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Articles from Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry (January 1, 2014)

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A comparative study of newly developed HPLC-DAD and UHPLC-UV assays for the determination of posaconazole in bulk powder and suspension dosage form. Hamdy, Dalia A.; Belal, Tarek S. Report 3981
A metabolomic strategy to screen the prototype components and metabolites of Shuang-Huang-Lian injection in human serum by ultra performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Guo, Mingxing; Zhao, Baosheng; Liu, Haiyu; Zhang, Li; Peng, Long; Qin, Lingling; Zhang, Zhixin; Li, Report 6029
A modified o-phthalaldehyde fluorometric analytical method for ultratrace ammonium in natural waters using EDTA-NaOH as buffer. Hu, Hongzhi; Liang, Ying; Li, Shuo; Guo, Qing; Wu, Chancui Report 4666
A proposal for six sigma integration for large-scale production of Penicillin G and subsequent conversion to 6-APA. Nandi, Anirban; Pan, Sharadwata; Potumarthi, Ravichandra; Danquah, Michael K.; Sarethy, Indira P. Report 7225
A simple microfluidic chip design for fundamental bioseparation. Chan, Alan S.; Danquah, Michael K.; Agyei, Dominic; Hartley, Patrick G.; Zhu, Yonggang Report 3614
A stability-indicating HPLC-DAD method for determination of stiripentol: development, validation, kinetics, structure elucidation and application to commercial dosage form. Darwish, Hany W.; Abdelhameed, Ali S.; Attia, Mohamed I.; Bakheit, Ahmed H.; Khalil, Nasr Y.; Majed, Report 5881
Alkaloids in processed Rhizoma Corydalis and crude Rhizoma Corydalis analyzed by GC/MS. Guo, Zhifeng; Cai, Ru; Su, Huidan; Li, Yunlong Report 3356
Analysis of photosynthetic characteristics and UV-B absorbing compounds in mung bean using UV-B and red LED radiation. Li, Fang-Min; Lu, Zhi-Guo; Yue, Ming Report 3479
Antioxidant, antibacterial, and cytoprotective activity of agathi leaf protein. Zarena, A.S.; Gopal, Shubha; Vineeth, R. Report 4692
Automated system for kinetic analysis of particle size distributions for pharmaceutically relevant systems. Green, John-Bruce D.; Carter, Phillip W.; Zhang, Yingqing; Patel, Dipa; Kotha, Priyanka; Gonyon, Tho Report 5756
Characteristic fingerprint based on low polar constituents for discrimination of Wolfiporia extensa according to geographical origin using UV spectroscopy and chemometrics methods. Li, Yan; Zhang, Ji; Zhao, Yanli; Li, Zhimin; Li, Tao; Wang, Yuanzhong Report 5678
Comparability of a three-dimensional structure in biopharmaceuticals using spectroscopic methods. Martinez, Victor Perez Medina; Abad-Javier, Mario E.; Romero-Diaz, Alexis J.; Villasenor-Ortega, Fra Report 7838
Compound specific extraction of camptothecin from Nothapodytes nimmoniana and piperine from Piper nigrum using accelerated solvent extractor. Upadhya, Vinayak; Pai, Sandeep R.; Sharma, Ajay K.; Hegde, Harsha V.; Kholkute, Sanjiva D.; Joshi, R Report 2980
Content determination of active component in Huangqi Yinyanghuo Group and its effects on hTERT and Bcl-2 protein in osteosarcoma. Tan, Ying; Tan, Lei; Huang, Shuai; Lu, Junfan; Yu, Longtan Report 3809
Determination of (4E,6E,12E)-tetradecatriene-8,10-diyne-1,3-diyl diacetate in rat plasma and tissues by HPLC-UV method and their application to a pharmacokinetic and tissue distribution study. Huo, Yan; Liu, Yu-Qiang; Bai, Zhong-Xu; Cai, Qian Report 3665
Determination of [beta]-Cyano-L-alanine, [gamma]-Glutamyl-[beta]-cyano-L-alanine, and common free amino acids in Vicia sativa (Fabaceae) seeds by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography. Megias, Cristina; Cortes-Giraldo, Isabel; Giron-Calle, Julio; Vioque, Javier; Alaiz, Manuel Report 4000
