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Articles from Journal of Applied Mathematics (January 1, 2013)

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(m, n)-semirings and a generalized fault-tolerance algebra of systems. Alam, Syed Eqbal; Rao, Shrisha; Davvaz, Bijan Report 8465
[H.sub.[infinity]] formation control and obstacle avoidance for hybrid multi-agent systems. Xue, Dong; Yao, Jing; Wang, Jun Report 6129
[H.sub.[infinity]]-based pinning synchronization of general complex dynamical networks with coupling delays. Du, Bowen; Ma, Dianfu Report 4520
A biobjective fuzzy integer-nonlinear programming approach for creating an intelligent location-aware service. Lin, Yu-Cheng; Chen, Toly Report 5577
A class of numerical algorithm for impact degree assessment of emergency systems. Chang, Yuwen; Gao, Yifan; Yi, Jiexin; Yan, Wei; Geng, Changbo; Zhang, Song Report 3942
A collocation method for solving fractional riccati differential equation. Ozturk, Yalcin; Anapali, Ayse; Gulsu, Mustafa; Sezer, Mehmet Report 3356
A comparative study of renewable energy industry regulation on feed-in tariffs based on pricing strategy of value standard method. Sun, Peng Report 4829
A cooperative coevolutionary Cuckoo search algorithm for optimization problem. Zheng, Hongqing; Zhou, Yongquan Report 6470
A data-based approach for modeling and analysis of vehicle collision by LPV-ARMAX models. Lu, Qiugang; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Robbersmyr, Kjell Gunnar Report 4461
A differential algebraic method to approximate nonsmooth mechanical systems by ordinary differential equations. Xiong, Xiaogang; Kikuuwe, Ryo; Yamamoto, Motoji Report 6920
A direct approach based on [C.sup.2]-IULOWA operator for group decision making with uncertain additive linguistic preference relations. Peng, Ding-Hong; Gao, Zhi-Fang; Gao, Chang-Yuan; Wang, Hua Report 8178
A discrete dynamical model of signed partitions. Chiaselotti, G.; Marino, G.; Oliverio, P.A.; Petrassi, D. Report 10847
A discrete-time Geo/G/1 retrial queue with J vacations and two types of breakdowns. Zhang, Feng; Zhu, Zhifeng Report 5327
A fast optimization method for reliability and performance of cloud services composition application. Wu, Zhao; Xiong, Naixue; Huang, Yannong; Gu, Qiong; Hu, Chunyang; Wu, Zhongbo; Hang, Bo Report 9046
A fuzzy nonlinear programming approach for optimizing the performance of a four-objective fluctuation smoothing rule in a wafer fabrication factory. Tsai, Horng-Ren; Chen, Toly Report 8823
A fuzzy rule for improving the performance of multiobjective job dispatching in a wafer fabrication factory. Chen, Toly; Wang, Yi-Chi Report 9546
A game-theoretic analysis of bandwidth allocation under a user-grouping constraint. Hsu, Shun-Pin; Hsu, Shun-Liang; Tsai, Alan Shenghan Report 6931
A globally convergent hybrid conjugate gradient method and its numerical behaviors. Huang, Yuan-Yuan; Liu, San-Yang; Du, Xue-Wu; Dong, Xiao-Liang Report 11194
A hybrid approach of bundle and benders applied large mixed linear integer problem. Pinheiro, Placido Rogerio; Oliveira, Paulo Roberto Report 7175
A hybrid cellular automata model of multicellular tumour spheroid growth in hypoxic microenvironment. Cai, Yan; Wu, Jie; Xu, Shixiong; Li, Zhiyong Report 4533
A hybrid estimation of distribution algorithm and Nelder-Mead simplex method for solving a class of nonlinear bilevel programming problems. Ren, Aihong; Wang, Yuping; Jia, Fei Report 7156
A hybrid metaheuristic for multiple runways aircraft landing problem based on bat algorithm. Xie, Jian; Zhou, Yongquan; Zheng, Hongqing Report 6296
A hybrid multiobjective differential evolution algorithm and its application to the optimization of grinding and classification. Wang, Yalin; Chen, Xiaofang; Gui, Weihua; Yang, Chunhua; Caccetta, Lou; Xu, Honglei Report 8769
A knowledge-based simulated annealing algorithm to multiple satellites mission planning problems. Jin, Da-Wei; Xing, Li-Ning Report 3911
A mathematical approach to establishing constitutive models for geomaterials. Yang, Guang-hua; Jie, Yu-xin; Li, Guang-xin Report 6887
A mathematical model for the flow resistance and the related hydrodynamic dispersion induced by river dunes. Pannone, Marilena; De Vincenzo, Annamaria; Brancati, Francesco Report 5095
A mathematical programming model for cell formation problem with machine replication. Raminfar, Reza; Zulkifli, Norzima; Vasili, Mohammadreza Report 6053
A model of anisotropic property of seepage and stress for jointed rock mass. Wang, Pei-tao; Yang, Tian-hong; Xu, Tao; Yu, Qing-lei; Liu, Hong-lei Report 9372
A model reduction method for parallel software testing. Sun, Tao; Ye, Xinming Report 8074
A modified p-median model for the emergency facilities location problem and its variable neighbourhood search-based algorithm. Xi, Menghao; Ye, Feng; Yao, Zhong; Zhao, Qiuhong Report 5977
A multilayer feed forward small-world neural network controller and its application on electrohydraulic actuation system. Li, Xiaohu; Xu, Feng; Zhang, Jinhua; Wang, Sunan Report 4626
A multistage control mechanism for group-based machine-type communications in an LTE system. Hung, Wen-Chien; Huang, Sun-Jen; Yang, Feng-Ming; Hsu, Chun-Yen Report 6663
A mutual-evaluation genetic algorithm for numerical and routing optimization. Lin, Chih-Hao; He, Jiun-De Report 10728
A new approach for solving weight functions of electromagnetic flowmeters using resistive network modeling. Yin, Shiyi; Li, Bin Report 2694
A new characteristic nonconforming mixed finite element scheme for convection-dominated diffusion problem. Shi, Dongyang; Tang, Qili; Zhang, Yadong Report 5125
