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Articles from Journal of Diabetes Research (January 1, 2015)

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A combination of human embryonic stem cell-derived pancreatic endoderm transplant with LDHA-repressing miRNA can attenuate high-fat diet induced type II diabetes in mice. Chen, Yunya; Wang, Xiujie; Shao, Xinyu 5813
A comparison of hs-CRP levels in new diabetes groups diagnosed based on FPG, 2-hPG, or HbA1c criteria. Tutuncu, Yildiz; Satman, Ilhan; Celik, Selda; Dinccag, Nevin; Karsidag, Kubilay; Telci, Aysegul; Gen 6055
A cross-sectional study demonstrating increased serum amyloid A related inflammation in high-density lipoproteins from subjects with type 1 diabetes mellitus and how this association was augmented by poor glycaemic control. McEneny, Jane; Daniels, Jane-Ann; McGowan, Anne; Gunness, Anjuli; Moore, Kevin; Stevenson, Michael; 5685
A glyoxalase-1 knockdown does not have major short term effects on energy expenditure and atherosclerosis in mice. Wortmann, Markus; Hakimi, Maani; Fleming, Thomas; Peters, Andreas S.; Sijmonsma, Tjeerd P.; Herzig, 4142
A new approach to define and diagnose cardiometabolic disorder in children. Andersen, Lars Bo; Lauersen, Jeppe Bo; Brond, Jan Christian; Anderssen, Sigmund Alfred; Sardinha, Lu 8209
A novel multidisciplinary intervention for long-term weight loss and glycaemic control in obese patients with diabetes. Lih, Anna; Pereira, Lorraine; Bishay, Ramy H.; Zang, Johnson; Omari, Abdullah; Atlantis, Evan; Korma 5915
A novel Wistar rat model of obesity-related nonalcoholic fatty liver disease induced by sucrose-rich diet. Lima, Maria Luiza R.P.; Leite, Laura H.R.; Gioda, Carolina R.; Leme, Fabiola O.P.; Couto, Claudia A. 8133
Aberrant phenotype in human endothelial cells of diabetic origin: implications for saphenous vein graft failure? Roberts, Anna C.; Gohil, Jai; Hudson, Laura; Connolly, Kyle; Warburton, Philip; Suman, Rakesh; O'Too 6965
Abnormal glucose tolerance is associated with a reduced myocardial metabolic flexibility in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. Trico, Domenico; Baldi, Simona; Frascerra, Silvia; Venturi, Elena; Marraccini, Paolo; Neglia, Danilo 6378
Acute hypoglycemia induces painful neuropathy and the treatment of coenzyme Q10. Ping Zhang, Yan; Mei, Shanshan; Yang, Jinfeng; Rodriguez, Yiliam; Candiotti, Keith A. 3625
Adipokines as drug targets in diabetes and underlying disturbances. Andrade-Oliveira, Vinicius; Camara, Niels O.S.; Moraes-Vieira, Pedro M. 9614
Adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells exert in vitro immunomodulatory and beta cell protective functions in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice model. Rahavi, Hossein; Hashemi, Seyed Mahmoud; Soleimani, Masoud; Mohammadi, Jamal; Tajik, Nader 6918
Adipose tissues characteristics of normal, obesity, and type 2 diabetes in Uygurs population. Zhang, Jun; Zhang, Zhiwei; Ding, Yulei; Xu, Peng; Wang, Tingting; Xu, Wenjing; Lu, Huan; Li, Jun; Wa 4317
Alloxan-induced diabetes causes morphological and ultrastructural changes in rat liver that resemble the natural history of chronic fatty liver disease in humans. Lucchesi, Amanda Natalia; Cassettari, Lucas Langoni; Spadella, Cesar Tadeu 7012
Alpha-lipoic acid and antioxidant diet help to improve endothelial dysfunction in adolescents with type 1 diabetes: A pilot trial. Scaramuzza, Andrea; Giani, Elisa; Redaelli, Francesca; Ungheri, Saverio; Macedoni, Maddalena; Giudic 5532
Alteration of mevalonate pathway in proliferated vascular smooth muscle from diabetic mice: possible role in high-glucose-induced atherogenic process. Chen, Guo-Ping; Zhang, Xiao-Qin; Wu, Tao; Li, Liang; Han, Jie; Du, Chang-Qing 5289
Altered expression of NF-[kappa]B and SP1 after exposure to advanced glycation end-products and effects of neurotrophic factors in AGEs exposed rat retinas. Bikbova, Guzel; Oshitari, Toshiyuki; Baba, Takayuki; Yamamoto, Shuichi Report 6211
