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Articles from Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences (April 29, 2013)

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"A clinicopathological study and surgical management of cystic swellings of scrotum in rural hospital". Yashas H.R.; Lakshmi, Narayan G.; Naveen, N.; Murali, Mohan R.; Manohar, T.M. Clinical report 3413
A case of abdominoscrotal hydrocele in adult with hydronephrosis. Kumar, Ravi kant; Jha, Rohit Kumar; Ekka, Nishith; Kumar, Manish; Malua, Shital Clinical report 741
A rare case of endobronchial neurofibroma. Nichkaode, P.B.; Umalkar, Rohan; Tulaskar, Nilesh; Panchbhai, Kapil; Zamad, Rahul Clinical report 1325
A rare case of giant adrenocortical carcinoma. Hazarika, Abinash; Manohar, T.M.; Sushruta, M.S.; Raghav, Uchil Sonali Clinical report 1228
Anaesthetic management in a patient with Arnold-Chiari malformation type I and Syringomyelia. Balaji, Kartika; Pratap, R.; Vijayalaxmi, G.; Chakravarthy, P. Kalyan; Nagaraju, J. Clinical report 1231
Antioxidant status, oxidative stress and lipid profile in essential hypertensive men. Shantha, Kumari N.; Hemalatha; Sheethal, K.C.; Shwetha; Rashmi, T.M. Clinical report 2666
Aseptic meningitis following spinal anaesthesia--two case reports. Yahya, Mohammed; Kakhandki, Srinivas C.; Thomas, Teju Clinical report 1788
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia in a patient with endobronchial tuberculosis. Sangeeth, Kumar K.; Prabhudas; Kambar, Vivekananda M.; Bheemaraya, D.; Chaitra C.S. Clinical report 808
Bilateral primary non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of breast. A rare entity. Das, Narayan Clinical report 677
Cervico-vaginal swabs to predict prom: a case study. Boricha, B.G.; Patil, Shaifali; Kurkal, Nidhi; Borse, Rama Clinical report 2384
Comparative study of ultrasound and computed tomography in evaluation of blunt abdominal trauma. Jyothi, P.S.L.S.; Kalra, V.B. Clinical report 3248
Comparison of efficacy of plain lignocaine with lignocaine and clonidine in intravenous regional anaesthesia for upper limb surgery. Kulkarni, Jyoti V.; Bengali, Rashmi; Jewalikar, Suhas Clinical report 3313
Fixed drug eruption-bane of a boon. Shashi, Kiran M.; Pallavi, Nanaiah K.; Manjunath, K.; Naveen, B.S.; Vidya, S.; Shukla, Anil Kumar Clinical report 1888
Inter trochanteric # neck femur fixation with TFN-250 cases. Joshi, Prasad Vijaykumar; Yadav, Chandrashekar Clinical report 1193
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy: our experience with initial 70 cases after training in laboratory settings. Singh, Sarabjit; Lavania, Shubham Clinical report 1419
Massive spleen: a hidden danger! Tanvi, Shetty; Cariappa, Ksheera; Umaru, N.; Sushmita, M.G. Clinical report 745
Non specific caecal ulcer (NSCU)--an opportunity to explore a rare case clinically presented with one of the common abdominal presentation. Rao, K.L. Narasimha; Babu, S.S.R. Nagendra; Kiran, G.; Rao, N. Mohan; Prasad, V.V. Durga Clinical report 1148
Open thoracotomy and decortication for chronic empyema (fibrothorax). Nichkaode, P.B.; Dasgupta, S.; Zamad, Rahul; Tulaskar, Nilesh; Chaudhary, Abhay Clinical report 2705
Oral submucosal fibrosis--a clinicopathological study. Jain, A.K.; Nigam, Ritu; Gupta, Richa Clinical report 1899
Ovarian calcification mimicking vesicle calculus. Agrawal, Pallavi; Singh, Pratibha; Agrawal, Santosh Kumar; Natu, Neeeta; Malukani, Kamal Clinical report 772
Pattern and clinical presentation of STDs among HIV positive and negative individuals at a rural referral centre. Rajagopalan, Rajesh Clinical report 6570
Pyles metaphyseal dysplasia with megalocornea a very rare association--a case report. Mandal, Prasanta Kumar; Majhi, Fagu Ram; Mandal, Anup Clinical report 602
Quantification of stress by levels on tread mill exercise. Karunadevi, R.; Waghmode, Ganesh T. Clinical report 5227
Role of incision site in reducing surgically induced astigmatism in manual small incision cataract surgery. Sathish, K.; Prakash, D.N.; Shilpa, Gunderao; Soujanya, Kaup; Kanchana, B.K.; Acharya, Ambika A.; Ku Clinical report 1639
Soil-transmitted helminths in children with clinical symptoms of infection. Swamy, B.P. Rudramuneswara; Sreedhara H.G.; Mahanthesh, S.; Vijaykumara H.G. Clinical report 4818
Solitary fibrous tumour of the orbit: a case report. Mane, Vaibhav; Agashe, S.R.; Joshi, R.T.; Patil, P.P. Clinical report 985
Spindle cell sarcoma of vagina--a case report. Sankareswari, R.; Geetha, K.; Vani, S.; Divya, M. Clinical report 1562
The effects of antibiotic prophylaxis on infectious complications after caesarean section: a randomised controlled trial in a tertiary hospital of eastern India. Seth, Shelley; Banerjee, Sharmistha; Mukherjee, Sanjoy; Chakraborty, Aparna; Mitra, Udayan; Paul, Jo Clinical report 2635
Treacher Collins syndrome--a rare congenital disorder. Gupta, Richa; Moupachi, Surendra Singh; Gupta, Shikha; Gupta, Saurabh; Gupta, Pallavi Clinical report 1049
Tuberculum sellae meningioma causing visual impairment-visual recovery after tumour resection. Satish, Kandula; Balaji, S. Kartika; Keerthi, Bavandla; Varaprasad, G.; Sirisha, C.K.V. Clinical report 908
Upper extremity D.V.T: a review article. Datey, Aneeta; Porwal, Vinod; Inamdar, S. Clinical report 3287
Use the reimplanted tooth as abutment for fixed partial denture. Ali, Golmoradizadeh Clinical report 1151

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