A new DG multiobjective optimization method based on an improved evolutionary algorithm. Sheng, Wanxing; Liu, Ke-yan; Liu, Yongmei; Meng, Xiaoli; Song, Xiaohui Report 5728
A new fractional order hold and its capability in frequency response and zero placement. Hashemzadeh, Farzad; Pish-Robat, Amin Rezaei; Jabehdar-Maralani, Parviz Report 3687
A new fractional subequation method and its applications for space-time fractional partial differential equations. Meng, Fanwei; Feng, Qinghua Report 2273
A new improved parsimonious multivariate Markov chain model. Wang, Chao; Huang, Ting-Zhu Report 5422
A new method for the bisymmetric minimum norm solution of the consistent matrix equations [A.sub.1]X[B.sub.1] = [C.sub.1], [A.sub.2]X[B.sub.2] = [C.sub.2]. Liu, Aijing; Chen, Guoliang; Zhang, Xiangyun Report 3424
A new numerical approach for the laminar boundary layer flow and heat transfer along a stretching cylinder embedded in a porous medium with variable thermal conductivity. Shateyi, S.; Marewo, G.T. Report 3987
A new series of three-dimensional chaotic systems with cross-product nonlinearities and their switching. Zhao, Xinquan; Jiang, Feng; Zhang, Zhigang; Hu, Junhao Report 3826
A new simultaneous identification of the harmonic excitations and nonlinear damping of forced damped nonlinear oscillations: a parametric approach. Jang, T.S. Report 3567
A new Tau method for solving nonlinear Lane-Emden type equations via Bernoulli operational matrix of differentiation. Tohidi, E.; Erfani, Kh.; Gachpazan, M.; Shateyi, S. Report 5822
A new trigonometrically fitted two-derivative Runge-Kutta method for the numerical solution of the Schrodinger equation and related problems. Zhang, Yanwei; Che, Haitao; Fang, Yonglei; You, Xiong Report 3496
A note on the square roots of a class of circulant matrices. Zhang, Ying; Zhang, Huisheng; Chen, Guoyan Report 3556
A novel adaptive probabilistic nonlinear denoising approach for enhancing PET data sinogram. Alrefaya, Musa; Sahli, Hichem Report 7759
A novel analytic technique for the service station reliability in a discrete-time repairable queue. Liu, Renbin; Tang, Yinghui Report 5848
A novel characteristic expanded mixed method for reaction-convection-diffusion problems. Liu, Yang; Li, Hong; Gao, Wei; He, Siriguleng; Fang, Zhichao Report 4477
A novel coherence reduction method in compressed sensing for DOA estimation. Liu, Jing; Han, ChongZhao; Yao, XiangHua; Lian, Feng Report 5956
A novel hybrid bat algorithm with harmony search for global numerical optimization. Wang, Gaige; Guo, Lihong Report 14408
A novel iterative method for solving systems of fractional differential equations. Hesameddini, E.; Rahimi, A. Report 2840
A novel output prediction method in production management based on parameter evaluation using DHNN. Chang, Jiantao; Qiu, Yuanying; Kong, Xianguang Report 6156
A novel two-terminal reliability analysis for MANET. Zhao, Xibin; You, Zhiyang; Wan, Hai Report 6752
A numerical approach to static deflection analysis of an infinite beam on a nonlinear elastic foundation: one-way spring model. Park, Jinsoo; Bai, Hyeree; Jang, T.S. Report 2927
A numerical comparison for a discrete HIV infection of [CD4.sup.+] T-cell model derived from nonstandard numerical scheme. Ongun, Mevlude Yakit; Turhan, Ilkem Report 4486
A parameterized splitting preconditioner for generalized saddle point problems. Luo, Wei-Hua; Huang, Ting-Zhu Report 3446
A phantom-node method with edge-based strain smoothing for linear elastic fracture mechanics. Vu-Bac, N.; Nguyen-Xuan, H.; Chen, L.; Lee, C.K.; Zi, G.; Zhuang, X.; Liu, G.R.; Rabczuk, T. Report 4796
A polynomial preconditioned global CMRH method for linear systems with multiple right-hand sides. Zhang, Ke; Gu, Chuanqing Report 5387
A probabilistic damage identification approach for structures under unknown excitation and with measurement uncertainties. Lei, Ying; Su, Ying; Shen, Wenai Report 4378
A proposed stochastic finite difference approach based on homogenous chaos expansion. Galal, O.H. Report 4904
A research on a certain family of numbers and polynomials related to Stirling numbers, central factorial numbers, and Euler numbers. Kang, J.Y.; Ryoo, C.S. Report 3364
A review of ranking models in data envelopment analysis. Lotfi, F. Hosseinzadeh; Jahanshahloo, G.R.; Khodabakhshi, M.; Rostamy-Malkhlifeh, M.; Moghaddas, Z.; Report 12693
A rough penalty genetic algorithm for multicast routing in mobile ad hoc networks. Lin, Chih-Hao; Chuang, Chia-Chun Report 6238
A secure implementation of a symmetric encryption algorithm in white-box attack contexts. Shi, Yang; Liu, Qin; Zhao, Qinpei Report 5012
A semisupervised feature selection with support vector machine. Dai, Kun; Yu, Hong-Yi; Li, Qing Report 6658
A simple numerical method for pricing an American put option. Kim, Beom Jin; Ma, Yong-Ki; Choe, Hi Jun Report 5014
A simplicial branch and bound duality-bounds algorithm to linear multiplicative programming. Zhou, Xue-Gang; Cao, Bing-Yuan Formula 7888
A simulation-based algorithm for the capacitated vehicle routing problem with stochastic travel times. Wang, Zheng; Lin, Lin Report 7902
A stability condition with delay-dependence for a class of switched large-scale time-delay systems. Wang, Chi-Jo; Chiou, Juing-Shian Report 2910
A steganographic method based on pixel-value differencing and the perfect square number. Tseng, Hsien-Wen; Leng, Hui-Shih Report 3844
A transformation-based approach to implication of GSTE assertion graphs. Yang, Guowu; Hung, William N.N.; Song, Xiaoyu; Guo, Wensheng Report 6831