Altered methylation profile of lymphocytes is concordant with perturbation of lipids metabolism and inflammatory response in obesity. Jacobsen, Mette J.; Mentzel, Caroline M. Junker; Olesen, Ann Sofie; Huby, Thierry; Jorgensen, Claus 6454
Ameliorative effect of allopurinol on vascular complications of insulin resistance. Bassossy, Hany M. El-; Elberry, Ahmed A.; Azhar, Ahmad; Ghareib, Salah A.; Alahdal, Abdulrahman M. Report 6363
An altered pattern of myocardial histopathological and molecular changes underlies the different characteristics of type-1 and type-2 diabetic cardiac dysfunction. Radovits, Tamas; Korkmaz, Sevil; Matyas, Csaba; Olah, Attila; Nemeth, Balazs Tamas; Pali, Szabolcs; 6059
An HLA-transgenic mouse model of type 1 diabetes that incorporates the reduced but not abolished thymic insulin expression seen in patients. Babad, Jeffrey; Ali, Riyasat; Schloss, Jennifer; DiLorenzo, Teresa P. 5773
An innovative Australian outreach model of diabetic retinopathy screening in remote communities. Glasson, Nicola M.; Crossland, Lisa J.; Larkins, Sarah L. Report 6484
An investigation into the antiobesity effects of Morinda citrifolia L. leaf extract in high fat diet induced obese rats using a [sup.1]H NMR metabolomics approach. Jambocus, Najla Gooda Sahib; Saari, Nazamid; Ismail, Amin; Khatib, Alfi; Mahomoodally, Mohamad Fawzi Report 10908
Angioblast derived from ES cells construct blood vessels and ameliorate diabetic polyneuropathy in mice. Himeno, Tatsuhito; Kamiya, Hideki; Naruse, Keiko; Cheng, Zhao; Ito, Sachiko; Shibata, Taiga; Kondo, Report 8168
Antidiabetic and renoprotective effects of Cladophora glomerata Kutzing extract in experimental type 2 diabetic rats: a potential nutraceutical product for diabetic nephropathy. Srimaroeng, Chutima; Ontawong, Atcharaporn; Saowakon, Naruwan; Vivithanaporn, Pornpun; Pongchaidecha 9235
Association analysis of genetic variants with type 2 diabetes in a Mongolian population in China. Bai, Haihua; Liu, Haiping; Suyalatu, Suyalatu; Guo, Xiaosen; Chu, Shandan; Chen, Ying; Lan, Tianming 5592
Association between genetic variants and diabetes mellitus in iranian populations: a systematic review of observational studies. Khodaeian, Mehrnoosh; Enayati, Samaneh; Tabatabaei-Malazy, Ozra; Amoli, Mahsa M. 15263
Association of ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 gene polymorphisms in type 2 diabetes mellitus among Malaysians. Haghvirdizadeh, Polin; Ramachandran, Vasudevan; Etemad, Ali; Heidari, Farzad; Ghodsian, Nooshin; Ism Report 5167
Association of haemostatic and inflammatory biomarkers with nephropathy in type 1 diabetes mellitus. Domingueti, Caroline Pereira; Foscolo, Rodrigo Bastos; Reis, Janice Sepulveda; Campos, Fernanda Maga Report 5321
Association of plasma adiponectin and oxidized low-density lipoprotein with carotid intima-media thickness in diabetic nephropathy. Tavridou, Anna; Georgoulidou, Anastasia; Roumeliotis, Athanasios; Roumeliotis, Stefanos; Giannakopou 6439
Association of urinary phthalates with self-reported eye affliction/retinopathy in individuals with diabetes: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2001-2010. Mamtani, Manju; Curran, Joanne E.; Blangero, John; Kulkarni, Hemant 6327
Associations of haplotypes upstream of IRS1 with insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia, preclinical atherosclerosis, and skeletal muscle LOC646736 mRNA levels. Soyal, Selma M.; Felder, Thomas; Auer, Simon; Oberkofler, Hannes; Iglseder, Bernhard; Paulweber, Ber 7111
Automated quantification of Neuropad improves its diagnostic ability in patients with diabetic neuropathy. Ponirakis, Georgios; Fadavi, Hassan; Petropoulos, Ioannis N.; Azmi, Shazli; Ferdousi, Maryam; Dabbah 4764
Avocado oil improves mitochondrial function and decreases oxidative stress in brain of diabetic rats. Ortiz-Avila, Omar; Esquivel-Martinez, Mauricio; Olmos-Orizaba, Berenice Eridani; Saavedra-Molina, Al 6331
