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Articles from Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery (March 1, 2009)

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A novel technique for prevention of self-mutilation in three Harris' Hawks (Parabuteo unicinctus). Smith, Stephen P.; Forbes, Neil A. Report 1741
Assessment of the microbial quality of water offered to captive psittacine birds. Evans, Erika E.; Netiffee-Osborne, Julie; Webb, Donna; Jay, Paula; Flammer, Keven Report 5223
Avian Dis.: A persistent outbreak of ulcerative enteritis in bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus). Beltran-Alcrudo, D.; Cardona, C.; McLellan, L. Reprint 105
Avian Dis.: Coxiella-like infection in psittacines and a toucan. Shivaprasad, H.L.; Cadenas, M.B.; Diab, S.S. Brief article 262
Avian Dis.: Experimental infection of domestic pigeons with pigeon circovirus. Schmidt, V.; Schlomer, J.; Luken, C. Reprint 282
Avian Dis.: Lesions associated with the plexus venosus subcutaneus collaris of pigeons with chlorophacinone toxicosis. Sarabia, J.; Sanchez-Barbudo, I.; Siqueira, W. Brief article 150
Avian Dis.: Molecular characterization of a poxvirus isolated from an American flamingo (Phoeniconais ruber rubber). Mondal, S.P.; Lucio-Martinez, B.; Buckles, E.L. Reprint 244
Avian Dis.: Molecular characterizations of avian polyomavirus isolated from budgerigar in China. Kou, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Chen, S. Brief article 161
Avian Dis.: Sequence analysis of four double-stranded RNA genomic segments reveals an orthoreovirus with a unique genotype infecting psittaciformes. de Kloet, S.R. Reprint 174
Avian Pathol.: An outbreak of cryptosporidiosis in a collection of stone curlews (Burhinus oedicnemus) in Dubai. Zylan, K.; Bailey, T.; Smith, H.V. Report 172
Avian Pathol.: Comparative infectiousness of three passerine bird species after experimental inoculation with Mycoplasma gallisepticum. Dhondt, A.A.; Dhondt, K.V.; McCleery, B.V. Brief article 181
Avian Pathol.: Modeling Aspergillus fumigatus infections in racing pigeons (Columba livia domestica). Beernaert, L.A.; Pasmans, F.; Haesebrouck, F.; Martel, A. Brief article 222
Avian Pathol.: Occurrence of mycoplasmas in semen samples of birds of prey. Lierz, M.; Hafez, H.M. Report 200
Avian Pathol.: Transmission of tuberculosis between men and pet birds: a case report. Schmidt, V.; Schneider, S.; Schlomer, J. Report 164
Chronic myelogenous leukemia in a great horned owl (Bubo virginianus). Wiley, Jennifer L.; Whittington, Julia K.; Wilmes, Christine M.; Messick, Joanne B. Report 5145
Coming meetings. Calendar 247
Introduced avian diseases, climate change, and the future of Hawaiian honeycreepers. Atkinson, Carter T.; LaPointe, Dennis A. Report 7499
J Wildl Dis.: Effect of hemolysis on plasma protein levels and plasma electrophoresis in birds. Roman, Y.; Bomsel-Demontoy, M.C.; Levrier, J. Reprint 224
J Wildl Dis.: Postmortem evaluation of reintroduced migratory whooping cranes in eastern North America. Cole, G.A.; Thomas, N.J.; Spalding, M. Reprint 187
J Wildl Dis.: Thyroid lesions in the great cormorant (Phalacroeorax carbo) of Niigata, central Japan: a possible association with dioxin accumulation. Chiba, A.; Oguma, K.; Hatakeyama, H. Reprint 114
J Zoo Wildl Med.: West Nile virus seroconversion in penguins after vaccination with a killed virus vaccine or a DNA vaccine. Davis, M.R.; Langan, J.N.; Johnson, I.J. Reprint 193
Management of a cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in an American flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber). Abu, Jalila; Wunschmann, Arno; Redig, Patrick T.; Feeney, Daniel Report 2188
Occurrence of Sarcocystis falcatula in captive psittacine birds in Brazil. Godoy, Silvia Neri; De Paula, Catia Dejuste; Cubas, Zalmir Silvino; Matushima, Eliana Reiko; Catao-D Report 2862
Ovarian hemangiosarcoma in an orange-winged Amazon parrot (Amazona amazonica). Mickley, Kimberly; Buote, Melanie; Kiupel, Matti; Graham, Jennifer; Orcutt, Connie Report 2957
Relevance and treatment of coccidiosis in domestic pigeons (Columba livia forma domestica) with particular emphasis on toltrazuril. Krautwald-Junghanns, Maria-Elisabeth; Zebisch, Ralph; Schmidt, Volker Report 3321
Surgical removal of a retrobulbar adenoma in an African grey parrot (Psittacus evithacus). Simova-Curd, Stefka; Richter, Marianne; Hauser, Beat; Hatt, Jean-Michel Report 2455
The role of the avian/exotic animal technician. Discussion 2608
Tolerance doses of cutaneous and mucosal tissues in ring-necked parakeets (Psittacula krameri) for external beam megavoltage radiation. Barron, Heather W.; Roberts, Royce E.; Latimer, Kenneth S.; Hernandez-Divers, Stephen; Northrup, Nic Report 2322
What is your diagnosis? Report 1196

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