A two-sided market model of optimal price structure for instant messenger. Xu, Jun Report 8542
A unified framework for DPLL(T) + certificates. Zhou, Min; He, Fei; Wang, Bow-Yaw; Gu, Ming; Sun, Jiaguang Report 9596
A weighted multiobjective optimization method for mixed-model assembly line problem. Seker, Sukran; Ozgurler, Mesut; Tanyas, Mehmet Report 7760
About projections of solutions for fuzzy differential equations. Cecconello, Moiseis S.; Leite, Jefferson; Bassanezi, Rodney C.; Silva, Joao de Deus M. Report 6006
Action recognition by joint spatial-temporal motion feature. Zhang, Weihua; Zhang, Yi; Gao, Chaobang; Zhou, Jiliu Report 5130
Adaptive correction forecasting approach for urban traffic flow based on fuzzy c-mean clustering and advanced neural network. Huang, He; Tang, Qifeng; Liu, Zhen Report 3621
Adaptive integral observer-based synchronization for chaotic systems with unknown parameters and disturbances. Li, Xiuchun; Gu, Jianhua; Xu, Wei Report 3617
Adaptive neural network dynamic inversion with prescribed performance for aircraft flight control. Gai, Wendong; Wang, Honglun; Zhang, Jing; Li, Yuxia Report 4912
Adaptive neural sliding mode control of active power filter. Fei, Juntao; Wang, Zhe Report 3505
Adaptive self-occlusion behavior recognition based on pLSA. Tu, Hong-bin; Xia, Li-min; Tan, Lun-zheng Report 5890
Adaptive sliding mode controller design for projective synchronization of different chaotic systems with uncertain terms and external bounded disturbances. Cang, Shijian; Wang, Zenghui; Chen, Zengqiang Report 4723
Adaptive synchronization and antisynchronization of a hyperchaotic complex Chen system with unknown parameters based on passive control. Zhou, Xiaobing; Xiong, Lianglin; Cai, Weiwei; Cai, Xiaomei Report 3867
Adaptive synchronization of complex dynamical networks with state predictor. Shi, Yuntao; Liu, Bo; Han, Xiao Report 2626
Adaptive waveform design for multiple radar tasks based on constant modulus constraint. Bin, Wang; Wenfang, Yang; Jinkuan, Wang Report 3304
Advanced harmony search with ant colony optimization for solving the traveling salesman problem. Yun, Ho-Yoeng; Jeong, Suk-Jae; Kim, Kyung-Sup Report 4597
Algebraic verification method for SEREs properties via Groebner bases approaches. Zhou, Ning; Wu, Jinzhao; Gao, Xinyan Report 7721
Algorithms for the shortest path improvement problems under unit Hamming distance. Zhang, Bingwu; Guan, Xiucui; He, Chunyuan; Wang, Shuguo Report 7618
Almost periodic solution for memristive neural networks with time-varying delays. Wu, Huaiqin; Zhang, Luying Report 6274
Almost periodic solution of a modified Leslie-Gower predator-prey model with Beddington-Deangelis functional response. Zhang, Zhimin Report 5327
An adaptive reordered method for computing PageRank. Bu, Yi-Ming; Huang, Ting-Zhu Report 3005
An algorithm for discretization of real value attributes based on interval similarity. Zou, Li; Yan, Deqin; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Shi, Peng Report 5899
An analysis of mode III doubly periodic crack-tip field of orthotropic composite materials. Zhao, Wenbin; Li, Chan; Zhang, Xuexia; Xie, Hailing; Yu, Lujuan Report 2608
An effective heuristic-based approach for partitioning. Zhao, Xibin; Zhang, Hehua; Jiang, Yu; Song, Songzheng; Jiao, Xun; Gu, Ming Report 5136
An efficient algorithm for the reflexive solution of the quaternion matrix equation AXB + C[X.sup.H]D = F. Li, Ning; Wang, Qing-Wen; Jiang, Jing Report 5829
An efficient higher-order quasilinearization method for solving nonlinear BVPs. Alaidarous, Eman S.; Ullah, Malik Zaka; Ahmad, Fayyaz; Fhaid, A.S. Al- Report 4796
An epidemic model for tick-borne disease with two delays. Li, Dan; Ma, Wanbiao; Jiang, Zhichao Report 6084
An equilibrium chance-constrained multiobjective programming model with birandom parameters and its application to inventory problem. Tao, Zhimiao; Xu, Jiuping Report 9220
An exact analysis of heat and mass transfer past a vertical plate with Newtonian heating. Hussanan, Abid; Khan, Ilyas; Shafie, Sharidan Report 4291
An extended DCT domain watermarking for robot vision against geometric image attacks. Choi, Okkyung; Jeon, InBae; Yoo, Seung-Wha; Moon, Seungbin Report 3100
An improved hybrid genetic algorithm with a new local search procedure. Wan, Wen; Birch, Jeffrey B. Report 7756
An impulsive periodic single-species logistic system with diffusion. Yang, Chenxue; Ye, Mao; Liu, Zijian Report 6219
An index for measuring functional diversity in plant communities based on neural network theory. Song, Naiqi; Zhang, Jin-Tun Report 3534
An inverse problem of temperature optimization in hyperthermia by controlling the overall heat transfer coefficient. Ali Aghayan, Seyed; Sardari, Dariush; Mahdi Mahdavi, Seyed Rabii; Hasan Zahmatkesh, Mohammad Report 4818
An irregular flight scheduling model and algorithm under the uncertainty theory. Mou, Deyi; Zhao, Wanlin Report 5603
An iterative method for the least-squares problems of a general matrix equation subjects to submatrix constraints. Dai, Li-fang; Liang, Mao-lin; Shen, Yong-hong Report 5846
An RBF neural network combined with OLS algorithm and genetic algorithm for short-term wind power forecasting. Chang, Wen-Yeau Report 4067
Analysis and control of epileptiform spikes in a class of neural mass models. Liu, Xian; Gao, Qing; Ma, Baiwang; Du, Jiajia; Ren, Wenju Report 5779
Analysis of a model for the morphological structure of renal arterial tree: fractal structure. Espinoza-Valdez, Aurora; Ordaz-Salazar, Francisco C.; Ugalde, Edgardo; Femat, Ricardo Report 3864
