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Articles from Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (January 1, 2017)

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3D Curvelet-Based Segmentation and Quantification of Drusen in Optical Coherence Tomography Images. Esmaeili, M.; Dehnavi, A.M.; Rabbani, H. 6416
A Comparative Study of Symmetrical Cockcroft-Walton Voltage Multipliers. Ruzbehani, Mohsen 5634
A DDoS Attack Detection Method Based on Hybrid Heterogeneous Multiclassifier Ensemble Learning. Jia, Bin; Huang, Xiaohong; Liu, Rujun; Ma, Yan 5420
A Decoupling Control Method for Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter Based on Generalized Inverse System. Li, Xin; Li, Bo 2771
A Design Space Exploration Framework for ANN-Based Fault Detection in Hardware Systems. Savva, Andreas G.; Theocharides, Theocharis; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos 6021
A Fast and Robust Key Frame Extraction Method for Video Copyright Protection. Shi, Yunyu; Yang, Haisheng; Gong, Ming; Liu, Xiang; Xia, Yongxiang 3021
A New Digital to Analog Converter Based on Low-Offset Bandgap Reference. Qiu, Jinpeng; Liu, Tong; Chen, Xubin; Shang, Yongheng; Mo, Jiongjiong; Wang, Zhiyu; Chen, Hua; Liu, 3641
A New Generalized Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Method. Zhao, Liquan; Liu, Yulong 4357
A Novel DBN Feature Fusion Model for Cross-Corpus Speech Emotion Recognition. Cairong, Zou; Xinran, Zhang; Cheng, Zha; Li, Zhao 7791
A Student Information Management System Based on Fingerprint Identification and Data Security Transmission. Yang, Pengtao; Sun, Guiling; He, Jingfei; Zhou, Peiyao; Liu, Jiangjiang 3386
A Variable Weight Privacy-Preserving Algorithm for the Mobile Crowd Sensing Network. Zhong, Jiezhuo; Wu, Wei; Cao, Chunjie; Feng, Wenlong 4188
A Vessel Positioning Algorithm Based on Satellite Automatic Identification System. Ma, Shexiang; Wang, Jie; Meng, Xin; Wang, Junfeng 4837
Abnormal Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Multiattribute Correlation. Wang, Mengdi; Xue, Anrong; Xia, Huanhuan 5137
Acoustic Log Prediction on the Basis of Kernel Extreme Learning Machine for Wells in GJH Survey, Erdos Basin. Cao, Jianhua; Shi, Yancui; Wang, Dan; Zhang, Xiankun 4506
Advanced Information Technology Convergence 2017. Yang, Jucheng; Ho, Anthony T.S.; Cheng, Hui; Yoon, Sook; Liu, Lu 925
Algebraic Cryptanalysis Scheme of AES-256 Using Grobner Basis. Zhao, Kaixin; Cui, Jie; Xie, Zhiqiang Report 5798
An Acquisition Algorithm with NCCFR for BOC Modulated Signals. Feng, Yongxin; Liu, Fang; Yao, Xudong; Zhang, Xiaoyu 3263
An Experimental Study and Concept Evaluation on Tree-Interior Imaging Radar Using Sinusoidal Template-Based Focusing Algorithm. Yilmaz, Betul; Gokkan, Serhat; Ozdemir, Caner 4484
An Online Causal Inference Framework for Modeling and Designing Systems Involving User Preferences: A State-Space Approach. Delibalta, Ibrahim; Baruh, Lemi; Kozat, Suleyman Serdar 7288
Anomaly Detection for Aviation Safety Based on an Improved KPCA Algorithm. Zhang, Xiaoyu; Chen, Jiusheng; Gan, Quan 4860
Autofocus on Depth of Interest for 3D Image Coding. Samrouth, Khouloud; Deforges, Olivier; Liu, Yi; Khalil, Mohamad; Falou, Wassim El 6405
Binary Large Object-Based Approach for QR Code Detection in Uncontrolled Environments. Lopez-Rincon, Omar; Starostenko, Oleg; Alarcon-Aquino, Vicente; Galan- Hernandez, Juan C. 7134
Chattering-Free Sliding-Mode Control for Electromechanical Actuator with Backlash Nonlinearity. Ma, Dongqi; Lin, Hui; Li, Bingqiang 3387
Compact Design of Circularly Polarized Antenna with Vertical Slotted Ground for RFID Reader Application. Cheng, Hesheng; Zhang, Jin; Cheng, Hexia; Zhao, Qunli 2046
Critical Gates Identification for Fault-Tolerant Design in Math Circuits. Ban, Tian; Junior, Gutemberg G.S. 4009
Cross-Corpus Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Multiple Kernel Learning of Joint Sample and Feature Matching. Yang, Ping 3010
