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Articles from Journal of Environmental and Public Health (January 1, 2013)

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A pilot study of increasing nonpurposeful movement breaks at work as a means of reducing prolonged sitting. Cooley, Dean; Pedersen, Scott Report 6333
A population approach to transportation planning: reducing exposure to motor-vehicles. Fuller, Daniel; Morency, Patrick Report 3445
A preliminary assessment of dispersion level of S[O.sub.2] in Fars industrial region, south of Iran, by GIS. Dehghani, Mansooreh; Taghizadeh, Mohammad Mehdi; Hashemi, Hassan; Rastgoo, Ebrahim Report 3450
A qualitative survey of five antibiotics in a water treatment plant in Central Plateau of Iran. Heidari, Mohsen; Kazemipour, Maryam; Bina, Bijan; Ebrahimi, Afshin; Ansari, Mehdi; Ghasemian, Mohamm Report 5470
A review of exposure assessment methods in epidemiological studies on incinerators. Cordioli, Michele; Ranzi, Andrea; De Leo, Giulio A.; Lauriola, Paolo Report 8747
An alternative approach to water regulations for public health protection at bathing beaches. Abdelzaher, Amir M.; Solo-Gabriele, Helena M.; Phillips, Matthew C.; Elmir, Samir M.; Fleming, Lora Report 6708
Application of Glycyrrhiza glabra root as a novel adsorbent in the removal of toluene vapors: equilibrium, kinetic, and thermodynamic study. Mohammadi-Moghadam, Fazel; Amin, Mohammad Mehdi; Khiadani, Mehdi "Hajian"; Momenbeik, Fariborz; Nour Report 4612
Comparative assessment of particulate air pollution exposure from municipal solid waste incinerator emissions. Ashworth, Danielle C.; Fuller, Gary W.; Toledano, Mireille B.; Font, Anna; Elliott, Paul; Hansell, A Report 7755
Comparison of Enterococcus species diversity in marine water and wastewater using Enterolert and EPA Method 1600. Ferguson, Donna M.; Griffith, John F.; McGee, Charles D.; Weisberg, Stephen B.; Hagedorn, Charles Report 3974
Contaminated sites in Europe: review of the current situation based on data collected through a European Network. Panagos, Panos; Van Liedekerke, Marc; Yigini, Yusuf; Montanarella, Luca Report 7569
Cross-temporal and cross-national poverty and mortality rates among developed countries. Fritzell, Johan; Kangas, Olli; Hertzman, Jennie Bacchus; Blomgren, Jenni; Hiilamo, Heikki Report 9516
Disparities of food availability and affordability within convenience stores in Bexar County, Texas. Smith, Matthew Lee; Sunil, T.S.; Salazar, Camerino I.; Rafique, Sadaf; Ory, Marcia G. Report 5653
Do US ambient air lead levels have a significant impact on childhood blood lead levels: results of a national study. Brink, LuAnn L.; Talbott, Evelyn O.; Sharma, Ravi K.; Marsh, Gary M.; Wu, Wen Chi; Rager, Judith R.; Report 6203
Does playground improvement increase physical activity among children? A quasi-experimental study of a natural experiment. Bohn-Goldbaum, Erika E.; Phongsavan, Philayrath; Merom, Dafna; Rogers, Kris; Kamalesh, Venugopal; Ba Report 7390
Ecological study on hospitalizations for cancer, cardiovascular, and respiratory diseases in the industrial area of Etang-de-Berre in the South of France. Pascal, Laurence; Pascal, Mathilde; Stempfelet, Morgane; Goria, Sarah; Declercq, Christophe Report 8470
Effect of the environmental stimuli upon the human body in winter outdoor thermal environment. Kurazumi, Yoshihito; Kondo, Emi; Ishii, Jin; Sakoi, Tomonori; Fukagawa, Kenta; Bolashikov, Zhecho Di Report 7942
Efficiency of constructed wetland vegetated with Cyperus alternifolius applied for municipal wastewater treatment. Ebrahimi, Asghar; Taheri, Ensiyeh; Ehrampoush, Mohammad Hassan; Nasiri, Sara; Jalali, Fatemeh; Solta Report 3570
Employment precariousness and poor mental health: evidence from Spain on a new social determinant of health. Vives, Alejandra; Amable, Marcelo; Ferrer, Montserrat; Moncada, Salvador; Llorens, Clara; Muntaner, Report 7326
Food stress in Adelaide: the relationship between low income and the affordability of healthy food. Ward, Paul R.; Verity, Fiona; Carter, Patricia; Tsourtos, George; Coveney, John; Wong, Kwan Chui Report 8165
Health effects of coastal storms and flooding in urban areas: a review and vulnerability assessment. Lane, Kathryn; Charles-Guzman, Kizzy; Wheeler, Katherine; Abid, Zaynah; Graber, Nathan; Matte, Thoma Report 8825
