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Articles from Journal of Coatings Technology and Research (March 1, 2015)

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A review of recent applications of atmospheric pressure plasma jets for materials processing. Penkov, Oleksiy V.; Khadem, Mahdi; Lim, Won-Suk; Kim, Dae-Eun 7832
A study on the corrosion inhibition properties of silane-modified [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] nanoparticle on mild steel and its effect on the anticorrosion properties of the polyurethane coating. Palimi, M.J.; Rostami, M.; Mahdavian, M.; Ramezanzadeh, B. 7284
Design and manufacturing of protective barriers on Fe 430 B substrates by phenyl methyl polysiloxane coatings: micromechanical response, chemical inertness, and corrosion resistance. Barletta, M.; Venettacci, S.; Puopolo, M.; Vesco, S.; Gisario, A. 7467
Effect of addition of cellulose nanocrystals to wood coatings on color changes and surface roughness due to accelerated weathering. Vardanyan, Vahe; Galstian, Tigran; Riedl, Bernard 5713
Effects of hydrotalcite intercalated with corrosion inhibitor on cathodic disbonding of epoxy coatings. Hang, To Thi Xuan; Duong, Nguyen Thuy; True, Trinli Anh; Hoang, Thai; Thanh, Dinli Thi Mai; Daopiset Report 4953
Fabrication of inhibitor anion-intercalated layered double hydroxide host films on aluminum alloy 2024 and their anticorrosion properties. Zhang, You; Liu, Jianhua; Li, Yingdong; Yu, Mei; Li, SongMei; Xue, Bing 5093
Hyperbranched polyglycerol as an additive for water-based printing ink. Zolek-Tryznowska, Zuzanna; Tryznowski, Mariusz; Krolikowska, Justyna 5533
Improvement effects of CaO nanoparticles on tribological and microhardness properties of PMMA coating. Aguilera-Camacho, L.D.; Hernandez-Navarro, C.; Moreno, K.J.; Garcia-Miranda, J.S.; Arizinendi-Morque 4678
Incorporation of laccase into surface-sized paper. Ihalainen, P.; Hamalainen, T.; Matilainen, K.; Savolainen, A.; Sipilainen-Malm, T.; Kaukoniemi, O.-V 5091
Influence of expanded vermiculite on fire protection of intumescent fireproof coatings for steel structures. Xue, Yadong; Zhang, Shiping; Yang, Wenliang 5037
Influence of pigment packing behavior on the adhesive requirements of aqueous paper coatings. Howard, Karl W.; Hodgson, Kevin T. Report 5740
Mechanical, chemical, and curing characteristics of cardanolfurfural-based novolac resin for application in green coatings. Srivastava, Riya; Srivastava, Deepak 5110
Novel green process to modify ABS surface before its metallization: optophysic treatment. Cacho, L. Magallon; Bueno, J.J. Perez; Vong, Y. Meas; Stremsdoerfer, G.; Beltran, F.J. Espinoza; Veg 6112
Preparation and characterization of epoxy/oregano oil as an epoxy-based coating material with both antimicrobial effect and increased toughness. Zavarch, S.; Darvishi, F.; Samandari, G. 5054
Quantification of protective properties of the coating/corrosion product/steel interface by integration of transmission line model with EIS results. Niu, J.; Barraza-Fierro, J.I.; Castaneda, H. 9025
Synthesis and characterization of waterborne polyurethane thickeners based on hyperbranched polyester. Xie, Andong; Chen, Hongxiang; Xu, Caixia; Chen, Hailun; Zhou, Yu; Lin, Yinli; Yang, Minghua 3169
Tungstate and vanadate-doped polypyrrole/aluminum flake composite coatings for the corrosion protection of aluminum 2024-T3. Jadhav, Niteen; Jensen, Mark B.; Gelling, Victoria 10338

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