Determination of flavanones in orange juices obtained from different sources by HPLC/DAD. Silva, Lidercia C.R. Cerqueira e.; David, Jorge M.; Borges, Rafael dos S.Q.; Ferreira, Sergio L.C.; Report 3437
Determination of lactones in wines by headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry. Perez-Olivero, S.J.; Perez-Pont, M.L.; Conde, J.E.; Perez-Trujillo, J.P. Report 6260
Determination of sunset yellow and tartrazine in food samples by combining ionic liquid-based aqueous two-phase system with high performance liquid chromatography. Sha, Ou; Zhu, Xiashi; Feng, Yanli; Ma, Weixing Report 5234
Development and optimization of an UPLC-QTOF-MS/MS method based on an in-source collision induced dissociation approach for comprehensive discrimination of chlorogenic acids isomers from Momordica plant species. Madala, N.E.; Tugizimana, F.; Steenkamp, P.A. Report 3583
Development of a univariate membrane-based mid-infrared method for protein quantitation and total lipid content analysis of biological samples. Strug, Ivona; Utzat, Christopher; Cappione, Amedeo, III; Gutierrez, Sara; Amara, Ryan; Lento, Joseph Report 8147
Electrochemical analysis of antichemotherapeutic drug zanosar in pharmaceutical and biological samples by differential pulse polarography. Reddy, Chennupalle Nageswara; ReddyPrasad, Puthalapattu; Sreedhar, Neelam Yughandhar Report 3637
Electrochemical immunoassay of Escherichia coli O157:H7 using Ag@Si[O.sub.2] nanoparticles as labels. Chen, Guang-Zhu; Yin, Zheng-Zhi; Lou, Jv-Feng Report 3781
Electrochemical study of Ni20Cr coatings applied by HVOF process in Zn[Cl.sub.2]-KCl at high temperatures. Porcayo-Calderon, J.; Sotelo-Mazon, O.; Casales-Diaz, M.; Ascencio-Gutierrez, J.A.; Salinas-Bravo, V Report 4720
Evaluation of salt influence on sugar consumption by suspension cells based on spectroscopic analysis. Suehara, Ken-ichiro; Kameoka, Takaharu; Hashimoto, Atsushi Report 5925
Expression of recombinant human alpha-lactalbumin in the milk of transgenic goats using a hybrid pomoter/ enhancer. Yuan, Yu-Guo; An, Liyou; Yu, Baoli; Song, Shaozheng; Zhou, Feng; Zhang, Liqing; Gu, Yinyin; Yu, Ming Report 5556
Extraction and bioactivity analysis of major flavones compounds from Scutellaria baicalensis using in vitro assay and online screening HPLC-ABTS system. Lee, Kwang Jin; Jung, Pil Mun; Oh, You-Chang; Song, Na-Young; Kim, Taesoo; Ma, Jin Yeul Report 4938
Extraction and chromatographic determination of shikimic acid in Chinese conifer needles with 1-benzyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide ionic liquid aqueous solutions. Chen, Fengli; Hou, Kexin; Li, Shuangyang; Zu, Yuangang; Yang, Lei Report 7786
Global clustering quality coefficient assessing the efficiency of PCA class assignment. Praisler, Mirela; Ciochina, Stefanut Report 6323
Halogenated anesthetics determination in urine by SPME/GC/MS and urine levels relationship evaluation with surgical theatres contamination. Indelicato, Serena; Bongiorno, David; Indelicato, Sergio; Ceraulo, Leopoldo; Tranchina, Ernesto; Ave Report 4192
Identification of the related substances in ampicillin capsule by rapid resolution liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry. Zhang, Lei; Cheng, Xian Long; Liu, Yang; Liang, Miao; Dong, Honghuan; Lv, Beiran; Yang, Wenning; Luo Report 3494
Isolation and bioactivity analysis of ethyl acetate extract from Acer tegmentosum using in vitro assay and on-line screening [HPLC-ABTS.sup.+] system. Lee, Kwang Jin; Song, Na-Young; Oh, You Chang; Cho, Won-Kyung; Ma, Jin Yeul Report 6089
