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Articles from Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (January 1, 2018)

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A [+ or -] 1.55ppm Stable FBAR Reference Clock with Oven-Controlled Temperature Compensation. Koo, Jabeom; Sankaragomathi, Kannan; Ruby, Richard; Otis, Brian 2609
A 1.25-12.5 Gbps Adaptive CTLE with Asynchronous Statistic Eye-Opening Monitor. Cai, Chen; Zhao, Jian-zhong; Zhou, Yu-mei 3873
A Detection Algorithm for the BOC Signal Based on Quadrature Channel Correlation. Qian, Bo; Zheng, Guolei; Feng, Yongxin 4880
A Double Update PWM Method to Improve Robustness for the Deadbeat Current Controller in Three-Phase Grid-Connected System. Yang, Ling; Chen, Yandong; Luo, An; Huai, Kunshan; Zhou, Leming; Zhou, Xiaoping; Wu, Wenhua; Tan, We 6749
A Miniaturized Reconfigurable CRLH Leaky-Wave Antenna Using Complementary Split-Ring Resonators. Patron, Damiano; Liu, Yuqiao; Dandekar, Kapil R. 6818
A Mixed-Signal Programmable Time-Division Power-On-Reset and Volume Control Circuit for High-Resolution Hearing-Aid SoC Application. Chen, Chengying; Chen, Liming; Yang, Jun 2937
A New Feature Extraction Algorithm Based on Orthogonal Regularized Kernel CCA and Its Application. Guo, Xinchen; Fan, Xiuling; Xi, Xiantian; Zeng, Fugeng 3416
A Novel Covert Agent for Stealthy Attacks on Industrial Control Systems Using Least Squares Support Vector Regression. Li, Weize; Xie, Lun; Wang, Zhiliang 5307
A Novel Denoising Algorithm of Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Detection Signal Based on Improved EEMD Method. Gong, Wenkang; Liu, Qi; Du, Wenhao; Xu, Weichen; Wang, Gang 4684
A Novel Hybrid T-Type Three-Level Inverter Based on SVPWM for PV Application. Tuluhong, Ayiguzhali; Wang, Weiqing; Li, Yongdong; Xu, Lie 6416
A Novel Optimization of Plug-In Electric Vehicles Charging and Discharging Behaviors in Electrical Distribution Grid. Fu, Haiming; Han, Yinghua; Wang, Jinkuan; Zhao, Qiang 4822
A Retrieval Optimized Surveillance Video Storage System for Campus Application Scenarios. Ma, Shengcheng; Chen, Xin; Li, Zhuo; Yang, Yingjie 5798
A Security Monitoring Method Based on Autonomic Computing for the Cloud Platform. Zhang, Jingjie; Wu, Qingtao; Zheng, Ruijuan; Zhu, Junlong; Zhang, Mingchuan; Liu, Ruoshui 6079
A Sequential Compressed Spectrum Sensing Algorithm against SSDH Attack in Cognitive Radio Networks. Hu, Zhuhua; Bai, Yong; Cao, Lu; Huang, Mengxing; Xie, Mingshan 4962
Accuracy Assessment for the Three-Dimensional Coordinates by High-Speed Videogrammetric Measurement. Liu, Xianglei; Tang, Yi; Ma, Jing 2922
Advanced Power Electronic Converters and Power Quality Conditioning. Lam, Chi-Seng; Yang, Yongheng; Zhong, Qing; Chen, Yandong; Lao, Keng-Weng 1073
An Application-Level QoS Control Method Based on Local Bandwidth Scheduling. Wang, Yong; Xu, Fu; Chen, Zhibo; Sun, Yu; Zhang, Haiyan 5533
An Efficient Stream Data Processing Model for Multiuser Cryptographic Service. Li, Li; Li, Fenghua; Shi, Guozhen; Geng, Kui 6709
An Image Encryption Scheme of Logistic Modulation Using Computer-Generated Hologram and Chaotic Map. Ren, Hui; Wang, Jun; Wang, Qiong-Hua 2579
