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Articles from Journal of Applied Mathematics (January 1, 2017)

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A Greedy Clustering Algorithm Based on Interval Pattern Concepts and the Problem of Optimal Box Positioning. Nersisyan, Stepan A.; Pankratieva, Vera V.; Staroverov, Vladimir M.; Podolskii, Vladimir E. Report 6529
A Guide on Spectral Methods Applied to Discrete Data in One Dimension. Seilmayer, Martin; Ratajczak, Matthias Report 14961
A Mathematical Model of Malaria Transmission with Structured Vector Population and Seasonality. Traore, Bakary; Sangare, Boureima; Traore, Sado Report 7141
Analysis of a Heroin Epidemic Model with Saturated Treatment Function. Wangari, Isaac Mwangi; Stone, Lewi Report 13023
Analysis of Economic Burden of Seasonal Influenza: An Actuarial Based Conceptual Model. Perera, S.S.N. Report 3366
Axioms for Consensus Functions on the n-Cube. Garcia-Martinez, C.; McMorris, F.R.; Ortega, O.; Powers, R.C. Report 4678
Bayesian Analysis for a Fractional Population Growth Model. Ariza-Hernandez, Francisco J.; Sanchez-Ortiz, Jorge; Arciga-Alejandre, Martin P.; Vivas-Cruz, Luis X Report 5269
Bound for the 2-Page Fixed Linear Crossing Number of Hypercube Graph via SDP Relaxation. Suebsriwichai, A.; Mouktonglang, T. Report 4334
Comparing an Approximate Queuing Approach with Simulation for the Solution of a Cross-Docking Problem. Briesemeister, Roberta; Novaes, Antonio G.N. Report 7585
Computational Methods for Solving Linear Fuzzy Volterra Integral Equation. Hamaydi, Jihan; Qatanani, Naji Report 3243
Extension of Wolfe Method for Solving Quadratic Programming with Interval Coefficients. Syaripuddin; Suprajitno, Herry; Fatmawati Report 3849
Finite Element Solution of an Unsteady MHD Flow through Porous Medium between Two Parallel Flat Plates. Sa'adAldin, AbdelLatif; Qatanani, Naji Report 3105
First Integrals and Hamiltonians of Some Classes of ODEs of Maximal Symmetry. Ndogmo, J.C. Report 6247
Generalized Hybrid One-Step Block Method Involving Fifth Derivative for Solving Fourth-Order Ordinary Differential Equation Directly. Alkasassbeh, Mohammad; Omar, Zurni Report 3697
Generation Expansion Models including Technical Constraints and Demand Uncertainty. Deossa, P.; De Vos, K.; Deconinck, G.; Espinosa, J. Report 6249
Gutman Index and Detour Gutman Index of Pseudo-Regular Graphs. Kavithaa, S.; Kaladevi, V. Report 3381
Hybrid Algorithm of Particle Swarm Optimization and Grey Wolf Optimizer for Improving Convergence Performance. Singh, Narinder; Singh, S.B. Report 6745
Implicit One-Step Block Hybrid Third-Derivative Method for the Direct Solution of Initial Value Problems of Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations. Alkasassbeh, Mohammad; Omar, Zurni Report 2978
Modelling of Rabies Transmission Dynamics Using Optimal Control Analysis. Asamoah, Joshua Kiddy K.; Oduro, Francis T.; Bonyah, Ebenezer; Seidu, Baba Report 8982
New Integrals Arising in the Samara-Valencia Heat Transfer Model in Grinding. Gonzalez-Santander, J.L. Report 2413
Nonlinear Waves in Rods and Beams of Power-Law Materials. Wei, Dongming; Skrzypacz, Piotr; Yu, Xijun Report 4564
Numerical Solution of Second-Order Fredholm Integrodifferential Equations with Boundary Conditions by Quadrature-Difference Method. Jalius, Chriscella; Majid, Zanariah Abdul Report 2712
On a Bivariate Spectral Homotopy Analysis Method for Unsteady Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Flow, Heat, and Mass Transfer due to a Stretching Surface in a Rotating Fluid. Motsa, Sandile S.; Makukula, Zodwa G. Report 4860
On the Solution of the Eigenvalue Assignment Problem for Discrete-Time Systems. Mostafa, El-Sayed M.E.; Aboutahoun, Abdallah W.; Omar, Fatma F.S. Report 7183
Per-Spectral Characterizations of Bicyclic Networks. Wu, Tingzeng; Lu, Huazhong Report 3586
Relation between Quaternion Fourier Transform and Quaternion Wigner-Ville Distribution Associated with Linear Canonical Transform. Bahri, Mawardi; Fatimah, Muh. Saleh Arif Report 3970
Simulation of Wellbore Stability during Underbalanced Drilling Operation. Azim, Reda Abdel Report 5168
Solutions of First-Order Volterra Type Linear Integrodifferential Equations by Collocation Method. Agbolade, Olumuyiwa A.; Anake, Timothy A. Report 2653
Solvability of the Brinkman-Forchheimer-Darcy Equation. Skrzypacz, Piotr; Wei, Dongming Report 5416
Some New Volterra-Fredholm-Type Nonlinear Discrete Inequalities with Two Variables Involving Iterated Sums and Their Applications. Xu, Run Report 3690
Sparse Optimization of Vibration Signal by ADMM. Wanqing, Song Report 2265
The Implied Risk Neutral Density Dynamics: Evidence from the S&P TSX 60 Index. Souissi, Nessim Report 6730
Urban Lead: Modeling Its Distribution and Effects on Children. Chen, Zhixiong; Ding, Yi; Getz, Andrew; Lipat, Bernard Report 4411
Viscous Dissipation Effects on the Motion of Casson Fluid over an Upper Horizontal Thermally Stratified Melting Surface of a Paraboloid of Revolution: Boundary Layer Analysis. Ajayi, T.M.; Omowaye, A.J.; Animasaun, I.L. Report 7624

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