LC-NMR technique in the analysis of phytosterols in natural extracts. Hornik, Stepan; Sajfrtova, Marie; Karban, Jindrich; Sykora, Jan; Brezinova, Anna; Wimmer, Zdenek Report 3709
One single amino acid for estimation the content of total free amino acids in Qingkailing injection using high-performance liquid chromatography-diode array detection. Zhang, Li; Wang, Xue; Su, Jiankun; Liu, Haiyu; Zhang, Zhixin; Qin, Lingling; He, Cheng; Peng, Long; Report 6823
Optimization of fluorometric assay for ozone in solution. Nagano, Hiromi; Shiota, Gotaro; Arakawa, Hidetoshi Report 1773
Optimization of ultrasonic extraction of phenolic compounds from Epimedium brevicornum maxim using response surface methodology and evaluation of its antioxidant activities in vitro. Zhao, Yan; Hou, Yingying; Tang, Guosheng; Cai, Enbo; Liu, Shuangli; Yang, He; Zhang, Lianxue; Wang, Report 5314
Pharmacokinetics of PEGylated recombinant human erythropoietin in rats. Cao, Xiaohan; Chen, Zhiyong; Yu, Zhuoran; Ge, Yonghong; Zeng, Xianyin Report 3878
Potential protection of Coeloglossum viride var. bracteatum extract against oxidative stress in rat cortical neurons. Guo, Zhe; Pan, Rui-Yuan; Qin, Xiao-Yan Report 3170
Quantification of caffeoylquinic acids in coffee brews by HPLC-DAD. Moeenfard, Marzieh; Rocha, Ligia; Alves, Arminda Report 8319
Quantification of neurotransmitters in mouse brain tissue by using liquid chromatography coupled electrospray tandem mass spectrometry. Kim, Tae-Hyun; Choi, Juhee; Kim, Hyung-Gun; Kim, Hak Rim Report 6602
Quantification of photocyanine in human serum by high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry and its application in a pharmacokinetic study. Bi, Bing-Tian; Zou, Ben-Yan; Deng, Li-Ting; Zhan, Jing; Liao, Hai; Feng, Kun-Yao; Li, Su Report 4503
Quantitative analysis of adulterations in oat flour by FT-NIR spectroscopy, incomplete unbalanced randomized block design, and partial least squares. Wang, Ning; Zhang, Xingxiang; Yu, Zhuo; Li, Guodong; Zhou, Bin Report 2553
Quantitative analysis of cepharanthine in plasma based on semiautomatic microextraction by packed sorbent combined with liquid chromatography. Desgrouas, Camille; Desbordes, Marc; Dormoi, Jerome; Ollivier, Evelyne; Parzy, Daniel; Taudon, Nicol Report 4111
Quantitative analysis of Panax ginseng by FT-NIR spectroscopy. Xu, Xin-fang; Nie, Li-xing; Pan, Li-li; Hao, Bian; Yuan, Shao-xiong; Lin, Rui-chao; Bu, Hai-bo; Wang Report 3210
Quasireversible process of dopamine on copper-nickel hydroxide composite/nitrogen doped graphene/nafion modified GCE and its electrochemical application. Liu, Chuan-yin; Liu, Zhong-yong; Peng, Rong; Zhong, Zhi-cheng Report 4814
Rapid discrimination of the geographical origins of an Oolong tea (Anxi-Tieguanyin) by near-infrared spectroscopy and partial least squares discriminant analysis. Yan, Si-Min; Liu, Jun-Ping; Xu, Lu; Fu, Xian-Shu; Cui, Hai-Feng; Yun, Zhen-Yu; Yu, Xiao-Ping; Ye, Zi Report 3101
Rapid enzymatic method for pectin methyl esters determination. Lekawska-Andrinopoulou, Lucyna; Vasiliou, Efstathios G.; Georgakopoulos, Dimitrios G.; Yialouris, Co Report 4420
Research of recognition method of discrete wavelet feature extraction and PNN classification of rats FT-IR pancreatic cancer data. Wan, Chayan; Cao, Wenqing; Cheng, Cungui Report 3330
Several affinity tags commonly used in chromatographic purification. Zhao, Xinyu; Li, Guoshun; Liang, Shufang Report 5919
Simple and sensitive analysis of blonanserin and blonanserin C in human plasma by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry and its application. Zheng, Yunliang; Hu, Xingjiang; Liu, Jian; Wu, Guolan; Zhou, Huili; Zhu, Meixiang; Zhai, You; Wu, Li Report 4056
