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Articles from Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (January 1, 2013)

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A compact, versatile six-port radar module for industrial and medical Applications. Linz, Sarah; Vinci, Gabor; Mann, Sebastian; Lindner, Stefan; Barbon, Francesco; Weigel, R.; Koelpin, Report 4180
A low-complexity decision feedforward equalizer architecture for high-speed receivers on highly dispersive channels. Pola, Ariel L.; Cousseau, Juan E.; Agazzi, Oscar E.; Hueda, Mario R. Report 5846
A rendezvous protocol with the heterogeneous spectrum availability analysis for cognitive radio ad hoc networks. Romaszko, Sylwia 11965
A study on the optimal receiver impedance for SNR maximization in broadband PLC. Antoniali, Massimo; Tonello, Andrea M.; Versolatto, Fabio Report 7541
A systemic approach to the preservation of audio documents: methodology and software tools. Bressan, Federica; Canazza, Sergio Report 16244
An integrative approach to accurate vehicle logo detection. Pan, Hao; Zhang, Bailing Report 5464
An overview of the HomePlug AV2 technology. Yonge, Larry; Abad, Jose; Afkhamie, Kaywan; Guerrieri, Lorenzo; Katar, Srinivas; Lioe, Hidayat; Paga 13039
Analysis of DC electrical conductivity models of carbon nanotube-polymer composites with potential application to nanometric electronic devices. Vargas-Bernal, Rafael; Herrera-Perez, Gabriel; Calixto-Olalde, Ma. Elena; Tecpoyotl-Torres, Margarit Report 4091
Analytical review of data visualization methods in application to big data. Gorodov, Evgeniy Yur'evich; Gubarev, Vasiliy Vasilevich Report 4899
Application of multipoint DC voltage control in VSC-MTDC system. Xi, Yang; Qian, Ai; Jiantao, Huang; Yiran, An Report 2819
Approximation for transient of nonlinear circuits using RHPM and BPES methods. Vazquez-Leal, H.; Boubaker, K.; Hernandez-Martinez, L.; Huerta-Chua, J. Report 3549
Artificial mosaic generation with gradient vector flow and tile cutting. Battiato, Sebastiano; Milone, Alfredo; Puglisi, Giovanni 4836
Asynchronous realization of algebraic integer-based 2D DCT using achronix speedster SPD60 FPGA. Rajapaksha, Nilanka; Edirisuriya, Amila; Madanayake, Arjuna; Cintra, Renato J.; Onen, Dennis; Amer, 5272
Bayesian compressive sensing as applied to directions-of-arrival estimation in planar arrays. Carlin, Matteo; Rocca, Paolo; Oliveri, Giacomo; Massa, Andrea Report 5534
Beyond virtual replicas: 3D modeling and Maltese prehistoric architecture. Stanco, Filippo; Tanasi, Davide Case study 4249
Capturing and reproducing spatial audio based on a circular microphone array. Alexandridis, Anastasios; Griffin, Anthony; Mouchtaris, Athanasios 8695
Compact U-slotted antenna for broadband radar applications. Costanzo, S.; Costanzo, A. 2735
Complete characterization of novel MHMICs for V-band communication systems. Hannachi, C.; Hammou, D.; Djerafi, T.; Ouardirhi, Z.; Tatu, S.O. 4228
Divide-by-three injection-locked frequency dividers with direct forcing signal. Buonomo, Antonio; Schiavo, Alessandro Lo Report 4337
Efficient joint estimation and compensation of CFO, Tx/Rx frequency-selective I/Q Imbalance, and the MIMO radio channel in OFDM systems. Luo, Jian; Keusgen, Wilhelm; Kortke, Andreas Report 11160
Efficient parallel carrier recovery for ultrahigh speed coherent QAM receivers with application to optical channels. Gianni, Pablo; Ferster, Laura; Corral-Briones, Graciela; Hueda, Mario R. Report 5939
Energy-aware adaptive cooperative FEC protocol in MIMO channel for wireless sensor networks. Jin, Yong; Bai, Guangwei 4327
Enhancement of background subtraction techniques using a second derivative in gradient direction filter. Rahman, Farah Yasmin Abdul; Hussain, Aini; Zaki, Wan Mimi Diyana Wan; Zaman, Halimah Badioze; Tahir, Report 5885
