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Articles from Journal of Chemistry (April 30, 2019)

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A Facile Synthesis, Characterization, and Photocatalytic Activity of Magnesium Ferrite Nanoparticles via the Solution Combustion Method. Nguyen, Loan T.T.; Nguyen, Lan T.H.; Manh, Nhuong Chu; Quoc, Dung Nguyen; Quang, Hai Nguyen; Nguyen, 5258
Acid-Alkali-Treated Natural Mordenite-Supported Platinum Nanoparticles (Pt/MORn-H-OH) for Efficient Catalytic Oxidation of Formaldehyde at Room Temperature. Gao, Xiaoya; Guo, Qian; Zhou, Yuan; He, Dedong; Luo, Yongming 2760
Bioavailability and Assessment of Metal Contamination in Surface Sediments of Rades-Hamam Lif Coast, around Meliane River (Gulf of Tunis, Tunisia, Mediterranean Sea). Amor, Rim Ben; Yahyaoui, Asma; Abidi, Myriam; Chouba, Lasaad; Gueddari, Moncef 8759
Chemical Management and Treatment of Agriculture and Food Industries Wastes. Hodaifa, Gassan; Lopez, Alberto J. Moya; Paraskeva, Christakis 1746
Computational Molecular Modeling of Pin1 Inhibition Activity of Quinazoline, Benzophenone, and Pyrimidine Derivatives. Cabrera, Nicolas; Mora, Jose R.; Marquez, Edgar A. 6976
Corrigendum to "Biomass Modification Using Cationic Surfactant Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB) to Remove Palm-Based Cooking Oil". Pauzan, Amira Satirawaty Mohamed; Ahad, Normala Correction notice 182
Effect of Dissimilatory Iron Reduction on the Reduction of C[H.sub.4] Production in Landfill Conditions. Hu, Lifang; Long, Yuyang; Fang, Chengran 6030
Effect of Dissolution and Dispersion Conditions of VC-713 on the Hydrate Inhibition. Wang, Ren; Sun, Huicui; Sun, Jinsheng; Qu, Yuanzhi; Zhang, Jie; Shi, Xiaomei; Zhang, Ling; Guo, Dong 6109
Effect of Phospholipase [A.sub.1]-Catalyzed Degumming on Oryzanol, Tocopherols, and Tocotrienols of Dewaxed Rice Bran Oil. Xiaoyang, Sun; Shaojun, Tian; Lifen, Zhang; Jianchun, Xie 6211
Fate and Occurrence of Pharmaceutically Active Organic Compounds during Typical Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment. Luo, Qiao; Wang, Jing; Wang, JianHui; Shen, Yu; Yan, Peng; Chen, YouPeng; Zhang, ChengCheng 6245
GC-MS Analysis and Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Shammah (Smokeless Tobacco) Samples of Jazan Region of Saudi Arabia as Promoter of Cancer Cell Proliferation. Khalid, Asaad; Alhazmi, Hassan A.; Abdalla, Ashraf N.; Ahsan, Waquar; Sultana, Shahnaz; Bratty, Moha 5463
Immobilized Microbial Catalytic Oxidation Preparation and Application of Biopolymeric Ferric Sulfate. Xu, Xiaohui; Lu, Min; Yang, Liu; Guan, Xiaohui 4838
Kinase Inhibitors of Novel Pyridopyrimidinone Candidates: Synthesis and In Vitro Anticancer Properties. Khalifa, Nagy M.; Omar, Mohamed A. Al-; Alkahtani, Hamad M.; Bakheit, Ahmed H. 5506
Nanotechnology for Food Engineering: Biomembrane and Nanocarriers. Chang, Pahn-Shick; Umakoshi, Hiroshi; Kim, Hakjin 1557
Natural Plant Extracts as Acid-Base Indicator and Determination of Their pKa Value. Kapilraj, N.; Keerthanan, S.; Sithambaresan, M. 4010
New Discoveries in Enantiomeric Separation of Racemic Tofisopam. Bosits, Mikios Hunor; Palovics, Emese; Madarasz, Janos; Fogassy, Elemer 3682
Novel Removal of Diazinon Pesticide by Adsorption and Photocatalytic Degradation of Visible Light-Driven Fe-Ti[O.sub.2]/Bent-Fe Photocatalyst. Phuong, Nguyen Minh; Chu, Ngoc Chau; Thuan, Doan Van; Ha, Minh Ngoc; Hanh, Nguyen Thi; Viet, Huong D 5164
Numerical Simulation of Shale Gas Multiscale Seepage Mechanism-Coupled Stress Sensitivity. Yan, Xun; Sun, Jing; Liu, Dehua 5721
One-Pot Synthesis of Novel Dibenzoxanthenes, Diarylbutanes, and Calix[4]resorcinarenes via Consecutive Pyrrolidine Ring-Closure/Ring-Opening Reactions. Smolobochkin, Andrey V.; Gazizov, Almir S.; Burilov, Alexander R.; Pudovik, Michail A. 5660
Physicochemical Contents, Antioxidant Activities, and Acute Toxicity Assessment of Selenium-Enriched Chinese Kale (Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra L.) Seedlings. Leamsamrong, Kwanyuen; Tongjaroenbuangam, Walaiporn; Maneetong, Sarunya; Chantiratikul, Anut; Chinra 8330
Remediation of Chlorinated Alkanes by Vitamin [B.sub.12] and Zero-Valent Iron. Lapeyrouse, Nicole; Liu, Muqiong; Zou, Shengli; Booth, Greg; Yestrebsky, Cherie L. 4478
RP-18 HPLC Analysis of Drugs' Ability to Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier. Sobanska, Anna W.; Hekner, Adam; Brzezinska, Elzbieta 8579
Seasonal and Spatial Variation of Dissolved Oxygen and Nutrients in Padaviya Reservoir, Sri Lanka. Siriwardana, C.; Cooray, Asitha T.; Liyanage, Sudantha S.; Koliyabandara, S.M.P.A. 6423
Solution Plasma-Assisted Green Synthesis of Mn[O.sub.2] Adsorbent and Removal of Cationic Pollutant. Kim, Hye-min; Saito, Nagahiro; Kim, Dae-wook 4125
Study of the Phosphorus Adsorption on the Sediments. Omari, Hind; Dehbi, Ali; Lammini, Adil; Abdallaoui, Abdelaziz 4996
Study on the Degradation of Sodium Diethyldithiocarbamate (DDTC) in Artificially Prepared Beneficiation Wastewater with Sodium Hypochlorite. Cui, Baoyu; Wang, Xuetao; Zhao, Qiang; Liu, Wengang Report 5187
Study on the Preparation and Application of Lignin-Derived Polycarboxylic Acids. Wang, Ruiqi; Zhou, Bing; Wang, Zichen 4359
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Assessment of [Fe.sup.3+] Inclusion Complex of p-tert-Butylcalix[4]arene Diamide Derivative. Chandio, Anwar Ali; Memon, Ayaz Ali; Memon, Shahabuddin; Memon, Fakhar N.; Panhwar, Qadeer Khan; Dur 4550
Synthesis, Characterization, and Dielectric Behaviors of 4-Diethanolaminomethyl Styrene and Benzyl Methacrylate Copolymer and Its Metal Complexes. Acikses, Aslisah; Oksuz, Fethiye 6991

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