Awaking blood pressure surge and progression to microalbuminuria in type 2 normotensive diabetic patients. Barbieri, Michelangela; Rizzo, Maria Rosaria; Fava, Ilaria; Sardu, Celestino; Angelico, Nicola; Paol 4806
Beneficial effects of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in gestational diabetes: consequences in macrosomia and adulthood obesity. Yessoufou, Akadiri; Nekoua, Magloire P.; Gbankoto, Adam; Mashalla, Yohana; Moutairou, Kabirou 9023
Binding orientations and lipid interactions of human amylin at zwitterionic and anionic lipid bilayers. Qian, Zhenyu; Jia, Yan; Wei, Guanghong Report 7896
Bioinformatic evaluation of transcriptional regulation of WNT pathway genes with reference to diabetic nephropathy. McKay, Gareth J.; Kavanagh, David H.; Crean, John K.; Maxwell, Alexander P. 4673
Blood glucose fluctuations in type 2 diabetes patients treated with multiple daily injections. Li, Feng-fei; Fu, Li-yuan; Zhang, Wen-li; Su, Xiao-fei; Wu, Jin-dan; Sun, Jin; Ye, Lei; Ma, Jian-hua 6103
Can the onset of type 2 diabetes be delayed by a group-based lifestyle intervention in women with prediabetes following gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)? Findings from a randomized control mixed methods trial. O'Dea, Angela; Tierney, Marie; McGuire, Brian E.; Newell, John; Glynn, Liam G.; Gibson, Irene; Nocto 7644
Cardiac resynchronization therapy outcomes in type 2 diabetic patients: role of microRNA changes. Sardu, Celestino; Barbieri, Michelangela; Rizzo, Maria Rosaria; Paolisso, Pasquale; Paolisso, Giusep 5883
Cardiovascular control during exercise in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Green, Simon; Egana, Mikel; Baldi, J. Chris; Lamberts, Regis; Regensteiner, Judith G. 9665
Cardiovascular mortality in type 2 diabetes patients with incident exposure to insulin glargine. Ioacara, Sorin; Guja, Cristian; Reghina, Aura; Martin, Sorina; Sirbu, Anca; Fica, Simona 4111
CCL2 serum levels and adiposity are associated with the polymorphic phenotypes -2518A on CCL2 and 64ILE on CCR2 in a Mexican population with insulin resistance. Guzman-Ornelas, Milton-Omar; Petri, Marcelo Heron; Mercado, Monica Vazquez-Del; Chavarria-Avila, Efr 7770
Cdk5r1 overexpression induces primary [beta]-cell proliferation. Draney, Carrie; Hobson, Amanda E.; Grover, Samuel G.; Jack, Benjamin O.; Tessem, Jeffery S. 8073
Changes in plasma levels of N-arachidonoyl ethanolamine and N-palmitoylethanolamine following bariatric surgery in morbidly obese females with impaired glucose homeostasis. Mallipedhi, Akhila; Prior, Sarah L.; Dunseath, Gareth; Bracken, Richard M.; Barry, Jonathan; Caplin, 6441
Characterisation of pain responses in the high fat diet/streptozotocin model of diabetes and the analgesic effects of antidiabetic treatments. Byrne, Frederika Maria; Cheetham, Sharon; Vickers, Steven; Chapman, Victoria 8422
Characterization of the prediabetic state in a novel rat model of type 2 diabetes, the ZFDM rat. Gheni, Ghupurjan; Yokoi, Norihide; Beppu, Masayuki; Yamaguchi, Takuro; Hidaka, Shihomi; Kawabata, Ay Report 2859
Characterization of the ZDSD rat: a translational model for the study of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Peterson, Richard G.; Jackson, Charles V.; Zimmerman, Karen; de Winter, Willem; Huebert, Norman; Han 6435
Charge-based inhibitors of amylin fibrillization and toxicity. Patil, Sharadrao M.; Alexandrescu, Andrei T. 6737
Cholesterol-induced hepatic inflammation does not underlie the predisposition to insulin resistance in dyslipidemic female LDL receptor knockout mice. Gruben, Nanda; Funke, Anouk; Kloosterhuis, Niels J.; Schreurs, Marijke; Sheedfar, Fareeba; Havinga, 5693
Circulating levels of betatrophin and irisin are not associated with pancreatic [beta]-cell function in previously diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. Wang, Lingshu; Song, Jun; Wang, Chuan; Lin, Peng; Liang, Kai; Sun, Yu; He, Tianyi; Li, Wenjuan; Zhao Report 5444