Analysis of a periodic impulsive predator-prey system with disease in the prey. Wang, Lianwen; Liu, Zhijun Report 5071
Analysis of average shortest-path length of scale-free network. Mao, Guoyong; Zhang, Ning Report 4360
Analysis of laminated shells by Murakami's Zig-Zag theory and radial basis functions collocation. Maturi, D.A.; Ferreira, A.J.M.; Zenkour, A.M.; Mashat, D.S. Report 7409
Analysis of the mathematical model for the spread of pine wilt disease. Shi, Xiangyun; Song, Guohua Report 5504
Analysis of third-grade fluid in helical screw rheometer. Zeb, M.; Islam, S.; Siddiqui, A.M.; Haroon, T. Report 4381
Analytical analysis and field test investigation of consolidation for CCSG pile composite foundation in soft clay. Yu, Jin; Cai, Yanyan; Qi, Zhibo; Guan, Yunfei; Liu, Shiyu; Tu, Bingxiong Report 7571
Analytical solutions of spherical cavity expansion near a slope due to pile installation. Li, Jingpei; Zhang, Yaguo; Chen, Haibing; Liang, Fayun Report 5638
Antioptimisation of trusses using two-level population-based incremental learning. Tontragunrat, Phinit; Bureerat, Sujin Report 8163
Application of D-CRDM method in columnar jointed basalts failure analysis. Jin, Changyu; Feng, Xiating; Yang, Chengxiang; Fang, Dan; Liu, Jiangpo; Xu, Shuai Report 4047
Application of harmony search to design storm estimation from probability distribution models. Yoon, Sukmin; Jeong, Changsam; Lee, Taesam Report 6291
Application of the characteristic time expansion method for estimating nonlinear restoring forces. Chen, Yung-Wei Report 4594
Application scheduling in mobile cloud computing with load balancing. Wei, Xianglin; Fan, Jianhua; Lu, Ziyi; Ding, Ke Report 9017
Applying hybrid PSO to optimize directional overcurrent relay coordination in variable network topologies. Yang, Ming-Ta; Liu, An Report 5406
Approximate analytical solution for the forced Korteweg-de Vries equation. David, Vincent Daniel; Nazari, Mojtaba; Barati, Vahid; Salah, Faisal; Aziz, Zainal Abdul Report 3819
Approximate solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations by modified q-homotopy analysis method. Huseen, Shaheed N.; Grace, Said R. Report 3079
Approximate solutions of singular two-point BVPs using Legendre operational matrix of differentiation. Bataineh, A. Sami; Alomari, A.K.; Hashim, I. Report 2967
Approximation of the integrals of the Gaussian distribution of asperity heights in the Greenwood-Tripp contact model of two rough surfaces revisited. Jedynak, Radoslaw; Gilewicz, Jacek Report 4129
Asian option pricing with monotonous transaction costs under fractional Brownian motion. Pan, Di; Zhou, Shengwu; Zhang, Yan; Han, Miao Report 2904
Asymmetrical impact of Allee effect on a discrete-time predator-prey system. Wang, Wenting; Jiao, Yujuan; Chen, Xiuping Report 4518
Asymptotic and dynamical analyses of heat transfer through a rectangular longitudinal fin. Harley, C. Report 4610
Asymptotic stability for an axis-symmetric ohmic heating model in thermal electricity. Xia, Anyin; Fan, Mingshu; Li, Shan Report 2394
Automata-based analysis of stage suspended boom systems. He, Anping; Wu, Jinzhao; Yang, Shihan; Zhou, Yongquan; Wang, Juan Report 4863
Basic developments of quality characteristics monitoring. Sorooshian, Shahryar Report 5574
Bending moment calculations for piles based on the finite element method. Jie, Yu-xin; Yuan, Hui-na; Zhou, Hou-de; Yu, Yu-zhen Report 5841
Bifurcations and parametric representations of peakon, solitary wave and smooth periodic wave solutions for a two-component Degasperis-Procesi equation. He, Bin; Meng, Qing; Zhang, Jinhua Report 6595
Biological invasion and coexistence in intraguild predation. Wang, Wenting; Feng, Xiaoli; Chen, Xiuping Report 6635
Block empirical likelihood for longitudinal single-index varying-coefficient model. Song, Yunquan; Jian, Ling; Lin, Lu Report 6329
Block preconditioned SSOR methods for H-matrices linear systems. Pu, Zhao-Nian; Wang, Xue-Zhong Report 3284
Bondage numbers of [C.sub.4] bundles over a cycle [C.sub.n]. Sohn, Moo Young; Hu, Fu-Tao; Lee, Jaeun Report 5831
Boundary value problem for analysis of portal double-row stabilizing piles. Huang, Cheng Report 4836
Bounded model checking of ETL cooperating with finite and looping automata connectives. Wang, Rui; Liu, Wanwei; Li, Tun; Mao, Xiaoguang; Wang, Ji Report 12505
Bounds for incidence energy of some graphs. Wang, Weizhong; Yang, Dong Report 4287
Buckling of Euler columns with a continuous elastic restraint via homotopy analysis method. Eryilmaz, Aytekin; Tarik Atay, M.; Coskun, Safa B.; Basbuk, Musa Report 4407
Calculation of weighted geometric dilution of precision. Chen, Chien-Sheng; Chiu, Yi-Jen; Lee, Chin-Tan; Lin, Jium-Ming Report 6672
Car delay model near bus stops with mixed traffic flow. Xiaobao, Yang; Mei, Huan; Ziyou, Gao Report 4236
Cellular harmony search for optimization problems. Betar, Azmi Al-; Khader, Ahamad Tajudin; Awadallah, Mohammed A.; Alawan, Mahmmoud Hafsaldin; Zaqaibe Report 11920
Certain types of interval-valued fuzzy graphs. Akram, Muhammad; Alshehri, Noura Omair; Dudek, Wieslaw A. Report 7017
Chaotic Hopfield neural network swarm optimization and its application. Sun, Yanxia; Wang, Zenghui; van Wyk, Barend Jacobus Report 6835
Characterization of the stabilizing PID controller region for the model-free time-delay system. Ou, Linlin; Su, Yuan; Chen, Xuanguang Report 5103
Characterizing pairwise social relationships quantitatively: interest-oriented mobility modeling for human contacts in delay tolerant networks. Chen, Jiaxu; Tang, Yazhe; Hu, Chengchen; Wang, Guijuan Report 8738