Analysis of Bus Trip Characteristics and Demand Forecasting Based on NARX Neural Network Model. Sun, Feng; Su, Wenheng; Liu, Weixuan; Cao, Hui; Guo, Dong; Zhu, Ye 5807
Analysis of Transient Voltage Stability in a Low Voltage Distribution Network Using SST for the Integration of Distributed Generations. Li, Sheng; Zhou, Zhihao; Shan, Qiqi; An, Jiani 4549
Application of Fuzzy Control in a Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter. Zheng, Zhaohong; Zhang, Tianxia; Xue, Jiaxiang 4641
Behavior Intention Derivation of Android Malware Using Ontology Inference. Jiao, Jian; Liu, Qiyuan; Chen, Xin; Cao, Hongsheng 8266
Change Point Detection for Piecewise Envelope Current Signal Based on Wavelet Transform. Wang, Haiyan; Zhou, Feng; Jiang, Chunyang; Qin, Ling; Zhang, Huaiqing 5595
Circuit Implementation, Synchronization of Multistability, and Image Encryption of a Four-Wing Memristive Chaotic System. Peng, Guangya; Min, Fuhong; Wang, Enrong 5722
Comparative Study between the Discrete-Frequency Kalman Filtering and the Discrete-Time Kalman Filtering with Application in Noise Reduction in Speech Signals. da Silva, Leandro Aureliano; Carrijo, Gilberto Arantes; Vasconcelos, Eduardo Silva; Campos, Roberto 2776
Comparing Digital Phase-Locked Loop and Kalman Filter for Clock Tracking in Ultrawideband Location System. Gao, Qian; Shen, Chong; Zhang, Kun 2852
Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Observation-Centered Plant Identification. Liu, Xuanxin; Xu, Fu; Sun, Yu; Zhang, Haiyan; Chen, Zhibo 3822
Corrigendum to "Log-PF: Particle Filtering in Logarithm Domain". Gentner, Christian; Zhang, Siwei; Jost, Thomas Correction notice 206
Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Concentrated Solar Power in China. Yang, Shuxia; Zhu, Xianguo; Guo, Weishang 9031
Cross-Layer QoS Scheme Based on Priority Differentiation in Multihop Wireless Networks. Wang, Mingjiu; Fan, Shu 6616
Data Mining for Material Feeding Optimization of Printed Circuit Board Template Production. Lv, Shengping; Zheng, Binbin; Kim, Hoyeol; Yue, Qiangsheng 9195
Detecting and Identifying Industrial Gases by a Method Based on Olfactory Machine at Different Concentrations. Sun, Yunlong; Luo, Dehan; Li, Hui; Zhu, Chuchu; Xu, Ou; Hosseini, Hamid Gholam 4074
Development of Electrohydraulic Steering Control System for Tractor Automatic Navigation. Yin, Chengqiang; Sun, Qun; Wu, Jian; Liu, Chengqiang; Gao, Jie 4177
Effective Inertial Hand Gesture Recognition Using Particle Filtering Based Trajectory Matching. Wang, Zuocai; Chen, Bin; Wu, Jin 5081
EPS Current Tracking Method Research Based on Hybrid Sensitivity [H.sub.[infinity]] Control Algorithm. Wu, Hairong; Xu, Guangfei; Wu, Jian; Han, Xue; Feng, Jiwei; Liu, Shifu; Bu, Linglong 5332
Extraction of Earth Surface Texture Features from Multispectral Remote Sensing Data. Zhang, Zhenxing; Gao, Feng; Ma, Bin; Zhang, Zhiqiang 3938
Feasibility Study of PV-Wind-Fuel Cell Hybrid Power System for Electrification of a Rural Village in Ethiopia. Kebede, Mikias Hailu; Beyene, Getachew Bekele 5147
Feedforward Chaotic Neural Network Model for Rotor Rub-Impact Fault Recognition Using Acoustic Emission Method. Peng, Wei; Liu, Weidong; Cheng, Xinmin; Shi, Liping 5045