Circulating malondialdehyde-modified LDL-related variables and coronary artery stenosis in asymptomatic patients with type 2 diabetes. Fujihara, Kazuya; Suzuki, Hiroaki; Sato, Akira; Kodama, Satoru; Heianza, Yoriko; Saito, Kazumi; Iwas 4431
Clopidogrel protects endothelium by hindering TNF[alpha]-induced VCAM-1 expression through CaMKK[beta]/AMPK/Nrf2 pathway. Yang, Huabing; Zhao, Pengjun; Tian, Shiliu 4813
Coenzyme Q10 attenuates high glucose-induced endothelial progenitor cell dysfunction through AMP-activated protein kinase pathways. Tsai, Hsiao-Ya; Lin, Chih-Pei; Huang, Po-Hsun; Li, Szu-Yuan; Chen, Jia-Shiong; Lin, Feng-Yen; Chen, 4640
Combination therapy with oleanolic acid and metformin as a synergistic treatment for diabetes. Wang, Xue; Chen, Yupeng; Abdelkader, Daoud; Hassan, Waseem; Sun, Hongbin; Liu, Jun 5231
Combined methods for diabetic retinopathy screening, using retina photographs and tear fluid proteomics biomarkers. Torok, Zsolt; Peto, Tunde; Csosz, Eva; Tukacs, Edit; Molnar, Agnes M.; Berta, Andras; Tozser, Jozsef 5293
Comment on "Topically applied connective tissue growth factor/CCN2 improves diabetic preclinical cutaneous wound healing: potential role for CTGF in human diabetic foot ulcer healing". Li, Hongling; Cao, Cong; Huang, Ai; Man, Yi Letter to the editor 1391
Comparative evaluation of two venous sampling techniques for the assessment of pancreatic insulin and zinc release upon glucose challenge. Pillai, Anil Kumar; Silvers, William; Christensen, Preston; Riegel, Matthew; Adams-Huet, Beverley; L 3892
Comparative study of the antioxidant effects of metformin, glibenclamide, and repaglinide in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. Chukwunonso Obi, Bonaventure; Chinwuba Okoye, Theophine; Eshu Okpashi, Victor; Nonye Igwe, Christian Report 2821
Comparison of clinical trajectories before initiation of renal replacement therapy between diabetic nephropathy and nephrosclerosis on the KDIGO guidelines heat map. Abe, Masanori; Okada, Kazuyoshi; Maruyama, Noriaki; Takashima, Hiroyuki; Oikawa, Osamu; Soma, Masayo 6131
Comparison of the effects of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion and add-on therapy with sitagliptin in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus. Wan, Heng; Zhao, Defu; Shen, Jie; Lu, Lu; Zhang, Tong; Chen, Zhi 5716
Connexin-based therapeutics and tissue engineering approaches to the amelioration of chronic pancreatitis and type I diabetes: construction and characterization of a novel prevascularized bioartificial pancreas. Rhett, J. Matthew; Wang, Hongjun; Bainbridge, Heather; Song, Lili; Yost, Michael J. 6994
Cost-effectiveness of a short message service intervention to prevent type 2 diabetes from impaired glucose tolerance. Wong, Carlos K.H.; Jiao, Fang-Fang; Siu, Shing-Chung; Fung, Colman S.C.; Fong, Daniel Y.T.; Wong, Ka 5560
Coupling of the functional stability of rat myocardium and activity of lipid peroxidation in combined development of postinfarction remodeling and diabetes mellitus. Afanasiev, S.A.; Kondratieva, D.S.; Rebrova, T. Yu.; Batalov, R.E.; Popov, S.V. Report 4227
Current smoking dose-dependently associated with decreased [beta]-cell function in Chinese men without diabetes. Wang, Chun; Wang, Yijun; Wu, Junxia; Liu, Suyi; Zhu, Ying; Lv, Shurong; Lin, Ping; Wang, Xiaoke; Xu, 6201
Delta cell hyperplasia in adult Goto-Kakizaki (GK/Moltac) diabetic rats. Alan, Lukas; Olejar, Tomas; Cahova, Monika; Zelenka, Jaroslav; Berkova, Zuzana; Smetakova, Magdalena 6647
Demographical, clinical, and psychological characteristics of users and nonusers of an online platform for T2DM patients (e-vitaDM-3/ZODIAC-44). Roelofsen, Yvonne; van Vugt, Michael; Hendriks, Steven H.; van Hateren, Kornelis J.J.; Groenier, Kla 12170