Cluster synchronization of impulsive complex networks with stochastic perturbations and time-varying delays. Zhao, Yi; Feng, Jianwen; Wang, Jingyi Report 5361
Coefficient matrix decomposition method and BIBO stabilization of stochastic systems with time delays. Zhou, Xia; Zhong, Shouming Report 4118
Coexistence in a one-predator, two-prey system with indirect effects. Colucci, Renato Report 8327
Collision attacks on AES-192/256, Crypton-192/256, mCrypton-96/128, and Anubis. Kang, Jinkeon; Jeong, Kitae; Sung, Jaechul; Hong, Seokhie; Lee, Kyungho Report 5431
Comparative study on interface elements, thin-layer elements, and contact analysis methods in the analysis of high concrete-faced Rockfill dams. Qian, Xiao-xiang; Yuan, Hui-na; Li, Quan-ming; Zhang, Bing-yin Report 5673
Comparison between Duncan and Chang's EB model and the generalized plasticity model in the analysis of a high earth-rockfill dam. Dong, Weixin; Hu, Liming; Yu, Yu Zhen; Lv, He Report 4870
Comparison study on the performances of finite volume method and finite difference method. Liu, Renwei; Wang, Dongjie; Zhang, Xinyu; Li, Wang; Yu, Bo Report 4763
Component-based formal modeling of PLC systems. Wang, Rui; Guan, Yong; Liming, Luo; Li, Xiaojuan; Zhang, Jie Report 5034
Computation of the c-table related to the Pade approximation. Jedynak, Radoslaw; Gilewicz, Jacek Report 6501
Computational techniques for model predictive control of large-scale systems with continuous-valued and discrete-valued inputs. Kobayashi, Koichi; Hiraishi, Kunihiko Report 5776
Computationally improved optimal control methodology for linear programming problems of flexible manufacturing systems. Pan, Yen-Liang; Huang, Yi-Sheng; Weng, Yi-Shun; Wu, Weimin; Jeng, MuDer Report 9280
Conformal mappings in relativistic astrophysics. Hansraj, S.; Govinder, K.S.; Mewalal, N. Report 7562
Consensus analysis of second-order multiagent systems with general topology and time delay. Liu, Bo; Xie, Guangming; Gao, Yanping; Wu, Jiaxi; Zhang, Jianguo; Luo, Wenguang Report 3740
Control of Hopf bifurcation in autonomous system based on washout filter. Du, Wenju; Chu, Yandong; Zhang, Jiangang; Chang, Yingxiang; Yu, Jianning; An, Xinlei Report 5107
Control strategy based on wavelet transform and neural network for hybrid power system. Song, Y.D.; Cao, Qian; Du, Xiaoqiang; Karimi, Hamid Reza Report 3884
Convergence analysis of an iterative method for nonlinear partial differential equations. Ke, Hung-Yu; Chen, Ren-Chuen; Li, Chun-Hsien Report 8026
Convergence analysis of EFOP estimate based on frequency domain smoothing. Zhang, Yulai; Lo, Kueiming; Su, Yang Report 3350
Convergence of variational iteration method for second-order delay differential equations. Liu, Hongliang; Xiao, Aiguo; Su, Lihong Report 2559
Convergence region of Newton iterative power flow method: numerical studies. Deng, Jiao-Jiao; Chiang, Hsiao-Dong Report 5313
Correlation measures of dual hesitant fuzzy sets. Wang, Lei; Ni, Mingfang; Zhu, Lei Report 9397
Corticomuscular activity modeling by combining partial least squares and canonical correlation analysis. Chen, Xun; Liu, Aiping; Wang, Z. Jane; Peng, Hu Report 7455
Cost-sensitive feature selection of numeric data with measurement errors. Zhao, Hong; Min, Fan; Zhu, William Report 9405
Couple of the variational iteration method and Legendre wavelets for nonlinear partial differential equations. Yin, Fukang; Song, Junqiang; Cao, Xiaoqun; Lu, Fengshun Report 6111
Covering-based rough sets on Eulerian matroids. Yang, Bin; Lin, Ziqiong; Zhu, William Report 6657
Cubic spline collocation method for fractional differential equations. Yang, Shui-Ping; Xiao, Ai-Guo Report 7109
Cylinder position servo control based on fuzzy PID. Cai, Shibo; Wu, Shunlei; Bao, Guanjun Report 4662
Data visualization using rational trigonometric spline. Bashir, Uzma; Ali, Jamaludin Md. Report 3988
DEM simulation of biaxial compression experiments of inherently anisotropic granular materials and the boundary effects. Tong, Zhao-Xia; Zhang, Lian-Wei; Zhou, Min Report 4968
Design of controllers and observer-based controllers for time-delay singularly perturbed systems via composite control. Chiou, Juing-Shian Report 4186
Determination of pavement rehabilitation activities through a permutation algorithm. Lee, Sangyum; Mun, Sungho; Moon, Hyungchul Report 2539
Determining optimal link capacity expansions in road networks using cuckoo search algorithm with Levy flights. Baskan, Ozgur Report 8732
Diffraction of elastic waves in fluid-layered solid interfaces by an integral formulation. Basaldua-Sanchez, J.E.; Samayoa-Ochoa, D.; Rodriguez-Sanchez, J.E.; Rodriguez-Castellanos, A.; Carba Report 5218
Discrete current control strategy of permanent magnet synchronous motors. Dong, Yan; Jing, Kai; Sun, Hexu; Zheng, Yi Report 4603
Distributed adaptive synchronization for complex dynamical networks with uncertain nonlinear neutral-type coupling. Miao, Shi; Junmin, Li Report 5308
Distributed filter with consensus strategies for sensor networks. Li, Xie; Caimou, Huang; Haoji, Hu Report 5911
Distribution network design for fixed lifetime perishable products: a model and solution approach. Firoozi, Z.; Ismail, N.; Ariafar, Sh.; Tang, S.H.; Ariffin, M.K.A.M.; Memariani, A. Report 7114
Doubly constrained robust blind beamforming algorithm. Song, Xin; Ren, Jingguo; Li, Qiuming Report 4739
Drawable region of the generalized log aesthetic curves. Gobithaasan, R.U.; Karpagavalli, R.; Miura, Kenjiro T. Report 2452
Dufour and Soret effects on melting from a vertical plate embedded in saturated porous media. Jha, Basant K.; Mohammed, Umaru; Ajibade, Abiodun O. Report 4587
