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Articles from Journal of Ecumenical Studies (June 22, 1998)

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A Blessing to Each Other: Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and Jewish-Catholic Dialogue. Ward, Seth Book Review 763
A ministry of communion for the whole church: proposals for conversion. Clifford, Catherine E. 4630
A Papacy faithful to the gospel: what would the Protestant churches require? Young, Pamela Dickey 4470
A Rivalry of Genius: Jewish and Christian Biblical Interpretation in Late Antiquity. Gillman, John Book Review 862
An emerging ecumenical consensus on papal primacy? Baycroft, John 2706
An Essential Unity: A Contemporary Look at Lutheran and Episcopal Liturgies. McGinty, Mary Peter Book Review 965
Beyond Death: Theological and Philosophical Reflections on Life after Death. Starkey, Peggy Book Review 834
Buddhism and Interfaith Dialogue, part 1. MacCormick, Chalmers Book Review 205
Called to Be One: The Workbook. Morris, Wilda K.W. Book Review 442
Christian Antisemitism: A History of Hate. Berenbaum, Michael Book Review 570
Christian ministry as communion: contributions of Orthodox-reformed dialogue to a reformed theology of ecclesial ministry. Martin, Robert K. 10249
Christian Social Ethics in a Global Era. Winter, Gibson Book Review 970
Christianity, Tragedy, and Holocaust Literature. Knopp, Josephine Z. Book Review 514
Commitment to God's World: A Concise Critical Survey of Ecumenical Social Thought. Devadhar, Sudarshana Book Review 777
Common Ground: A Priest and a Rabbi Read Scripture Together. Gillman, John Book Review 851
Confessioni di fede delle Chiese cristiane. Harrelson, Walter J. Book Review 427
Cosmos in the Chaos: Philip Schaff's Interpretation of Nineteenth-Century American Religion. Bowden, Henry Warner Book Review 524
Dialogische Kirche - Kirche im Dialog. TeSelle, Eugene Book Review 421
Die Reformbestrebungen in der Armenisch-Apostolischen Kirche im ausgehenden 19. und im ersten Drittel des 20. Jahrhunderts. Senyk, Sophia Book Review 519
Does Christian unity require some form of papal primacy? Pinnock, Clark 1610
Economics, Ethics, and Religion: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Economic Thought. Winter, Gibson Book Review 951
Ecumenism 101: A Handbook about the Ecumenical Movement. Morris, Wilda K.W. Book Review 432
Eerst de Jood en ook de Griek: Verkenningen in de brief aan de Romeinen. Rouwhorst, Gerard Book Review 303
Engaged Buddhism: Buddhist Liberation Movements in Asia. May, John D'Arcy Book Review 581
Ethnicity as a theological concept: the thought of Laszlo Tokes. Baer, Helmut David 6239
Exploring new forms of co-operation: the project of "mending the world.". Wyatt, Peter 2875
Faith in the Future [The Ecology of Hope and the Restoration of Family, Community, and Faith]. Kelly, Mary Book Review 529
Hearth of Unity: Forty Years of Foyer Unitas, 1952-1992. McIntyre, John Book Review 488
How Wide the Divide? A Mormon and an Evangelical in Conversation. Brink, T.L. Book Review 532
Im Dialog: Kurs Religion fur die Sekundarstufe II, vol. 4, Kirche und Synagoge. Niekamp, Gabriele Book Review 632
In Praise of Religious Diversity. Meyer, John C. Book Review 444
In Their Own Right: The History of American Clergywomen. Althouse, Lavonne Book Review 544
Jesus und Maria: In der islamischen Mystik. Teipen, Alfons H. Book Review 521
Jewish-Christian Dialogue: One Woman's Experience. Ward, Seth Book Review 763
Judaism since Gender. Kellenbach, Katharina von Book Review 536
Justice pour la foi juive: Dialogue avec Pierre Pierrard. Sullivan, William J. Book Review 521
