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Articles from Journal of Buddhist Ethics (January 1, 2014)

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"We Love Our Nuns": affective dimensions of the Sri Lankan Bhikkhuni revival. Mrozik, Susanne Essay 11008
A review of Buddhism and Iconoclasm in East Asia: A History. Elacqua, Joseph P. Book review 1705
A review of Buddhism Goes to the Movies: Introduction to Buddhist Thought and Practice. Whalen-Bridge, John 2549
A Review of Death and Reincarnation in Tibetan Buddhism: In-between Bodies. Valentine, Jay Book review 1717
A review of Power, Wealth and Women in Indian Mahayana Buddhism: The Gandavyuha-sutra. Langenberg, Amy Book review 1304
A review of The Kyoto School: An Introduction. Maymind, Ilana Book review 4318
A review of The Range of the Bodhisattva: A Mahayana Sutra. Jenkins, Stephen L. Book review 3507
A Review of The Religion of Falun Gong. Hedges, Paul Book review 1688
Act and result in Nikayan ethics. Evans, Stephen Essay 9858
Attitudes arising from Buddhist nurture in Britain. Thanissaro, Phra Nicholas Report 7767
Battlefield Dharma: American Buddhists in American wars. Bosco, Robert M. Essay 6213
Bhikkhave and Bhikkhu as gender-inclusive terminology in early Buddhist texts. Collett, Alice; Analayo, Bhikkhu Report 10333
Bhikkhuni Academy at Manelwatta Temple: a case of cross-tradition exchange. Wei-yi, Cheng Essay 4741
Blossoms of the Dharma: The contribution of Western nuns in transforming gender bias in Tibetan Buddhism. Swanepoel, Elizabeth Essay 7780
Buddhism and intellectual property rights: the role of compassion. Hongladarom, Soraj Essay 5508
Buddhist Funeral Cultures of Southeast Asia and China. Sihle, Nicolas 3091
Buddhist practice as play: a virtue ethical view. Vasen, Meynard Essay 10019
Compassion in Schopenhauer and Santideva. Hutton, Kenneth Essay 7793
Cruel Theory/Sublime Practice: Toward a Revaluation of Buddhism. Murphy, John L. Book review 3141
Dogen's primer on the nonmoral virtues of the good person. Mikkelson, Douglas K. Critical essay 6063
Escaping the inescapable: changes in Buddhist karma. Attwood, Jayarava Essay 9045
Experimental Buddhism: Innovation and Activism in Contemporary Japan. Joskovich, Erez Book review 2027
Female monastic healing and midwifery: a view from the Vinaya tradition. Langenberg, Amy Paris Report 9736
Introduction to Tantra: The Transformation of Desire. Prude, Alyson Book review 1234
Karma and female birth (1). Analayo, Bhikkhu Essay 12320
Recent Buddhist theories of free will: compatibilism, incompatibilism, and beyond. Repetti, Riccardo Essay 7987
Recent Buddhist theories of free will: compatibilism, incompatibilism, and beyond. Repetti, Riccardo Essay 13865
Rethinking the precept of not taking money in contemporary Taiwanese and mainland Chinese Buddhist nunneries. Chiu, Tzu-Lung Essay 13669
The ethics (and economics) of Tibetan polyandry. Stoltz, Jonathan Essay 6122
The politics of "compassion" of the fourteenth Dalai Lama: between "religion" and "secularism". Tsujimura, Masahide Essay 6207
The role of deterrence in Buddhist peace-building. Keown, Damien Essay 6610
The Spread of Tibetan Buddhism in China: Charisma, Money, Enlightenment. Bucknell, Stuart Book review 2783
The trolley car dilemma: the early Buddhist answer and resulting insights. Pandita, Ven. "Burma" Essay 1824
Thresholds of Transcendence: Buddhist self-immolation and Mahayanist absolute altruism, part two. Kovan, Martin Essay 12797
Towards a dialogue between Buddhist social theory and "affect studies" on the ethico-political significance of mindfulness. Ng, Edwin Essay 8972
Violence and nonviolence in Buddhist animal ethics. Stewart, James Essay 9264

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