Dynamic characteristics of rotating stall in mixed flow pump. Li, Xiaojun; Yuan, Shouqi; Pan, Zhongyong; Li, Yi; Liu, Wei Report 5331
Dynamic modeling and control of electromechanical coupling for mechanical elastic energy storage system. Yu, Yang; Mi, Zengqiang Report 5165
Dynamic vehicle routing using an improved variable neighborhood search algorithm. Xu, Yingcheng; Wang, Li; Yang, Yuexiang Report 7033
Dynamical analysis of SIR epidemic models with distributed delay. Zhao, Wencai; Zhang, Tongqian; Chang, Zhengbo; Meng, Xinzhu; Liu, Yulin Report 7570
Dynamical complexity of a spatial phytoplankton-zooplankton model with an alternative prey and refuge effect. Zhang, Weiwei; Zhao, Min Report 5791
Dynamics analysis of an HIV infection model including infected cells in an eclipse stage. Zhou, Shengyu; Hu, Zhixing; Ma, Wanbiao; Liao, Fucheng Report 5560
Dynamics control of the complex systems via nondifferentiability. Nejneru, Carmen; Nicuta, Anca; Constantin, Boris; Manea, Liliana Rozemarie; Teodorescu, Mirela; Agop Report 6872
Dynamics of a nonstandard finite-difference scheme for a limit cycle oscillator with delayed feedback. Wang, Yu6anyuan; Ding, Xiaohua Report 4155
Dynamics of a stage structured pest control model in a polluted environment with pulse pollution input. Liu, Bing; Xu, Ling; Kang, Baolin Report 5582
Dynamics of numerics of nonautonomous equations with periodic solutions: introducing the numerical Floquet theory. Khumalo, Melusi Report 6405
Economic dispatch using parameter-setting-free harmony search. Geem, Zong Woo Report 2978
Edge-neighbor-rupture degree of graphs. Asian, Ersin Report 3338
Effective preprocessing procedures virtually eliminate distance-dependent motion artifacts in resting state FMRI. Jo, Hang Joon; Gotts, Stephen J.; Reynolds, Richard C.; Bandettini, Peter A.; Martin, Alex; Cox, Rob Report 4892
Effective proactive and reactive defense strategies against malicious attacks in a virtualized honeynet. Lin, Frank Yeong-Sung; Wang, Yu-Shun; Huang, Ming-Yang Report 6957
Effects of lot-sizing integration and learning effect on managing imperfect items in a manufacturer-retailer chain. Tsao, Yu-Chung; Chen, Tsung-Hui; Wu, Pei-Ying Report 7518
Efficient algorithm for isotropic and anisotropic total variation deblurring and denoising. Shi, Yuying; Chang, Qianshun Report 6133
Efficient algorithms for optimal 4-bit reversible logic system synthesis. Li, Zhiqiang; Chen, Hanwu; Yang, Guowu; Liu, Wenjie Report 6485
Efficient periodic broadcasting for mobile networks at small client receiving bandwidth and buffering space. Yu, Hsiang-Fu; Wang, Yao-Tien; Kuo, Jong-Yih; Chien, Chu-Yi Report 6238
Efficient procedures of sensitivity analysis for structural vibration systems with repeated frequencies. Zhao, Shijia; Xu, Tao; Guo, Guikai; Zhang, Wei; Liu, Dongkai Report 3989
Efficient semantics-based compliance checking using LTL formulae and unfolding. Song, Liang; Wang, Jianmin; Wen, Lijie; Kong, Hui Report 15732
Elastoplastical analysis of the interface between clay and concrete incorporating the effect of the normal stress history. Cheng, Zhao; Chunfeng, Zhao; Hui, Gong Report 5194
Electroencephalography signal grouping and feature classification using harmony search for BCI. Lee, Tae-Ju; Park, Seung-Min; Sim, Kwee-Bo Report 4824
Element-free Galerkin method based on block-pulse wavelets integration for solving fourth-order obstacle problem. Azam, Muhammad; Parvez, Khalid; Omair, Muhammad Report 4066
Equivalent characterizations of some graph problems by covering-based rough sets. Wang, Shiping; Zhu, Qingxin; Zhu, William; Min, Fan Report 5943
Estimating time-varying beta of price limits and its applications in China stock market. Bai, Rongquan; Zhang, Zuoquan; Li, Menggang Report 4885
Evaluating the lifetime performance index based on the Bayesian estimation for the Rayleigh lifetime products with the upper record values. Lee, Wen-Chuan; Wu, Jong-Wuu; Hong, Ching-Wen; Hong, Shie-Fan Report 9142
Exact finite-difference schemes for d-dimensional linear stochastic systems with constant coefficients. Jiang, Peng; Ju, Xiaofeng; Liu, Dan; Fan, Shaoqun Report 3522
Exact solutions and conservation laws of a two-dimensional integrable generalization of the Kaup-Kupershmidt equation. Adem, Abdullahi Rashid; Khalique, Chaudry Masood Report 3068
Exact stiffness for beams on Kerr-type foundation: the virtual force approach. Limkatanyu, Suchart; Prachasaree, Woraphot; Damrongwiriyanupap, Nattapong; Kwon, Minho; Jung, Wooyou Report 6776
Exact traveling wave solutions for a nonlinear evolution equation of generalized Tzitzeica-Dodd-Bullough-Mikhailov type. Rui, Weiguo Report 8734
Existence and numerical simulation of solutions for fractional equations involving two fractional orders with nonlocal boundary conditions. Zhao, Jing; Lu, Peifen; Liu, Yiliang Report 5386
Existence and uniqueness of solutions for a type of generalized Zakharov system. Li, Rui; Lin, Xing; Ma, Zongwei; Zhang, Jingjun Report 4610
Existence and uniqueness of the exponentially stable limit cycle for a class of nonlinear systems via time-domain approach with differential inequality. Sun, Yeong-Jeu; Wu, Yu-Biaw; Wang, Ching-Cheng Report 3014
Expanded mixed finite element method for the two-dimensional Sobolev equation. Zhao, Qing-li; Li, Zong-cheng; Ding, You-zheng Report 3479
Experiment and application of market-based control for engineering structures. Li, Gang; Wang, Wen; Li, Hong-Nan Report 4732