Knowing the Real: John Hick on the Cognitivity of Religions and Religious Pluralism. Kerlin, Michael Book Review 508
Marcion, Muhammad, and the Mahatma: Exegetical Perspectives on the Encounter of Cultures and Faiths. Mahammed, Ovey N. Book Review 495
Ministry and Theology in Global Perspective: Contemporary Challenges for the Church. Falconer, Alan D. Book Review 542
Mixed Blessings: Gender and Religious Fundamentalism Cross Culturally. Kellenbach, Katharina von Book Review 555
Mobile sheep and stable shepherds: the ecumenical challenge of porous North American denominational boundaries. Lincoln, Timothy D. 6224
Modern Spiritualities: An Inquiry. Hanson, Bradley Book Review 532
Not Angels but Agencies: The Ecumenical Response to Poverty - A Primer. Devadhar, Sudarshana Book Review 777
One movement, many visions? Rusch, William G. 2874
Patriarch Bartholomew I: Texts and Speeches (1991-1992). Papademetriou, George C. Book Review 504
Rechtfertigung im Gesprach: Das Rechtfertigungsverstandnis in den Religionsgesprachen von Hagenau, Worms und Regensburg 1540/41. Moore, Walter L. Book Review 554
Religion and the Order of Nature. Librande, Leonard T. Book Review 520
Religious Inventions: Four Essays. May, John D'Arcy Book Review 347
Resurrection Reconsidered. Starkey, Peggy Book Review 834
Some ecumenical principles for teaching and writing history. Karras, Valerie A. 6404
Teaching Christian Children about Judaism. Niekamp, Gabriele Book Review 625
Tensions in North American protestantism: an evangelical perspective. DeYoung, Curtiss Paul 2180
That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew: Karl Barth's "Doctrine of Israel.". Kelly, Geffrey B. Book Review 517
The bilateral dialogues: new visions and challenges. Swan, Darlis J. 2041
The Catholic Catechism on Jews and Judaism: The Second Monsignor John M. Oesterreicher Memorial Lecture, October 30, 1994. Ward, Seth Book Review 764
The Ecumenical Movement: An Anthology of Key Texts and Voices. McShea, William P. Book Review 547
The Indian Face of God in Latin America. Romero, Gilbert Book Review 550
The Jewish-Christian Controversy from the Earliest Times to 1789, vol. 1, History. Pawlikowski, John T. Book Review 491
The North American Academy of Ecumenists: the story of its establishment (1957-1967). Loya, Joseph A. 9502
The Old Testament, Christianity, and Pluralism. Garber, Zev Book Review 470
The place of interreligious dialogue in the academic study of religion. Dunbar, Scott Daniel 6922
The structure of the Lutheran World Federation as a model for ecumenical relationships. Lorenzen, Lynne F. 2060
The Trial of Jesus. Hann, Robert R. Book Review 544
The turn to pneumatology in Christian theology of religions: conduit or detour? Yong, Amos 9380
To Receive a Text: Literary Reception Theory as a Key to Ecumenical Reception. Sweeney, Robert D. Book Review 518
Towards an African Narrative Theology. Bengston, Dale Book Review 417
Trading Places Sourcebook: Readings in the Intersecting Histories of Judaism and Christianity. Salmon, Marilyn Book Review 856
Trading Places: The Intersecting Histories of Judaism and Christianity. Salmon, Marilyn Book Review 856
Tradition et communion des eglises: Recueil d'etudes. Rusch, William G. Book Review 553
Understanding New Religious Movements. Bednarowski, Mary F. Book Review 495
Wartime Orthodox Jewish thought about the Holocaust: Christian implications. Greenberg, Gershon 6688
Worship with One Accord: Where Liturgy and Ecumenism Embrace. McGinty, Mary Peter Book Review 966
Worshipping Ecumenically: Orders of Service from Global Meetings with Suggestions for Local Use. McGinty, Mary Peter Book Review 965

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