Dendrobium chrysotoxum Lindl. Alleviates diabetic retinopathy by preventing retinal inflammation and tight junction protein decrease. Yu, Zengyang; Gong, Chenyuan; Lu, Bin; Yang, Li; Sheng, Yuchen; Ji, Lili; Wang, Zhengtao 4950
Determining predictors of early response to exenatide in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Khan, Muhammad; Ouyang, Jing; Perkins, Karen; Nair, Sunil; Joseph, Franklin Report 6427
Development of diagnostic biomarkers for detecting diabetic retinopathy at early stages using quantitative proteomics. Jin, Jonghwa; Min, Hophil; Kim, Sang Jin; Oh, Sohee; Kim, Kyunggon; Yu, Hyeong Gon; Park, Taesung; K 10240
Diabetes complications at presentation and one year by glycated haemoglobin at diagnosis in a multiethnic and diverse socioeconomic population: results from the South London diabetes study. Azam, Mohsin; Marwood, Lindsey; Ismail, Khalida; Evans, Tyrrell; Sivaprasad, Sobha; Winkley, Kirsty; Clinical report 6408
Diabetes increases cryoinjury size with associated effects on Cx43 gap junction function and phosphorylation in the mouse heart. Palatinus, Joseph A.; Gourdie, Robert G. 5905
Diabetes mellitus and increased tuberculosis susceptibility: the role of short-chain fatty acids. Lachmandas, Ekta; van den Heuvel, Corina N.A.M.; Damen, Michelle S.M.A.; Cleophas, Maartje C.P.; Net 7774
Diabetes remission after nonsurgical intensive lifestyle intervention in obese patients with type 2 diabetes. Mottalib, Adham; Sakr, Mahmoud; Shehabeldin, Mohamed; Hamdy, Osama 2993
Diabetes-resistant NOR mice are more severely affected by streptozotocin compared to the diabetes-prone NOD mice: correlations with liver and kidney GLUT2 expressions. Kahraman, S.; Aydin, C.; Elpek, G. O.; Dirice, E.; Sanlioglu, A. D. 4287
Diabetic foot syndrome as a possible cardiovascular marker in diabetic patients. Tuttolomondo, Antonino; Maida, Carlo; Pinto, Antonio Report 7964
Diabetic kidney disease: pathophysiology and therapeutic targets. Toth-Manikowski, Stephanie; Atta, Mohamed G. 12931
Diabetic nephropathy induced by increased Ace gene dosage is associated with high renal levels of angiotensin (1-7) and bradykinin. Bertoncello, Nadia; Moreira, Roseli Peres; Arita, Danielle Yuri; Aragao, Danielle S.; Watanabe, Ingr 9636
Diabetic retinal and choroidal edema in SDT rats. Toyoda, Fumihiko; Tanaka, Yoshiaki; Shimmura, Machiko; Kinoshita, Nozomi; Takano, Hiroko; Kakehashi, Report 3036
Diabetic retinopathy screening and monitoring of early stage disease in Australian general practice: tackling preventable blindness within a chronic care model. Crossland, Lisa; Askew, Deborah; Ware, Robert; Cranstoun, Peter; Mitchell, Paul; Bryett, Andrew; Jac 4771
Diabetic retinopathy: vascular and inflammatory disease. Semeraro, F.; Cancarini, A.; dell'Omo, R.; Rezzola, S.; Romano, M.R.; Costagliola, C. 13638
Differential effects of leptin and adiponectin in endothelial angiogenesis. Adya, Raghu; Tan, Bee K.; Randeva, Harpal S. 9378
Differential telomere shortening in blood versus arteries in an animal model of type 2 diabetes. Tajbakhsh, Samira; Aliakbari, Kamelya; Hussey, Damian J.; Lower, Karen M.; Donato, Anthony J.; Sokoy 6306
Dysglycaemia and other predictors for progression or regression from impaired fasting glucose to diabetes or normoglycaemia. de Abreu, L.; Holloway, Kara L.; Kotowicz, Mark A.; Pasco, Julie A. 6473
Edible bird's nest prevents high fat diet-induced insulin resistance in rats. Yida, Zhang; Imam, Mustapha Umar; Ismail, Maznah; Ooi, Der-Jiun; Sarega, Nadarajan; Azmi, Nur Hanisa 5417
Effect of cinnamon tea on postprandial glucose concentration. Bernardo, Maria Alexandra; Silva, Maria Leonor; Santos, Elisabeth; Moncada, Margarida Maria; Brito, 4677
Effect of global ATGL knockout on murine fasting glucose kinetics. Coelho, Margarida; Nunes, Patricia; Mendes, Vera M.; Manadas, Bruno; Heerschap, Arend; Jones, John G 6326