Enhancements of G3-PLC technology for smart-home/building applications. Bert, Luca Di; D'Alessandro, Salvatore; Tonello, Andrea M. 5342
Evaluation of cover and reflector in receiver antennas for SM-MIMO wireless communications. Yoshizawa, Shingo; Miyanaga, Yoshikazu Report 3105
FPGA implementation of gaussian mixture model algorithm for 47fps segmentation of 1080p video. Genovese, Mariangela; Napoli, Ettore; De Caro, Davide; Petra, Nicola; Strollo, Antonio G.M. Report 5794
Grid connection of wave power farm using an N-Level cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel inverter. Ekstrom, Rickard; Leijon, Mats Report 4042
High resolution software defined radar system for target detection. Costanzo, S.; Spadafora, F.; Borgia, A.; Moreno, H.O.; Costanzo, A.; Massa, G. Di Report 3108
Holistic biquadratic IIR filter design for communication systems using differential evolution. Melzer, Alexander; Pedross, Andreas; Mucke, Manfred 9120
Investigation on locking and pulling modes in analog frequency dividers. Buonomo, Antonio; Schiavo, Alessandro Lo Report 5857
Low-jitter 0.1-to-5.8 GHz clock synthesizer for area-efficient per-port integration. Molavi, Reza; Djahanshahi, Hormoz; Zavari, Rod; Mirabbasi, Shahriar Report 4412
Message broadcasting via a new fault tolerant irregular advance omega network in faulty and nonfaulty network environments. Bhardwaj, Ved Prakash; Nitin Report 6772
Modeling and processing L-band ground based radar data for landslides early warning. Lagana, A.R.; Bevacqua, M.T.; Isernia, T. 3565
Modeling, analysis, and experimental validation of frequency dividers with direct injection. Buonomo, Antonio; Schiavo, Alessandro Lo Report 4189
Monocular vision SLAM for indoor aerial vehicles. Celik, Koray; Somani, Arun K. 8631
Multiband software defined radar for soil discontinuities detection. Costanzo, S.; Spadafora, F.; Moreno, O.H.; Scarcella, F.; Massa, G. Di Report 3516
Multimode/multifrequency low frequency airborne radar design. Costanzo, Sandra; Di Massa, Giuseppe; Costanzo, Antonio; Borgia, Antonio; Papa, Claudio; Alberti, Gi 4229
Noise radar technology as an interference prevention method. Galati, Gaspare; Pavan, Gabriele Report 3801
Novel complete probabilistic models of random variation in high frequency performance of nanoscale MOSFET. Banchuin, Rawid Report 7181
Performance of 2D compressive sensing on wide-beam through-the-wall imaging. Cristofani, Edison; Becquaert, Mathias; Vandewal, Marijke Report 5180
Radar array diagnosis from undersampled data using a compressed sensing/sparse recovery technique. Costanzo, S.; Borgia, A.; Massa, G. Di; Pinchera, D.; Migliore, M.D. Report 2300
Radar measurement of human polarimetric micro-Doppler. Tahmoush, David; Silvious, Jerry 2801
Radiation mitigation for power line communications using time reversal. Mescco, Amilcar; Pagani, Pascal; Ney, Michel; Zeddam, Ahmed Report 6011
Space-time radar waveforms: circulating codes. Babur, G.; Aubry, P.; Le Chevalier, F. 4215
The Herbert virtual museum. Petridis, Panagiotis; Dunwell, Ian; Liarokapis, Fotis; Constantinou, George; Arnab, Sylvester; de Fr Report 4341
Total variation regularization algorithms for images corrupted with different noise models: a review. Rodriguez, Paul Report 14421
Tunable reflectarray cell for wide angle beam-steering radar applications. Venneri, F.; Costanzo, S.; Massa, G. Di Report 3376
TV-based caring videophone system for the elderly in the smart home environment. Shen, Jingshuang; Zhang, Chongyang; Jiang, Chuanwen Report 4185
Ultra-low leakage arithmetic circuits using symmetric and asymmetric finFETs. Moshgelani, Farid; Khalili, Dhamin Al-; Rozon, Come Report 5751

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