Crosslinguistic Intelligibility of Russian and German Speech in Noisy Environment. Potapova, Rodmonga; Grigorieva, Maria 5418
Crowd Density Estimation of Scenic Spots Based on Multifeature Ensemble Learning. Xu, Xiaohang; Zhang, Dongming; Zheng, Hong 7011
Data Selective Rake Reception for Underwater Acoustic Communication in Strong Multipath Interference. Yoshizawa, Shingo; Tanimoto, Hiroshi; Saito, Takashi 4480
Design of CPW-Fed Antenna with Defected Substrate for Wideband Applications. Sharma, Amar; Khanna, Puneet; Shinghal, Kshitij; Kumar, Arun 4768
Development of an Integrated Cooling System Controller for Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Wang, Chong; Sun, Qun; Xu, Limin 4038
Dynamic Search Mechanism with Threat Prediction in a GNSS Receiver. Liu, Fang; Liu, Meng 4983
Dynamically Predicting the Quality of Service: Batch, Online, and Hybrid Algorithms. Chen, Ya; Jiang, Zhong-An 6158
Electronically Tunable Quadrature Sinusoidal Oscillator with Equal Output Amplitudes during Frequency Tuning Process. Satipar, Den; Intani, Pattana; Jaikla, Winai 4596
Energy Efficient Partial Permutation Encryption on Network Coded MANETs. Khan, Ali; Sun, Qifu Tyler; Mahmood, Zahid; Ghafoor, Ata Ullah 6844
Enhancing the Cloud Computing Performance by Labeling the Free Node Services as Ready-To-Execute Tasks. Abujassar, Radwan S.; Jazzar, Moneef 5955
Epipolar Plane Image Rectification and Flat Surface Detection in Light Field. Si, Lipeng; Zhu, Hao; Wang, Qing 4525
Estimation of Sideslip Angle Based on Extended Kalman Filter. Huang, Yupeng; Bao, Chunjiang; Wu, Jian; Ma, Yan 2878
Evolutionary Game Algorithm for Image Segmentation. Zhong, Jin; Wu, Hao 4560
Experiments on Detection of Voiced Hesitations in Russian Spontaneous Speech. Verkhodanova, Vasilisa; Shapranov, Vladimir 5319
Extreme Learning Machine and Moving Least Square Regression Based Solar Panel Vision Inspection. Liu, Heng; Zhang, Caihong; Huang, Dongdong 5134
Fast Image Segmentation Using Two-Dimensional Otsu Based on Estimation of Distribution Algorithm. Wang, Wuli; Duan, Liming; Wang, Yong 5689
Ferrography Wear Particles Image Recognition Based on Extreme Learning Machine. Li, Qiong; Zhao, Tingting; Zhang, Lingchao; Sun, Wenhui; Zhao, Xi 4016
Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring from Phonocardiograph Signal Using Repetition Frequency of Heart Sounds. Tang, Hong; Li, Ting; Qiu, Tianshuang; Park, Yongwan 3321
Hardware Efficient Architecture with Variable Block Size for Motion Estimation. Shah, Nehal N.; Singapuri, Harikrishna; Dalal, Upena D. 5240
Health Monitoring System for Nursing Homes with Lightweight Security and Privacy Protection. Jiang, Yu'e; Liu, Jiaxiang 6608
Image Encryption Algorithm Based on a Novel Improper Fractional-Order Attractor and a Wavelet Function Map. Zhao, Jian-Feng; Wang, Shu-Ying; Zhang, Li-Tao; Wang, Xiao-Yan 3816
Improved Collaborative Representation Classifier Based on [l.sub.2]-Regularized for Human Action Recognition. Huo, Shirui; Hu, Tianrui; Li, Ce 4520
Internet of Things: Architectures, Protocols, and Applications. Sethi, Pallavi; Sarangi, Smruti R. 19807
Leveraging Fog Computing for Scalable IoT Datacenter Using Spine-Leaf Network Topology. Okafor, K.C.; Achumba, Ifeyinwa E.; Chukwudebe, Gloria A.; Ononiwu, Gordon C. 6510
Machine Intelligence in Signal Sensing, Processing, and Recognition. Zhang, Lei; Jha, Sunil Kr.; Yang, Zhixin; Zhao, Zhenbing; Tiwari, Bhupendra Nath 508
Medical Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Nonlinear Approximation of Contourlet Transform and Regional Features. Huang, Hui; Feng, Xi'an; Jiang, Jionghui 4371
Modeling [PM.sub.2.5] Urban Pollution Using Machine Learning and Selected Meteorological Parameters. Deters, Jan Kleine; Zalakeviciute, Rasa; Gonzalez, Mario; Rybarczyk, Yves 9250
Modified Tang and Pun's Current Comparator and Its Application to Full Flash and Two-Step Flash Current Mode ADCs. Bhatia, Veepsa; Pandey, Neeta 4927