Exploiting the composite step strategy to the biconjugate, A-orthogonal residual method for non-Hermitian linear systems. Jing, Yan-Fei; Huang, Ting-Zhu; Carpentieri, Bruno; Duan, Yong Report 12422
Exponential attractors for parabolic equations with dynamic boundary conditions. Fan, Zhao-hui Report 5001
Extended "Mononobe-Okabe" method for seismic design of retaining walls. Yazdani, Mahmoud; Azad, Ali; Farshi, Abol hasan; Talatahari, Siamak Report 3393
Extinction of disease pathogenesis in infected population and its subsequent recovery: a stochastic approach. Roy, Priti Kumar; Mondal, Jayanta; Bhattacharyya, Rupa; Bhattacharya, Sabyasachi; Szabados, Tamas Report 5115
Fast Fourier Transform based power option pricing with stochastic interest rate, volatility, and jump intensity. Huang, Jiexiang; Zhu, Wenli; Ruan, Xinfeng Report 3810
Finite-time synchronization of singular hybrid coupled networks. Zheng, Cong; Cao, Jinde Report 4723
Firefly algorithm for polynomial Bezier surface parameterization. Galvez, Akemi; Iglesias, Andres Report 6713
First characterization of a new method for numerically solving the Dirichlet problem of the two-dimensional electrical impedance equation. Ramirez-Tachiquin, Marco Pedro; Gonzalez, Cesar Marco Antonio Robles; Hernandez-Becerri, Rogelio Adr Report 8138
Fixed points of closed and compact composite sequences of operators and projectors in a class of Banach spaces. De la Sen, M. Report 9601
Fixed-term homotopy. Vazquez-Leal, Hector; Khan, Yasir; Filobello-Nino, Uriel; Sarmiento-Reyes, Arturo; Diaz-Sanchez, Ale Report 6497
Flow and heat transfer in a liquid film over a permeable stretching sheet. Aziz, R.C.; Hashim, I.; Alomari, A.K. Report 4356
Flow patterns transition law of oil-water two-phase flow under a wide range of oil phase viscosity condition. Wang, Wei; Cheng, Wei; Li, Kai; Lou, Chen; Gong, Jing Report 3776
FLUed: a novel four-layer model for simulating epidemic dynamics and assessing intervention policies. Huang, Chung-Yuan; Wen, Tzai-Hung; Tsai, Yu-Shiuan Report 10392
Formal modeling and verification for MVB. Xia, Mo; Lo, Kueiming; Shao, Shuangjia; Sun, Mian Report 6081
Formalization of linear space theory in the higher-order logic proving system. Zhang, Jie; Mao, Danwen; Guan, Yong Report 2608
Forming mechanism and correction of CT image artifacts caused by the errors of three system parameters. Chen, Ming; Li, Gang Report 3190
Fractional Black-Scholes model and technical analysis of stock price. Xu, Song; Yang, Yujiao Report 4333
Fractional-order PI control of first order plants with guaranteed time specifications. Castillo-Garcia, F.J.; San Millan-Rodriguez, A.; Feliu-Batlle, V.; Sanchez-Rodriguez, L. Report 6674
Fracture analysis of brittle materials based on nonlinear FEM and application in arch dam with fractures. Pan, Yuanwei; Liu, Yaoru; Cui, Zhixiong; Chen, Xin; Yang, Qiang Report 5273
Fully discrete finite element approximation for the stabilized Gauge-Uzawa method to solve the Boussinesq equations. Pyo, Jae-Hong Report 7885
Further results about traveling wave exact solutions of the Drinfeld-Sokolov equations. Zhang, Fu; Qi, Jian-ming; Yuan, Wen-jun Report 3024
Further results on the traveling wave solutions for an integrable equation. Pan, Chaohong; Liu, Zhengrong Report 3769
Fuzzy approach to statistical control charts. Sorooshian, Shahryar Report 3969
Fuzzy group decision making for multiobjective problems: tradeoff between consensus and robustness. Xiong, Jian; Tan, Xu; Yang, Ke-wei; Chen, Ying-wu Report 5866
Fuzzy multiobjective traffic light signal optimization. Shahsavari Pour, N.; Asadi, H.; Pour Kheradmand, M. Report 4501
Generalised adaptive harmony search: a comparative analysis of modern harmony search. Fourie, Jaco; Green, Richard; Geem, Zong Woo Report 9754
Generalized Kalman-Yakubovich-Popov lemma based I-PD controller design for ball and plate system. Mochizuki, Shuichi; Ichihara, Hiroyuki Report 4445
Generalized linear spatial models to predict slate exploitability. Saavedra, Angeles; Taboada, Javier; Araujo, Maria; Giraldez, Eduardo Report 4142
Generating irregular models for 3D spherical-particle-based numerical methods. Huang, Gang-Hai; Jiao, Yu-Yong; Zhang, Xiu-Li; Adoko, Amoussou-Coffi; Li, Shu-Cai Report 4571
Genetic algorithm optimization for determining fuzzy measures from fuzzy data. Li, Chen; Zeng-tai, Gong; Gang, Duan Report 8700
Geometry-experiment algorithm for Steiner minimal tree problem. Yang, Zong-Xiao; Jia, Xiao-Yao; Hao, Jie-Yu; Gao, Yan-Ping Report 6348
Global behavior of a discrete survival model with several delays. Xu, Meirong; Wang, Yuzhen Report 3178
Global convergence of a new nonmonotone filter method for equality constrained optimization. Su, Ke; Liu, Wei; Lu, Xiaoli Report 7136
HAM-based adaptive multiscale meshless method for burgers equation. Mei, Shu-Li Report 5128
Handing tolerance problem in fault diagnosis of linear-analogue circuits with accurate statistics approach. Gao, Xin; Wang, HouJun; Liu, Zhen Report 7109
Harmony search based parameter ensemble adaptation for differential evolution. Mallipeddi, Rammohan Report 8499
Hemodynamic features in stenosed coronary arteries: CFD analysis based on histological images. Dabagh, Mahsa; Takabe, Wakako; Jalali, Payman; White, Stephen; Jo, Hanjoong Report 3195
High efficient numerical methods for viscous and nonviscous wave problems. Lv, Xiujie; Qin, Jinggang; Wang, Tongke 4106
Hopf bifurcation analysis for a four-dimensional recurrent neural network with two delays. Zhang, Zizhen; Yang, Huizhong Report 5582