Health-related factors associated with mode of travel to work. Bopp, Melissa; Kaczynski, Andrew T.; Campbell, Matthew E. Report 8180
Incidence of tuberculosis and associations with indicators of alcohol consumption in three regions of northwest Russia in 1975-2009: a time-series analysis. Kuznetsov, V.N.; Shelygin, K.V.; Grjibovski, A.M.; Mariandyshev, A.O.; Johansson, E.; Bjune, G.A. Report 3203
Investigation of drinking water quality in Kosovo. Berisha, Fatlume; Goessler, Walter Report 8226
Lung cancer risk and past exposure to emissions from a large steel plant. Breugelmans, Oscar; Ameling, Caroline; Marra, Marten; Fischer, Paul; van de Kassteele, Jan; Lijzen, Report 5303
Municipal leachate treatment by Fenton process: effect of some variable and kinetics. Ahmadian, Mohammad; Reshadat, Sohyla; Yousefi, Nader; Mirhossieni, Seyed Hamed; Zare, Mohammad Reza; Report 3697
Nitrogen removal in a full-scale domestic wastewater treatment plant with activated sludge and trickling filter. Nourmohammadi, Davood; Esmaeeli, Mir-Bager; Akbarian, Hossein; Ghasemian, Mohammad Report 3500
Personnel's health surveillance at work: effect of age, body mass index, and shift work on mental workload and work ability index. Safari, Shahram; Akbari, Jafar; Kazemi, Meghdad; Mououdi, Mohammad Amin; Mahaki, Behzad Report 4336
Phenol photocatalytic degradation by advanced oxidation process under ultraviolet radiation using titanium dioxide. Nickheslat, Ali; Amin, Mohammad Mehdi; Izanloo, Hassan; Fatehizadeh, Ali; Mousavi, Seyed Mohammad Report 4258
Physiologic conditions affect toxicity of ingested industrial fluoride. Sauerheber, Richard Report 11275
Population dynamics and air pollution: the impact of demographics on health impact assessment of air pollution. Flachs, Esben Meulengracht; Sorensen, Jan; Bonlokke, Jakob; Bronnum-Hansen, Henrik Report 7440
Relationship between lighting and noise levels and productivity of the occupants in automotive assembly industry. Akbari, Jafar; Dehghan, Habibollah; Azmoon, Hiva; Forouharmajd, Farhad Report 3337
Role of environmental chemicals in obesity: a systematic review on the current evidence. Kelishadi, Roya; Poursafa, Parinaz; Jamshidi, Fahimeh Report 4735
Study of the bioremediation of atrazine under variable carbon and nitrogen sources by mixed bacterial consortium isolated from corn field soil in Fars province of Iran. Dehghani, Mansooreh; Nasseri, Simin; Hashemi, Hassan Report 5736
The added value of water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions to mass drug administration for reducing the prevalence of trachoma: a systematic review examining. Travers, Anyess; Strasser, Sheryl; Palmer, Stephanie L.; Stauber, Christine Report 7344
The attitudes and intention to participate in hemoglobinopathy carrier screening in The Netherlands among individuals from Turkish, Moroccan, and Surinamese descent. van der Pal, Sylvia M.; van Kesteren, Nicole M.C.; van Wouwe, Jacobus P.; van Dommelen, Paula; Detma Report 5248
The distributional characteristics of heavy metal in Jiangsu Province shoal sea. Wenjin, Yu; Xinqing, Zou Report 4808
The prevalence of very frequent physical fighting among boys and girls in 27 countries and cities: regional and gender differences. Swahn, Monica H.; Gressard, Lindsay; Palmier, Jane B.; Yao, Huang; Haberlen, Melissa Report 4517
The relationship between thermal comfort and light intensity with sleep quality and eye tiredness in shift work nurses. Azmoon, Hiva; Dehghan, Habibollah; Akbari, Jafar; Souri, Shiva Report 3278
The utility of rural and underserved designations in geospatial assessments of distance traveled to healthcare services: implications for public health research and practice. Smith, Matthew Lee; Dickerson, Justin B.; Wendel, Monica L.; Ahn, SangNam; Pulczinski, Jairus C.; Dr Report 7539
Total antioxidant capacity and malondialdehyde in depressive rotational shift workers. Khajehnasiri, Farahnaz; Mortazavi, Seyed Bagher; Allameh, Abdolamir; Akhondzadeh, Shahin; Hashemi, H Report 3886
Why do some employees fall into and fail to exit a job-lock situation? Huysse-Gaytandjieva, Anna; Groot, Wim; Pavlova, Milena Report 10507

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