Effect of sulodexide on urinary biomarkers of kidney injury in normoalbuminuric type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial. Satirapoj, Bancha; Kaewput, Wisit; Supasyndh, Ouppatham; Ruangkanchanasetr, Prajej Report 4002
Effect of vitamins C and E on endothelial function in type 1 diabetes mellitus. Cazeau, Rachel-Marie; Huang, Hong; Bauer, John A.; Hoffman, Robert P. 3921
Effectiveness of a peer support programme versus usual care in disease management of diabetes mellitus type 2 regarding improvement of metabolic control: a cluster-randomised controlled trial. Johansson, Tim; Keller, Sophie; Winkler, Henrike; Ostermann, Thomas; Weitgasser, Raimund; Sonnichsen 6991
Effects of E2HSA, a long-acting glucagon like peptide-1 receptor agonist, on glycemic control and beta cell function in spontaneous diabetic db/db mice. Hou, Shaocong; Li, Caina; Huan, Yi; Liu, Shuainan; Liu, Quan; Sun, Sujuan; Jiang, Qian; Jia, Chunmin 8350
Effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists on weight loss in patients with type 2 diabetes: A systematic review and network meta-analysis. Sun, Feng; Chai, Sanbao; Li, Lishi; Yu, Kai; Yang, Zhirong; Wu, Shanshan; Zhang, Yuan; Ji, Linong; Z Report 6879
Effects of glucose concentration on propofol cardioprotection against myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury in isolated rat hearts. Yao, Xinhua; Li, Yalan; Tao, Mingzhe; Wang, Shuang; Zhang, Liangqing; Lin, Jiefu; Xia, Zhengyuan; Li 7026
Effects of high glucose levels and glycated serum on GIP responsiveness in the pancreatic beta cell line HIT-T15. Puddu, Alessandra; Sanguineti, Roberta; Montecucco, Fabrizio; Viviani, Giorgio Luciano 3529
Effects of liraglutide combined with short-term continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion on glycemic control and beta cell function in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus: a pilot study. Ke, Weijian; Liu, Liehua; Liu, Juan; Chen, Ailing; Deng, Wanping; Zhang, Pengyuan; Cao, Xiaopei; Lia 4426
Effects of the new aldose reductase inhibitor benzofuroxane derivative BF-5m on high glucose induced prolongation of cardiac QT interval and increase of coronary perfusion pressure. Filippo, C. Di; Ferraro, B.; Maisto, R.; Trotta, M.C.; Di Carluccio, N.; Sartini, S.; La Motta, C.; 4199
Elevated urinary connective tissue growth factor in diabetic nephropathy is caused by local production and tubular dysfunction. Gerritsen, Karin G.F.; Leeuwis, Jan Willem; Koeners, Maarten P.; Bakker, Stephan J.L.; van Oeveren, 6613
Endurance and resistance training affect high fat diet-induced increase of ceramides, inflammasome expression, and systemic inflammation in mice. Mardare, Cornelia; Kruger, Karsten; Liebisch, Gerhard; Seimetz, Michael; Couturier, Aline; Ringseis, 8534
Epigenetic changes in endothelial progenitors as a possible cellular basis for glycemic memory in diabetic vascular complications. Rajasekar, Poojitha; O'Neill, Christina L.; Eeles, Lydia; Stitt, Alan W.; Medina, Reinhold J. 13557
Estrogen: an emerging regulator of insulin action and mitochondrial function. Gupte, Anisha A.; Pownall, Henry J.; Hamilton, Dale J. 6784
Euglycemia in diabetic rats leads to reduced liver weight via increased autophagy and apoptosis through increased AMPK and caspase-3 and decreased mTOR activities. Lee, Jun-Ho; Choi, Soo-Bong; Jin, Mingli; Lee, Ju-Han; Han, Sang-Don; Bae, Hyemi; Lim, Inja; Noh, Yu 6247
Evacuation after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident is a cause of diabetes: results from the Fukushima health management survey. Satoh, Hiroaki; Ohira, Tetsuya; Hosoya, Mitsuaki; Sakai, Akira; Watanabe, Tsuyoshi; Ohtsuru, Akira; 7006
Evaluating the effect of sarconesiopsis magellanica (Diptera: Calliphoridae) larvae-derived haemolymph and fat body extracts on chronic wounds in diabetic rabbits. Gongora, Jennifher; Diaz-Roa, Andrea; Ramirez-Hernandez, Alejandro; Cortes-Vecino, Jesus A.; Gaona, Report 6552