Multi-Input Convolutional Neural Network for Flower Grading. Sun, Yu; Zhu, Lin; Wang, Guan; Zhao, Fang 4846
Multiorder Fusion Data Privacy-Preserving Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks. Xie, Mingshan; Bai, Yong; Huang, Mengxing; Hu, Zhuhua 5613
On Improving the Performance of Dynamic DCVSL Circuits. Bajpai, Pratibha; Pandey, Neeta; Gupta, Kirti; Bagga, Shrey; Panda, Jeebananda 3825
Online Behavior Analysis-Based Student Profile for Intelligent E-Learning. Liang, Kun; Zhang, Yiying; He, Yeshen; Zhou, Yilin; Tan, Wei; Li, Xiaoxia 4299
Phase Noise Suppression Algorithm Based on Modified LLR Metric in SC-FDMA System. Xu, Zijie; Ren, Guangliang 2862
Predicting Harmonic Distortion of Multiple Converters in a Power System. Ivry, P.M.; Oke, O.A.; Thomas, D.W.P.; Sumner, M. 6143
Random Harmonic Detection and Compensation Based on Synchronous Reference Frame. Che, Yanbo; Yin, Zhaojing; Yu, Shuyan; Sun, Qiang 3530
Reordering Features with Weights Fusion in Multiclass and Multiple-Kernel Speech Emotion Recognition. Jiang, Xiaoqing; Xia, Kewen; Wang, Lingyin; Lin, Yongliang 4311
Research on Fault Diagnosis for Pumping Station Based on T-S Fuzzy Fault Tree and Bayesian Network. Bi, Zhuqing; Li, Chenming; Li, Xujie; Gao, Hongmin 4781
Research on HILS Technology Applied on Aircraft Electric Braking System. Zhou, Suying; Lin, Hui; Li, Bingqiang 3922
Secure-Network-Coding-Based File Sharing via Device-to-Device Communication. Wang, Lei; Wang, Qing 4348
Security Enrichment in Intrusion Detection System Using Classifier Ensemble. Salunkhe, Uma R.; Mali, Suresh N. 3296
Self-Tuning Control Scheme Based on the Robustness [sigma]-Modification Approach. Touijer, Nabiha; Kamoun, Samira; Essounbouli, Najib; Hamzaoui, Abdelaziz 6411
Signal Processing Based Remote Sensing Data Simulation in Radar System. Hao, Renxuan; Guo, Tan 4635
Signal Processing Platforms and Algorithms for Real-Life Communications and Listening to Digital Audio. Petrovsky, Alexander; Wan, Wanggen; Rosa-Zurera, Manuel; Karpov, Alexey 977
Speaker Recognition Using Wavelet Packet Entropy, I-Vector, and Cosine Distance Scoring. Lei, Lei; Kun, She 6601
Spherical Simplex-Radial Cubature Quadrature Kalman Filter. Li, Zhaoming; Yang, Wenge 3588
Statistical Similarity Based Change Detection for Multitemporal Remote Sensing Images. Aktar, Mumu; Mamun, Md. Al; Hossain, Md. Ali 4688
Study of SAW Based on a Micro Force Sensor in Wireless Sensor Network. Wang, Jun; Li, Yuanyuan; Chen, Ke; Lu, Wenke; Liu, Qinghong; Zhang, Haoxin; Yan, Huashan 5762
Study on Electrophysiological Signal Monitoring of Plant under Stress Based on Integrated Op-Amps and Patch Electrode. Cai, Weiming; Qi, Qingke 4059
Subpixel Mapping Method of Hyperspectral Images Based on Modified Binary Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization. Chen, Shuhan; Li, Xiaorun; Zhao, Liaoying 9608
The Anonymization Protection Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Clustering for the Ego of Data in the Internet of Things. Xie, Mingshan; Huang, Mengxing; Bai, Yong; Hu, Zhuhua 7043
The Channel Compressive Sensing Estimation for Power Line Based on OMP Algorithm. Zhang, Yiying; Liang, Kun; He, Yeshen; Wu, Yannian; Hu, Xin; Sun, Lili 3850
The High Security Mechanisms Algorithm of Similarity Metrics for Wireless and Mobile Networking. Wang, Xingwang 4236
Visual Sensor Based Image Segmentation by Fuzzy Classification and Subregion Merge. He, Huidong; Mao, Xiaoqian; Li, Wei; Niu, Linwei; Chen, Genshe 8398
Vulnerability Analysis of Interdependent Scale-Free Networks with Complex Coupling. Cao, Chunjie; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Sun, Jingzhang; Wang, Xianpeng; Huang, Mengxing 2563
Wireless and Mobile Networks: Security and Privacy Issues. Sangaiah, Arun Kumar; Karuppiah, Marimuthu; Li, Xiong 831

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