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Articles from Journal of Complex Analysis (January 1, 2017)

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Application of Quasi-Subordination for Generalized Sakaguchi Type Functions. Altinkaya, Fahsene Report 2748
Basic Sets of Special Monogenic Polynomials in Frechet Modules. Hassan, Gamal Farghaly; Aloui, Lassaad; Bakali, Allal Report 9632
Coefficient Bounds for Subclasses of Biunivalent Functions Associated with the Chebyshev Polynomials. Guney, Hatun Ozlem; Murugusundaramoorthy, G.; Vijaya, K. Report 4559
Connections between Certain Subclasses of Analytic Univalent Functions Based on Operators. Ezhilarasi, R.; Sudharsan, T.V.; Mohd, Maisarah Haji; Subramanian, K.G. Report 1976
Entire Functions of Bounded L-Index: Its Zeros and Behavior of Partial Logarithmic Derivatives. Bandura, Andriy; Skaskiv, Oleh Report 6374
Geometric Properties of Cesaro Averaging Operators. Sangal, Priyanka; Swaminathan, A. Report 7164
On Generalized Growth of Analytic Functions Solutions of Linear Homogeneous Partial Differential Equation of Second Order. Kumar, Devendra Report 3789
On Propagation of Sphericity of Real Analytic Hypersurfaces across Levi Degenerate Loci. Merker, Joel Report 4156
Second Hankel Determinants for Some Subclasses of Biunivalent Functions Associated with Pseudo-Starlike Functions. Laxmi, K. Rajya; Sharma, R. Bharavi Report 5096
Sufficient Condition for Strongly Starlikeness of Normalized Mittag-Leffler Function. Bansal, Deepak; Maharana, Sudhananda Report 2634
Szego Kernels and Asymptotic Expansions for Legendre Polynomials. Paoletti, Roberto Report 10135
Uniformly Geometric Functions Involving Constructed Operators. Al-Kaseasbeh, Mohammad; Darus, Maslina Report 4299
Uniqueness of the Sum of Points of the Period-Five Cycle of Quadratic Polynomials. Kosunen, Pekka Report 3791
Weighted Composition Operators between the Fractional Cauchy Spaces and the Bloch-Type Spaces. Hibschweiler, R.A. Report 3608

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