Evaluation of the association metformin: Plantago ovata husk in diabetic rabbits. Diez-Laiz, Raquel; Garcia-Vieitez, Juan J.; Diez-Liebana, M. Jose; Sierra-Vega, Matilde; Sahagun-Pri Report 4533
Exenatide activates the APPL1-AMPK-PPAR[alpha] axis to prevent diabetic cardiomyocyte apoptosis. XiaoTian, Lei; QiNan, Wu; XiaGuang, Gan; WuQuan, Deng; Bing, Chen; ZiWen, Liang 5297
Exposure to common food additive carrageenan alone leads to fasting hyperglycemia and in combination with high fat diet exacerbates glucose intolerance and hyperlipidemia without effect on weight. Bhattacharyya, Sumit; Feferman, Leo; Unterman, Terry; Tobacman, Joanne K. 6023
Expression of the receptor for advanced glycation end products in epicardial fat: link with tissue thickness and local insulin resistance in coronary artery disease. Dozio, Elena; Vianello, Elena; Briganti, Silvia; Lamont, John; Tacchini, Lorenza; Schmitz, Gerd; Rom Report 4106
Flow mediated dilatation is reduced with the progressive stages of glomerular filtration rate and albuminuria in type 2 diabetic patients without coronary heart disease. Ito, Hiroyuki; Nakashima, Mina; Meguro, Kentaro; Furukawa, Haruki; Yamashita, Hitomi; Takaki, Akifus 6178
Free fatty acids activate renin-angiotensin system in 3T3-L1 adipocytes through nuclear factor-kappa B pathway. Sun, Jia; Luo, Jinhua; Ruan, Yuting; Xiu, Liangchang; Fang, Bimei; Zhang, Hua; Wang, Ming; Chen, Hon Report 3518
GDF-15 as a target and biomarker for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: a translational prospective. Adela, Ramu; Banerjee, Sanjay K. Clinical report 10951
Generating and reversing chronic wounds in diabetic mice by manipulating wound redox parameters. Dhall, Sandeep; Do, Danh C.; Garcia, Monika; Kim, Jane; Mirebrahim, Seyed H.; Lyubovitsky, Julia; Lo 10208
Genetic associations of PPARGC1A with type 2 diabetes: differences among populations with African origins. Cheema, Amanpreet K.; Li, Tan; Liuzzi, Juan P.; Zarini, Gustavo G.; Dorak, Mehmet T.; Huffman, Fatma 7185
Glycemic variability assessed by continuous glucose monitoring and short-term outcome in diabetic patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: an observational pilot study. Nusca, Annunziata; Pantano, Angelo Lauria; Melfi, Rosetta; Proscia, Claudio; Maddaloni, Ernesto; Con Report 5083
Health related quality of life among Omani men and women with type 2 diabetes. D'Souza, Melba Sheila; Venkatesaperumal, Ramesh; Ruppert, Susan D.; Karkada, Subrahmanya Nairy; Jaco 8148
Heme oxygenase-1 promotes delayed wound healing in diabetic rats. Chen, Qing-Ying; Wang, Guo-Guang; Li, Wei; Jiang, Yu-Xin; Lu, Xiao-Hua; Zhou, Ping-Ping 5264
HERG protein plays a role in moxifloxacin-induced hypoglycemia. Qiu, Hai-Yan; Yuan, Sha-Sha; Yang, Fang-Yuan; Shi, Ting-Ting; Yang, Jin-Kui 3152
High frequency of diabetic ketoacidosis in children with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. Szypowska, Agnieszka; Ramotowska, Anna; Grzechnik-Gryziak, Monika; Szypowski, Wojciech; Pasierb, Ann 3673
High-intensity interval training as an efficacious alternative to moderate-intensity continuous training for adults with prediabetes. Jung, Mary E.; Bourne, Jessica E.; Beauchamp, Mark R.; Robinson, Emily; Little, Jonathan P. Report 6659
Histidine decarboxylase deficiency prevents autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice. Alkan, Manal; Machavoine, Francois; Rignault, Rachel; Dam, Julie; Dy, Michel; Thieblemont, Nathalie 4785
Homocysteine, cortisol, diabetes mellitus, and psychopathology. Kontoangelos, K.; Papageorgiou, C.C.; Raptis, A.E.; Tsiotra, P.; Lambadiari, V.; Papadimitriou, G.N. 7212
Hyperglycemia does not affect iron mediated toxicity of cultured endothelial and renal tubular epithelial cells: influence of L-carnosine. Zhang, Shiqi; Ntasis, Emmanouil; Kabtni, Sarah; van den Born, Jaap; Navis, Gerjan; Bakker, Stephan J 5011