Feedforward Harmonic Mitigation Strategy for Single-Phase Voltage Source Converter. Zhong, Qing; Feng, Junjie; Wang, Gang; Li, Haifeng 5122
Harmonic Susceptibility Study of DC Collection Network Based on Frequency Scan and Discrete Time-Domain Modelling Approach. Imbaquingo, Carlos Enrique; Sarra, Eduard; Isernia, Nicola; Tonellotto, Alberto; Chen, Yu-Hsing; Din 11317
HTLS Conductors: A Way to Optimize RES Generation and to Improve the Competitiveness of the Electrical Market--A Case Study in Sicily. Ippolito, M.G.; Massaro, F.; Cassaro, C. Case study 5063
Hybrid Natural and Forced Active Balancing Control of Battery Packs State of Charge Based on Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles. Wei, Yewen; Dai, Shuailong; Wang, Jiayu; Shan, Zhifei; Min, Jie 4738
Improved Design of Bit Synchronization Clock Extraction in Digital Communication System. Duan, Huimin; Huang, Hui; Li, Cuihua 3453
Improved Stochastic Gradient Matching Pursuit Algorithm Based on the Soft-Thresholds Selection. Liquan, Zhao; Yunfeng, Hu 6902
Inaccuracy-Tolerant Sparse-to-Dense Depth Propagation for Semiautomatic 2D-to-3D Conversion. Yuan, Hongxing 4652
Laplace Graph Embedding Class Specific Dictionary Learning for Face Recognition. Wang, Li; Wang, Yan-Jiang; Liu, Bao-Di 6917
Linear Processing Design of Amplify-and-Forward Relays for Maximizing the System Throughput. Wang, Qiang; Chen, Tiejun; Lan, Tingting 8099
Log-PF: Particle Filtering in Logarithm Domain. Gentner, Christian; Zhang, Siwei; Jost, Thomas 6881
Low-Complexity Detection Algorithms for Spatial Modulation MIMO Systems. Zhang, Xinhe; Zhang, Yuehua; Liu, Chang; Jia, Hanzhong 5006
Microgrids as Flexible and Network-Connected Grid Assets in Active Distribution Systems. Shao, Lei; Zhou, Xu; Li, Ji; Liu, Hongli; Chen, Xiaoqi 3587
Model Predictive Control Method with Constant Switching Frequency to Reduce Common-Mode Voltage for PMSM Drives. Li, Hao; Chen, Shuo; Wu, Xiang; Tan, Guojun 5898
Modified Droop Method Based on Master Current Control for Parallel-Connected DC-DC Boost Converters. Shebani, Muamer M.; Iqbal, Tariq; Quaicoe, John E. 5291
Moisture Content Quantization of Masson Pine Seedling Leaf Based on Stacked Autoencoder with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. Ni, Chao; Zhang, Yun; Wang, Dongyi 4333
Multiobjective Optimization Approach for Coordinating Different DG from Distribution Network Operator. Zhang, Limei; Yang, Honglei; Lv, Jing; Liu, Yongfu; Tang, Wei 8780
Online Identification of Distribution Line Parameters by PMUs under Accuracy, Positive Sequence, and Noise Considerations. Khabbaz, Mustafa M. Al; Abido, Mohamed A. 5299
Optimal Linear Estimators for Time-Delay Systems with Fading Measurements and Correlated Noises. Li, Yazhou; Li, Jiayi; Wang, Xin 5212
Optimized Parameter Settings of Binary Bat Algorithm for Solving Function Optimization Problems. Ma, Xiao-Xu; Wang, Jie-Sheng 4022
PAPR Reduction Using Fireworks Search Optimization Algorithm in MIMO-OFDM Systems. Amhaimar, Lahcen; Ahyoud, Saida; Elyaakoubi, Ali; Kaabal, Abdelmoumen; Attari, Kamal; Asselman, Adel 6990
