D. Clinical report 3495
Study of risk factors and clinical profile of acute stroke. Tomar, A.P.S.; Ramteke, Satish K.; Singh, Ravita; Ramteke, Sharmila 2137
Symptomatology of depression in different age groups. Darji, Vinodkumar M.; Patel, Dharmesh V.; Jariwala, Manasvi 5998
The 10,000 fold effect of retrograde neurotransmission, a new concept for stroke revival: use of intracarotid sodium nitroprusside. Kumar, Vinod; Husain, Mazhar; Gupta, H.K. Das; Singhvie, Ravi 5953
The outcome of ectopic pregnancy-a tertiary care hospital experience. U., Sreelakshmi; Pandey, Pramila; Venkatesh, Shreedhar Medical condition overview 2295
To evaluate changes in blood glucose following antenatal corticosteroid therapy in preterm antenatal women of gestational age 28-34 weeks. S., Renuka; Sreevalsan, Anoop; S., Sathiya; Subbiah, Vasantha N. 1823
Treatment of intra-articular distal radius fractures by a combined dynamic and static jess mini external fixation technique. Gupta, Utkal; Chaudhary, Saurabh; Khan, Apser; Pathania, V.P. 2908
Tumor of palatal minor salivary gland: a case report. Garag, Santosh S.; Arunkumar, J.S.; Prasad, K.C.; Anchan, Shibani 1476
Uterine inversion during cesarean section: a rare case. S., Nemagouda Aruna; S., Shirgur Shobha; R., Gobbur Vijaylakshmi; Neelamma, Patil 1254
Variation of haematological indices in various types of malaria. Ahmed, Samith; Zakaria, Farhana; P., Aravind Clinical report 2771
Vegetative foreign body of neck: a rare experience. Choudhary, Raman; Bhuie, H.S.; Mathur, Navneet P.; Yogi, Arjun Nath; Verma, Hitesh 948

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