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Articles from Journal of Environmental Health (January 1, 2014)

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A negative correlation between dengue and bushfires in Brazil. Oliver, Leuda; Burattini, Marcelo N.; Coutinho, Francisco A.B.; Coelho, Giovanini E.; Struchiner, Cl Report 536
A sampling of NEHA activities and developments. Fabian, Nelson 2188
Acute air pollution-related symptoms among residents in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wiwatanadate, Phongtape Report 7093
Assessment of nonzoonotic soil-transmitted helminth levels in soils in Yenagoa metropolis, Niger Delta. Bariweni, Perekibina A.; Ekweozor, Ikem K.E.; Ogbonna, David N. Report 2329
Asthma prevalence and risk factor assessment of an underserved and primarily Latino child population in Colorado. Clark, Maggie L.; Reynolds, Stephen J.; Hendrikson, Edward; Peel, Jennifer L. Report 6290
Concentration gradient patterns of traffic and non-traffic-generated fine and coarse aerosol particles. Sparks, C.; Reponen, T.; Grinshpun, S.A.; Ryan, P.; Yermakov, M.; Simmons, M.; Alam, M.; Howard, L.A Report 4892
Correlation of arsenic exposure through drinking groundwater and urinary arsenic excretion among adults in Pakistan. Ahmed, Mubashir; Fatmi, Zafar; Ali, Arif Report 4360
Dual home screening and tailored environmental feedback to reduce radon and secondhand smoke: an exploratory study. Hahn, Ellen J.; Rayens, Mary Kay; Kercsmar, Sarah E.; Adkins, Sarah M.; Wright, Ashton Potter; Rober 4116
Effectiveness and acceptance of total release insecticidal aerosol cans as a control measure in reducing dengue vectors. Pai, Hsiu-Hua; Hsu, Err-Lieh Report 4147
Effects of centralized and onsite wastewater treatment on the occurrence of traditional and emerging contaminants in streams. Ferrell, G.M.; Grimes, B.H. 5848
EH calendar. Calendar 491
Environmental Health: From Global to Local (Second Edition). Book review 126
Environmental toxicity and poor cognitive outcomes in children and adults. Liu, Jianghong; Lewis, Gary Report 6846
Fate and transport of phosphate from an onsite wastewater system in Beaufort County, North Carolina. Humphrey, Charles; O'Driscoll, Mike; Deal, Nancy; Lindbo, David 3563
Fecal contamination of food, water, hands, and kitchen utensils at the household level in rural areas of Peru. Gil, Ana I.; Lanata, Claudio F.; Hartinger, Stella M.; Mausezahl, Daniel; Padilla, Beatriz; Ochoa, T Report 4149
Framework for handling asbestos after a tidal surge. Ryan, Ben; Kuhl, Ian; Ware, Rebecca Report 4700
Geochemical correlates to type 1 diabetes incidence in southeast Sweden: an environmental impact? Samuelsson, Ulf; Lofman, Owe Report 6628
Introduction to Air Pollution Science: A Public Health Perspective. Book review 142
JEH quiz. 573
Limbo: straddling the present and future. Collins, Alicia Enriquez Column 1513
Place-based exposure and cataract risk in the Beaver Dam cohort. McElroy, Jane A.; Klein, Barbara E.K.; Lee, Kristine E.; Howard, Kerri P.; Klein, Ronald Report 4752
Public Health for the 21st Century: The Prepared Leader. Book review 139
Residential radon testing intentions, perceived radon severity, and tobacco use. Rinker, Gwendolyn H.; Hahn, Ellen J.; Rayens, Mary Kay 4483
Risk assessment of heavy metals in shellfish for the population in Nha Trang City, Vietnam. Nguyen, Thuan Anh; Roudot, Alain-Claude; Massin, Dominique Parent Report 5560
Risk assessment of rooftop-collected rainwater for individual household and community use in Central Kerala, India. Jesmi, Y.; Rahiman, K.M. Mujeeb; Hatha, A.A.M.; Deepu, Lal; Jyothi, S. Report 5529
Spatial variation in ambient benzene concentrations over a city park. Fridh, Samantha; Stuart, Amy L. 4594
Special listing. Barnett, Marcy A. Directory 2216
Special NEHA members. Directory 673
The cell phone problem/solution. Mahmud, Nadim; Holeman, Isaac; Puk, Kenny; Lam, Regina; Lee, Damian Report 4069
The Complete Guide to Climate Change. Book review 149
Transport of E. coli in a sandy soil as impacted by depth to water table. Stall, Christopher; Amoozegar, Aziz; Lindbo, David; Graves, Alexandria; Rashash, Diana Report 5540
Urinary metabolites of DEET after dermal application on child and adult subjects. Tian, Jia-Ni; Yiin, Lih-Ming Report 4551

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