Parallel Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Manifold Regularization. Liu, Fudong; Shan, Zheng; Chen, Yihang 4803
Parallel Resampling of OFDM Signals for Fluctuating Doppler Shifts in Underwater Acoustic Communication. Yoshizawa, Shingo; Saito, Takashi; Mabuchi, Yusaku; Tsukui, Tomoya; Sawada, Shinichi 5346
Plant Diseases Recognition Based on Image Processing Technology. Sun, Guiling; Jia, Xinglong; Geng, Tianyu 3007
Power Extraction Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbine Systems Based on Direct Drive Synchronous Generator in All Operating Regimes. Errami, Youssef; Obbadi, Abdellatif; Sahnoun, Smail; Ouassaid, Mohammed; Maaroufi, Mohamed 6937
Power Optimized Single Relay Selection with an Improved Link-Adaptive-Regenerative Protocol. Li, Jie; Bao, Jianrong; Luan, Shenji; Jiang, Bin; Liu, Chao 5706
Rao-Blackwellized Gaussian Sum Particle Filtering for Multipath Assisted Positioning. Ulmschneider, Markus; Gentner, Christian; Jost, Thomas; Dammann, Armin 10706
Reliability Analysis of Network Real-Time Kinematic. Ouassou, Mohammed; Natvig, Bent; Jensen, Anna B.O.; Gasemyr, Jorund I. 9380
Restraining the Demand Side Power Fluctuation of Active Distribution Network Using 0[degrees]/180[degrees] Phase Controlled Electric Spring. Chen, Yixi; Ma, Gang; Xu, Guchao; Chen, Huaiyi; Zhang, Hang 6657
Review and Selection Strategy for High-Accuracy Modeling of PWM Converters in DCM. Mao, Yu-Jun; Lam, Chi-Seng; Sin, Sai-Weng; Wong, Man-Chung; Martins, Rui Paulo 7338
Robust Evolution Method of Active Contour Models and Application in Segmentation of Image Sequence. Liu, Guoqi; Li, Haifeng 5259
Robust Self-Contained Pedestrian Navigation by Fusing the IMU and Compass Measurements via UFIR Filtering. Hou, Meng; Xu, Yuan; Liu, Xiao 3960
Secure and Efficient Cluster-Based Range Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks. Zhou, Liming; Shan, Yingzi; Chen, Lu 6007
Security and Privacy in Internet of Things with Crowd-Sensing. Wang, Liangmin; Lu, Zhuo; Sun, Hongjian; Hou, Yantian; Huang, Mengxing 851
Shunt Active Power Filter Based on Proportional Integral and Multi Vector Resonant Controllers for Compensating Nonlinear Loads. Ye, Sen; Zhang, Youbing; Xie, Luyao; Lu, Haiqiang 4640
SSCM: An Unambiguous Acquisition Algorithm for CBOC Modulated Signal. Feng, Yongxin; Fei, Shunchao; Liu, Fang; Qian, Bo 4017
State Fusion of Decentralized Optimal Unbiased FIR Filters. Fan, Xuefeng; Liu, Fei 5745
Target Tracking via Particle Filter and Convolutional Network. Chu, Hongxia; Wang, Kejun; Xing, Xianglei 4372
The 2D Spectral Intrinsic Decomposition Method Applied to Image Analysis. Sidibe, Samba; Niang, Oumar; Thioune, Abdoulaye; Abdou, Abdoul-Dalibou; Ngom, Ndeye Fatou 2944
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Direct Detection Optical OFDM Systems with Clipping and Normalization. Wu, Jiang; Wang, Zhongpeng 6735
UFIR Filtering for GPS-Based Tracking over WSNs with Delayed and Missing Data. Uribe-Murcia, Karen; Shmaliy, Yuriy S.; Andrade-Lucio, Jose A. 5887
Uniform Local Binary Pattern for Fingerprint Liveness Detection in the Gaussian Pyramid. Jiang, Yujia; Liu, Xin 5449

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