Hydraulic transients induced by pigging operation in pipeline with a long slope. Deng, Tao; Gong, Jing; Wu, Haihao; Zhang, Yu; Zhang, Siqi; Lin, Qi; Liu, Huishu Report 5280
Hydrodynamic characterization of the Polyodon spathula rostrum using CFD. Allen, Jeffrey B.; Riveros, Guillermo Report 4206
Hypergraph modeling and approximation algorithms for the minimum length link scheduling in multiuser MIMO networks. Shen, Hu; Lv, Shaohe; Dong, Xuan; Deng, Junquan; Wang, Xiaodong; Zhou, Xingming Report 5952
Identification of a surface marine vessel using LS-SVM. Moreno-Salinas, David; Chaos, Dictino; de la Cruz, Jesus Manuel; Aranda, Joaquin Report 6648
Image matching using dimensionally reduced embedded Earth Mover's distance. Nayyeri, Fereshteh; Nasrudin, Mohammad Faidzul Report 5884
Improved general mapping deformation method for nonlinear partial differential equations in mathematical physics. Gepreel, Khaled A. Report 4317
Improved Rao-Blackwellized particle filter by particle swarm optimization. Zhao, Zeng-Shun; Feng, Xiang; Lin, Yan-yan; Wei, Fang; Wang, Shi-Ku; Xiao, Tong-Lu; Cao, Mao-Yong; H Report 4893
Improving CT image analysis of augmented bone with raman spectroscopy. Charwat-Pessler, J.; Musso, M.; Entacher, K.; Plank, B.; Schuller-Gotzburg, P.; Tangl, S.; Petutschn Report 6874
Impulsive state feedback control of cheese whey fermentation for single-cell protein production. Wei, Chunjin; Zhang, Shuwen; Chen, Lansun Report 6643
Incomplete phase space reconstruction method based on subspace adaptive evolution approximation. Li, Tai-fu; Jia, Wei; Zhou, Wei; Ge, Ji-ke; Liu, Yu-cheng; Yao, Li-zhong Report 4760
Integration of lot sizing and flow shop scheduling with lot streaming. Mortezaei, Navid; Zulkifli, Norzima Report 5554
Interference control for cognitive network with high mobility. Li, Yuanxuan; Zhu, Gang; Lin, Siyu; Guan, Ke; Ai, Bo Report 4277
Internal due date assignment in a wafer fabrication factory by an effective fuzzy-neural approach. Chen, Toly Report 7919
Interval-valued intuitionistic hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators and their application in group decision-making. Zhang, Zhiming Report 11869
Invariants for weighted digraphs under one-sided state splittings. Chen, Sheng; Chen, Xiaomei; Xia, Chao Report 3847
Inverse problem models of oil-water two-phase flow based on Buckley-Leverett theory. Huang, Rui; Wu, Xiaodong; Wang, Ruihe; Li, Hui Report 3618
Investigation of the contamination control in a cleaning room with a moving AGV by 3D large-scale simulation. Yao, Qing-He; Zhu, Qing-Yong Report 4764
Investigation of the equivalent representation form of strongly damped nonlinear oscillators by a nonlinear transformation approach. Elias-Zuniga, Alex; Martinez-Romero, Oscar Report 4314
Joint implementation of signal control and congestion pricing in transportation network. Mao, Wei; Qin, Feifei; Hu, Yihong; Tan, Zhijia Report 4899
Large Eddy simulation of unstably stratified turbulent flow over urban-like building arrays. Wang, Bobin; Cui, Guixiang Report 4865
Latency and jitter analysis for IEEE 802.11e wireless LANs. Youm, Sungkwan; Kim, Eui-Jik Report 4332
Layer-based data aggregation and performance analysis in wireless sensor networks. Cheng, Hongju; Chen, Yongzhao; Xiong, Naixue; Li, Feifei Report 8077
Least-squares-based iterative identification algorithm for wiener nonlinear systems. Zhou, Lincheng; Li, Xiangli; Pan, Feng Report 3829
Left and right inverse eigenpairs problem for [kappa]-hermitian matrices. Li, Fan-Liang; Hu, Xi-Yan; Zhang, Lei Report 3527
Less conservative stability criteria for neutral type neural networks with mixed time-varying delays. Shi, Kaibo; Zhu, Hong; Zhong, Shouming; Zeng, Yong; Zhang, Yuping; Liang, Li Report 7088
Linear simultaneous equations' neural solution and its application to convex quadratic programming with equality-constraint. Chen, Yuhuan; Yi, Chenfu; Zhong, Jian Report 3301
Link-based signalized arterial progression optimization with practical travel speed. Xianyu, Wu; Peifeng, Hu; Zhenzhou, Yuan Report 8070
LMI approach to exponential stability and almost sure exponential stability for stochastic fuzzy Markovian-jumping Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with nonlinear p-laplace diffusion. Rao, Ruofeng; Wang, Xiongrui; Zhong, Shouming; Pu, Zhilin Report 10011
Locally and globally exponential synchronization of moving agent networks by adaptive control. Wang, Lifu; Xue, Peng; Kong, Zhi; Wang, Xingang Report 4668
Log-likelihood ratio calculation for iterative decoding on Rayleigh fading channels using Pade approximation. Hosoya, Gou; Yashima, Hiroyuki Report 6170
Longwall mining stability in take-off phase. Prendes-Gero, Maria-Belen; Alcalde-Gonzalo, Jose; Ramirez-Oyanguren, Pedro; Suarez-Dominguez, Franci Report 4926
Markov regime switching of stochastic volatility levy model on approximation mode. Intarasit, Arthit Report 5337
Mathematical analysis of casson fluid model for blood rheology in stenosed narrow arteries. Venkatesan, J.; Sankar, D.S.; Hemalatha, K.; Yatim, Yazariah Report 5726
Mathematical modelling of biomechanical interactions between backpack and bearer during load carriage. Ren, Lei; Howard, David; Jones, Richard K. Report 4712
Maximum norm analysis of an arbitrary number of nonmatching grids method for nonlinears elliptic PDES. Harbi, Abida Report 8058
Memory state-feedback stabilization for a class of time-delay systems with a type of adaptive strategy. Chai, Lin; Fei, Shumin Report 4808
MHD flow with hall current and ion-slip effects due to a stretching porous disk. Fayez, Faiza M.N. El- Report 3487

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