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Articles from Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences (April 22, 2013)

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"Evaluation of intravenous iron versus oral iron in management of iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy with specific reference to body iron store". Bhargava, Richa; Maheshwari, Manju Clinical report 2357
A comparative study of low dose intravaginal misoprostol ([PGE.sub.1]) with intracervical dinoprostone ([PGE.sub.2]) gel for cervical ripening and labour induction. B, Jenitha.; M, Subbiah. Clinical report 3095
A rare case of recurrent dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans. Hazarika, Abinash; Manohar, T.M.; Mahesh, S.G; Sushruta, M.S.; Raghav, Uchil Sonali Case study 822
A rare intrathoracic tumour. Zamad, Rahul; Dasgupta, S.; Nichkaode, P.B.; Chaudhary, Abhay; Tulaskar, Nilesh Case study 1160
A rare oesophageal tumour. Dasgupta, S.; Zamad, Rahul; Nichkaode, P.B; Umalkar, Rohan; Tulaskar, Nilesh Case study 1244
Age changes in the thymus--a histological and morphological study. Sivan, Sheela; Viswasom, Angela A.; B, Krishnan Report 2521
Age related changes in the granule cell number in the human cerebellar cortex. Viswasom, Angela A.; Sivan, Sheela; Jobby, Abraham Report 2385
Agenesis of gall bladder diagnosed intra-operatively: a case report. Singh, N. Somorjit; Devi, A. Ranjita; Kamei, Ramthaipui; Sharma, K. Rupachand Case study 1065
An unusual presentation of liver laceration. Devani, Ravindra G.; Patil, Shanta B.; R, Veerabhadra; Gubbi, Sharanabasappa; Bhatia, Ankur Case study 1410
Anesthetic management of anatrophic nephrolithotomy. Geetha, C.R.; Tejesh, C.A.; Prathima P.T. Case study 1390
Antenatal fetal surveillance in IUGR and its outcome. Joshi, Tulika; Singh, Roopam; Hansda, Reeta; Das, Kusum Report 2077
Anterior sacral meningocele containing large dermoid cyst: a case report. Katikar, D.B.; Jaykar, R.D.; Kasabe, P.; Jadhav, S.; Ghule., R.R. Case study 1420
Body donation--a dilemma among doctors. Aneja, Prachi Saffar; Bansal, Savita; Sood, Kuldip Singh; Saxena, Amit Report 3244
Cervical tubercular lymphadenitis: evaluation of diagnostic modalities. Jain, Rajiv; Dosi, Ravi Report 2070
Comparison of accuracy of expected date of delivery calculated by Naegle's rule and by ultrasound scan. Javadekar, Dileep; Patange, R.P.; Whaval, Vaishali; Rokade, Archana Clinical report 2233
Diagnosis of abdominal tuberculosis in chronic abdominal pain: laparoscopy as an effective diagnostic tool. Jain, Rajiv; Dosi, Ravi Clinical report 2052
Difficult weaning after pulmonary endarterectomy for chronic pulmonary embolism: a case report. Melchisedec; Garg, Sheetal; Bedi, H.S.; Verghese, Valsa; Varghese, Anish. G. Case study 2075
Disseminated angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia- a therapeutic challenge. Rajagopalan, Rajesh Case study 843
Duplication of extrahepatic bile duct in association with cholelithiasis. Jha, Rohit Kumar; Ekka, Nishith; Malua, Shital; Bodra, Pankaj; Murari, Krishna; Rana, Ranveer Singh; Case study 1260
Efficacy of single dose of vaginal misoprostol 800 [micro]g in first trimester abortion. Narasimaiah, Gopal; Pukale, Ravindra; Shivanna, B. Shilpa; Sharma, Neha Report 1653
Excision of retrocalcaneal spur by a lateral approach for relief of heel pain. Nandivada, V.S.; Kumar, Kiran Case study 1027
Health education intervention on HIV/AIDS among the urban slum dwellers of Dibrugarh, Assam. Zaman, Forhad Akhtar; Sheikh, Samuel; Zaman, Gaffar Sarwar 3839
Leiomyoma, a major cause of abnormal uterine bleeding. Sreeja Rani, V.R.; Thomas, Sindha Report 1684
Misdiagnosis of spermatic cord torsion resulting in testicular necrosis in preteenagers--a report of three cases and review of literature. Chakma, Nilotpal; Sarkar, Pradip; Gupta, Sumit Report 570
Peptic ulcer perforation in a child. Ekka, Nishith; Jha, Rohit Kumar; Malua, Shital; Rana, Ranveer Singh; Baskey, Shyam Charan Case study 886
Potter facies with polycystic kidney disease in association with other rare congenital anomalies: two case reports. Das, Sudhanshu Kumar; Maharana, Sidharth Sankar Report 1157
Preoperative evaluation of ovarian tumors in the rural population--clinical features, grey scale ultrasound, colour Doppler, serum CA-125 and Alcazar score in predicting malignancy. Sinha, Ananya; Hariharan, Chella; Chaudhary, Rahul K. Report 4637
Prevalence of scrub typhus among acute undifferentiated febrile illness cases provisionally diagnosed as dengue fever. Kammili, Nagamani; Swathi, A.; Devara, Sudha Madhuri; Anuradha, P.R. Report 1473
Rare case of huge isthmic fibroids. Shivanna, B. Shilpa; Rashmi; Shivanna, Lalitha Case study 857
Reversible hyperintense dentate lesions. Lekhra, O.P.; Jain, Sonali; Maheshwari, A.; Rathore, Y. Case study 832
Study of interictal E.E.G in epilepsy. Rani, M. Usha Report 3218
Study on morbidity among under-five children of a rural area of Manipur, Thanga: a cross-sectional study. Singh, H. Nirendrakumar; Devi, H. Sanayaima; Singh, Y. Manihar Report 1859
Subcutaneous migration of an accidentally ingested fishbone. Das, Rinki; Daschakraborty, Sunilbaran; Pal, Mainak; Keshavan, Deepa Report 1208
Surgical management of life threatening penetrating neck injuries--a single handed experience. Naithani, Vinay; Sharma, Kuldeep Report 2171
Target emmetropia in manual small incision cataract surgery. Sathish, K.; Prakash, D.N.; Kanchana, B.K.; Balakrishnan, Uma; Acharya, Ambika A.; Kulkarni, Amar; S Report 1360
Utility of prostate specific antigen values in diagnosis and management of prostate cancer. Acharya, A.M. Report 1830
Would u like this implant to be used on your hip. Nandivada, V.S.; Kumar, Kiran 497

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