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Articles from Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences (June 24, 2013)

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'Ball valve' obstruction of ileum, caused by a calcified primary enterolith. Tiwari, Pawan; Tiwari, Madhu Case study 1008
A neonatal tetanus death: an opportunity lost. Baruah, Jenita; Mahanta, Tulika G.; Dutta, Abhijit; Gogoi, Arpita Clinical report 1259
A study of gender discrimination in students education by parents- a pilot study. Nagaraja, G.M.; Reddy, Mohan; Shankar, S. Ravi Report 3011
A study on clinical evaluation, MRI & arthroscopy in cruciate ligament & meniscal injuries. Kasturi, Ashwin; Veeraji, E.; Arvind, B.; Jaiswal, Ritesh Report 1833
An open label comparison of chlordiazepoxide and lorazepam in alcohol withdrawal. Rajmohan, V. Report 2176
Analysis of menstrual cycle irregularities in adolescent girls in a tertiary care hospital. Verma, Asha; Mulchandani, Rekha; Lauria, Nupur; Verma, Kusum; Himani, Sunita Report 2167
Comparative study of maternal & fetal outcome in pregnancies of gestational age 40 completed weeks and beyond. Shinge, Nanda; Kumar M.M., Vijay; Prashanth, S. Report 2482
Comparison of blood culture with slide and tube widal agglutination tests in the diagnosis of typhoid fever. Varshney, Krati R.; Singhal, Shipra; Yaqoob, Shadma; Shukla, Priyanka; Singh, Y.I. Report 1959
Complete absence of the suprascapular notch: a risk factor for suprascapular nerve entrapment neuropathy. Mahato, Raj Kishore; Suman, Parineeta Report 2006
Diabetes and tooth loss. Rodrigues, Charlotte; Anjaly, D.; Rashmi, B. Report 2873
Effectiveness of teaching programme on knowledge, attitude and practices regarding the HIV/AIDS among pregnant women in Lady Goshen Hospital, Mangalore- Karnataka. Narayani, B.H.; Shakuntala Report 1474
Evaluation of ocular problems in hearing impaired children. Bharathi, N. Rama; Rao, M.V. Appa Report 1112
Goitre prevalence survey in school going children (6-12 years) of Srinagar district of J & K. Rafiq, M.; Jan, Rifat; Ahamad, Ashfaq; Yasmeena Report 2502
I.V. infusion of magnesium sulphate during spinal anaesthesia to improve postoperative analgesia in patients undergoing lower extremity surgery. Tyagi, Vandana; Rajendra, Akash; Chaturvedi, Shashi; Chaudhri, R.S. Report 2648
Insulinoma--a case report and review of literature. Kumar, S.V.; Rajkamal, V.; Chakravarthy, D.S.; Kirankumar, G.; Nagasuneetha, K. Case study 1210
Leukemia cutis--a case report. Nirmala, C.; Kulkarni, Mangal V. Case study 1337
Mature cystic sacrococcygeal teratoma in a child- a case report. Arifulla. K., Mohammed; Honakeri, Vivek. P.; Yendigeri, Sayeed. M.; Sajjanar, B.B.; Fathima, Nasheen Clinical report 1352
Ossification of ovarian cyst: a rare case report. Singh, Ajay Kr.; Singh, Manish Kr.; Ghavghave, Sonal; Agarwal, Akankcha; Goel, Madhu Mati Case study 1219
Pathological spectrum of congenital anomalies of the gastrointestinal tract- a 5 year study at a paediatric referral centre. Ramani, M.; Krishna, O.H. Radhika; Geeta, K.; Reddy, K. Ramesh; Reddy, P. Sreenivas; Soumya, E.; Des Report 2098
Persistent hypertension associated with sleep disordered breathing in adolescence: comprehending the cause and the effect. Mishra, Brajesh; Mishra, Bhawesh Case study 1316
Prevalence of carcinoma in symptomatic gall stone disease- a study following cholecystectomy. Nigam, Manisha; Ranwaka, Renu; Nigam, Brijendra; Singh, Mahendra; Devpura, T.P. Report 1878
Pterion its location and clinical implications- a study compared. Kumar, Suchit; Anurag; Munjal, Shashi; Chauhan, Puja; Chaudhary, Alok; Jain, Sanjeev Kumar Report 3309
Pulmonary infections due to mycobacterium tuberculosis & non-tuberculosis mycobacteria in HIV seropositive patients. Agrawal, Dinesh; Hassani, Umesh Report 2581
Quantitative levels of C-reactive protein in cerebrospinal fluid in children with bacterial and other meningitis. Bansal, Sharad; Gupta, Rimzim; Gupta, P.P.; Kakkar, M.K.; Malhotra, A.K. Report 1555
To compare the effectiveness & tolerability of misoprostol as a cervical ripening agent in first trimester abortion through sublingual & vaginal routes of administration. Nath, Jayati; Shah, Snehal; Sharma, Rina Report 1821
Use of algorithmic approach to evaluate the cause of secondary amenorrhea. Shrivastava, Priyanka; Shrivastava, R.K.; Himanshu, Harindra; Jha, Rohit Kumar Report 2588

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