Hyperglycemia induces toll-like receptor-2 and -4 expression and activity in human microvascular retinal endothelial cells: implications for diabetic retinopathy. Rajamani, Uthra; Jialal, Ishwarlal 6302
Hyperglycemia inhibits complement-mediated immunological control of S. aureus in a rat model of peritonitis. Mauriello, Clifford T.; Hair, Pamela S.; Rohn, Reuben D.; Rister, Nicholas S.; Krishna, Neel K.; Cun 5204
Hypoglycemic activity through a novel combination of fruiting body and mycelia of Cordyceps militaris in high-fat diet-induced type 2 diabetes mellitus mice. Yu, Sung-Hsun; Chen, Szu-Yu Tina; Li, Wei-Shan; Dubey, Navneet Kumar; Chen, Wei-Hong; Chuu, Jiunn-Jy 5639
Ileal interposition in rats with experimental type 2 like diabetes improves glycemic control independently of glucose absorption. Jurowich, Christian Ferdinand; Otto, Christoph; Rikkala, Prashanth Reddy; Wagner, Nicole; Vrhovac, I 8981
Impact of bromocriptine-QR therapy on glycemic control and daily insulin requirement in type 2 diabetes mellitus subjects whose dysglycemia is poorly controlled on high-dose insulin: a pilot study. Roe, Erin D.; Chamarthi, Bindu; Raskin, Philip Report 4897
Impact of gender on the association of epicardial fat thickness, obesity, and circadian blood pressure pattern in hypertensive patients. Shim, In Kyoung; Cho, Kyoung-Im; Kim, Hyun-Su; Heo, Jung-Ho; Cha, Tae Joon 7942
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Tyrosine is associated with insulin resistance in longitudinal metabolomic profiling of obese children. Hellmuth, Christian; Kirchberg, Franca Fabiana; Lass, Nina; Harder, Ulrike; Peissner, Wolfgang; Kole Report 7909
Updates in the management of diabetic macular edema. Mathew, Christopher; Yunirakasiwi, Anastasia; Sanjay, Srinivasan Report 6023
Updating experimental models of diabetic cardiomyopathy. Fuentes-Antras, J.; Picatoste, B.; Gomez-Hernandez, A.; Egido, J.; Tunon, J.; Lorenzo, O. 11214
Urinary angiotensinogen could be a prognostic marker of renoprotective effects of alogliptin in patients with type 2 diabetes. Mizushige, Tomoko; Kobori, Hiroyuki; Nishijima, Yoko; Yano, Yuichiro; Sakata, Koji; Hayakawa, Manabu 4196
Use of Drosophila as an evaluation method reveals imp as a candidate gene for type 2 diabetes in rat locus Niddm22. Kawasaki, Kurenai; Yamada, Sawaka; Ogata, Koki; Saito, Yumiko; Takahama, Aiko; Yamada, Takahisa; Mat 4777
Use of insulin and mortality from breast cancer among Taiwanese women with diabetes. Tseng, Chin-Hsiao 6145
Vinegar consumption increases insulin-stimulated glucose uptake by the forearm muscle in humans with type 2 diabetes. Mitrou, Panayota; Petsiou, Eleni; Papakonstantinou, Emilia; Maratou, Eirini; Lambadiari, Vaia; Dimit Clinical report 4203
Vitamin B6 prevents endothelial dysfunction, insulin resistance, and hepatic lipid accumulation in [Apoe.sup.-/-] mice fed with high-fat diet. Liu, Zhan; Li, Peng; Zhao, Zhi-Hong; Zhang, Yu; Ma, Zhi-Min; Wang, Shuang-Xi Report 4503
Vitamin D deficiency is associated with the presence and severity of diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Alcubierre, Nuria; Valls, Joan; Rubinat, Esther; Cao, Gonzalo; Esquerda, Aureli; Traveset, Alicia; G 5377
Wide-field megahertz OCT imaging of patients with diabetic retinopathy. Reznicek, Lukas; Kolb, Jan P.; Klein, Thomas; Mohler, Kathrin J.; Wieser, Wolfgang; Huber, Robert; K 2247
Women's views on their diagnosis and management for borderline gestational diabetes mellitus. Han, Shanshan; Middleton, Philippa F.; Bubner, Tanya K.; Crowther, Caroline A. Report 5943
Working together to promote diabetes control: a practical guide for diabetes health care providers in establishing a working alliance to achieve self-management support. Jones, Allan; Vallis, Michael; Cooke, Debbie; Pouwer, Francois Report 4703
Yoga for adults with type 2 diabetes: A systematic review of controlled trials. Innes, Kim E.; Selfe, Terry Kit 18066

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