Simultaneous adsorption and degradation of Cr(VI) and Cd(II) ions from aqueous solution by silica-coated [Fe.sup.0] nanoparticles. Li, Yongchao; Ma, Hongpu; Ren, Bozhi; Li, Tielong Report 5402
Simultaneous determination and pharmacokinetic comparisons of multi-ingredients after oral administration of Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae extract, hawthorn extract, and a combination of both extracts to rats. Liu, Yu-Qiang; Cai, Qian; Liu, Chang; Bao, Feng-Wei; Zhang, Zhen-Qiu Report 5281
Simultaneous determination of uric acid and xanthine using a poly(methylene blue) and electrochemically reduced graphene oxide composite film modified electrode. Liu, Gen; Ma, Wei; Luo, Yan; Sun, Deng-ming; Shao, Shuang Report 5201
Simultaneous quantification of ten active components in traditional Chinese formula Sijunzi decoction using a UPLC-PDA method. An, Kang; Jin-rui, Guo; Zhen, Zhang; Xiao-long, Wang Report 3876
Simultaneous quantitative and qualitative analysis of flavonoids from ultraviolet-B radiation in leaves and roots of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi using LC-UV-ESI-Q/TOF/MS. Tang, Wen-Ting; Fang, Min-Feng; Liu, Xiao; Yue, Ming Report 3410
Solid phase microextraction and related techniques for drugs in biological samples. Moein, Mohammad Mahdi; Said, Rana; Bassyouni, Fatma; Abdel-Rehim, Mohamed Report 13261
Spectrophotometric determination of gemifloxacin mesylate, moxifloxacin hydrochloride, and enrofloxacin in pharmaceutical formulations using acid dyes. Gouda, Ayman A.; Amin, Alaa S.; Sheikh, Ragaa El-; Yousef, Amira G. Report 10621
Stacking and analysis of melamine in milk products with acetonitrile-salt stacking technique in capillary electrophoresis. Kong, Yu; Wei, Chong; Hou, Zhanwu; Wang, Zilong; Yuan, Jiaqiang; Yu, Jiang; Zhao, Yongxi; Tang, Yuha Report 3538
Study on dicarboxylic acids in aerosol samples with capillary electrophoresis. Adler, Heidi; Siren, Heli Report 7035
Study on the effect of electrochemical dechlorination reduction of hexachlorobenzene using different cathodes. Wang, Yingru; Lu, Xiaohua Report 3494
Synchronized analysis of FTIR spectra and GCMS chromatograms for evaluation of the thermally degraded vegetable oils. Sim, Siong Fong; Lee, Terri Zhuan Ean; Lu, Nurul Aida Lu Mohd Irwan; Samling, Benedict Report 3791
The therapeutic effect of Zuogui Wan in gestational diabetes mellitus rats. Wang, Yuwei; Feng, Qianjin; Niu, Xin; Liu, Xinshe; Xu, Kaixia; Yang, Xiangzhu; Wang, Huifeng; Li, Qi Report 4334
Ultrasensitive detection of ferulic acid using poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) functionalized graphene-based electrochemical sensor. Liu, Lin-jie; Gao, Xia; Zhang, Pei; Feng, Shi-lan; Hu, Fang-di; Li, Ying-dong; Wang, Chun-ming Report 5448
Urinary metabolomics on the biochemical profiles in diet-induced hyperlipidemia rat using ultraperformance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight synapt high-definition mass spectrometry. Miao, Hua; Chen, Hua; Zhang, Xu; Yin, Lu; Chen, Dan-Qian; Cheng, Xian-Long; Bai, Xu; Wei, Feng Report 5486
Using the doubly charged selected ion coupled with MS/MS fragments monitoring (DCSI-MS/MS) mode for the identification of gelatin species. Cheng, Xian-Long; Wei, Feng; Chen, Jia; Li, Ming-hua; Zhang, Lei; Zhao, Ying-Yong; Xiao, Xin-Yue; Ma Report 2683
Validated method for the determination of piroxicam by capillary zone electrophoresis and its application to tablets. Dal, Ann Gul; Oktayer, Zeynep; Dogrukol-Ak, Dilek Report 4718

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