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Articles from Journal of Advanced Transportation (December 1, 2019)

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A Case Study in China to Determine Whether GPS Data and Derivative Indicator Can Be Used to Identify Risky Drivers. Fu, Rui; Liu, Tong; Guo, Yuxi; Zhang, Shiwei; Cheng, Wendong Case study 10462
A Hybrid Approach Based on Variational Mode Decomposition for Analyzing and Predicting Urban Travel Speed. Kim, Eui-Jin; Park, Ho-Chul; Kho, Seung-Young; Kim, Dong-Kyu 7240
A Real-Time Timetable Rescheduling Method for Metro System Energy Optimization under Dwell-Time Disturbances. Yang, Guang; Wang, Junjie; Zhang, Feng; Zhang, Shiwen; Gong, Cheng 7129
A Study on the Differences in Driving Skills of Chinese Bus and Taxi Drivers. Zhang, Zuobo; Zhang, Xuxin; Ji, Nuoya; Lin, Shanshan; Wang, Kun; Ma, Tianshan; Zhu, Wenying Survey 6917
Analysis of Rear-End Crash on Thai Highway: Decision Tree Approach. Champahom, Thanapong; Jomnonkwao, Sajjakaj; Chatpattananan, Vuttichai; Karoonsoontawong, Ampol; Rata 7729
Application of Complex Network Principles to Key Station Identification in Railway Network Efficiency Analysis. Wang, Li; An, Min; Jia, Limin; Qin, Yong 8509
Electric Vehicles and Storage Systems Integrated within a Sustainable Urban District Fed by Solar Energy. Delfino, Stefano Bracco Federico; Longo, Michela; Siri, Silvia 12692
Estimating Productivity Loss Cost according to Severity of Vehicle Crash Injury. Jou, Rong-Chang; Chen, Tzu-Ying 10872
Evaluating the Effects of One-Way Traffic Management on Different Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Using an Integrated Approach. Fan, Jieyu; Gao, Kun; Xing, Yingying; Lu, Jian 7066
Exploring the Performance of Different On-Demand Transit Services Provided by a Fleet of Shared Automated Vehicles: An Agent-Based Model. Wang, Senlei; Correia, Goncalo Homem de Almeida; Lin, Hai Xiang 9152
Fully Autonomous Buses: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions. Azad, Mojdeh; Hoseinzadeh, Nima; Brakewood, Candace; Cherry, Christopher R.; Han, Lee D. 8785
Macroscopic Modeling of On-Street and Garage Parking: Impact on Traffic Performance. Jakob, Manuel; Menendez, Monica 15974
Modeling and Prediction of Ride-Sharing Utilization Dynamics. Altshuler, Tal; Altshuler, Yaniv; Katoshevski, Rachel; Shiftan, Yoram 13403
Modeling Influencing Factors for Passenger Flow Growth of Modern Trams Using System Dynamics Method. Ye, Mao; Yang, Ninghui; Li, Zhibin; Ma, Lingling; Chen, Yajing 9276
Optimal High-Speed Railway Timetable by Stop Schedule Adjustment for Energy-Saving. Chen, Dingjun; Li, Sihan; Li, Junjie; Ni, Shaoquan; Liu, Xiaolong 5652
Physiological Characteristics and Nonparametric Test for Master-Slave Driving Task's Mental Workload Evaluation in Mountain Area Highway at Night. Wang, Haiwei; Liu, Jianrong; You, Feng 7073
Route Identification Method for On-Ramp Traffic at Adjacent Intersections of Expressway Entrance. Wang, Wenxuan; Zhu, Xiaodong; Wang, Yanli; Wu, Bing 8144
Safety Risk Analysis of Unmanned Ships in Inland Rivers Based on a Fuzzy Bayesian Network. Zhang, Xiuxia; Zhang, Qingnian; Yang, Jie; Cong, Zhe; Luo, Jing; Chen, Huanwan 10070
The Role of Journey Purpose in Road Traffic Injuries: A Bayesian Network Approach. Febres, Juan Diego; Mohamadi, Fatemeh; Mariscal, Miguel. A.; Herrera, S.; Garcia-Herrero, Susana 7568
Tour-Based Truck Demand Modeling with Entropy Maximization Using GPS Data. You, Soyoung Iris; Ritchie, Stephen G. 7221
Traffic Oscillations Mitigation in Vehicle Platoon Using a Car-Following Control Model for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle. Gao, Zhijun; Wang, Jiangfeng; Zhang, Xi; Dong, Jiakuan; Chen, Lei; Yan, Xuedong; Zhang, Wei 7371
Transport Sector Impacts of a Border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after a Hard Brexit. Morchid, Khaoula; O'Mahony, Margaret 8690
UAV-Aided Data Delivery Scheme Based on Opportunistic Virtual Intersections for Smart Transportation Networks. Li, Wei; Liu, Xianxing; Ma, Xiaoyong; Wang, Xianwei; Zhou, Yi 6780
Urban Arterial Road Optimization and Design Combined with HOV Carpooling under Connected Vehicle Environment. J, Lina Mao; Li, Wenquan; Hu, Pengsen; Zhou, Guiliang; Zhang, Huiting; Zhou, Xuanyu 5556

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