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Articles from Journal of Advanced Transportation (April 30, 2019)

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A Two-Step Approach for Airborne Delay Minimization Using Pretactical Conflict Resolution in Free-Route Airspace. Cecen, Ramazan Kursat; Cetek, Cem 9699
An Integrated Problem of p-Hub Location and Revenue Management with Multiple Capacity Levels under Disruptions. Hou, Yan-Ting; Huo, Jia-Zhen; Chu, Feng 10434
Application of Data Science Technologies in Intelligent Prediction of Traffic Congestion. Yang, Xu; Luo, Shixin; Gao, Keyan; Qiao, Tingting; Chen, Xiaoya 7865
Commuter Departure Time Choice Considering Parking Space Shortage and Commuter's Bounded Rationality. Xue, Yunqiang; Fan, Huishu; Guan, Hongzhi 5246
Comparative Analysis of the Reported Animal-Vehicle Collisions Data and Carcass Removal Data for Hotspot Identification. Yang, Xiaoxue; Zou, Yajie; Wu, Lingtao; Zhong, Xinzhi; Wang, Yinhai; Ijaz, Muhammad; Peng, Yichuan 8608
Data-Driven Approaches to Mining Passenger Travel Patterns: "Left-Behinds" in a Congested Urban Rail Transit Network. Chen, Xing; Zhou, Leishan; Bai, Zixi; Yue, Yixiang; Guo, Bin; Zhou, Hanxiao 8062
Decision Support Framework for Cycling Investment Prioritization. Glavic, Drazenko; Mladenovic, Milos N.; Milenkovic, Marina 10548
Decoupling Control Strategy of IPT System Based on Optimal Efficiency Load Tracking. Hao, Wenmei; Zhang, Liwei; Xiu, Sanmu; Leng, Fengyu 4332
Determination of Bus Crowding Coefficient Based on Passenger Flow Forecasting. Zuo, Zhongyi; Yin, Wei; Yang, Guangchuan; Zhang, Yunqi; Yin, Jiawen; Ge, Hongsheng 6513
Determining E-Bike Drivers' Decision-Making Mechanisms during Signal Change Interval Using the Hidden Markov Driving Model. Dong, Sheng; Zhou, Jibiao; Zhang, Shuichao 5971
EBOC: Ensemble-Based Ordinal Classification in Transportation. Yildirim, Pelin; Birant, Ulas K.; Birant, Derya 11282
Equilibrium and Optimization in a Double-Ended Queueing System with Dynamic Control. Wang, Yuejiao; Liu, Zaiming Report 6997
Exploring the Node Importance and Its Influencing Factors in the Railway Freight Transportation Network in China. Sun, Qipeng; Guo, Xiaozhuang; Jiang, Wenjing; Ding, Haiying; Li, Tingzhen; Xu, Xingbo 10420
Extracting Vehicle Trajectories Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Congested Traffic Conditions. Kim, Eui-Jin; Park, Ho-Chul; Ham, Seung-Woo; Kho, Seung-Young; Kim, Dong-Kyu 10413
Genetic Algorithm-Based Particle Swarm Optimization Approach to Reschedule High-Speed Railway Timetables: A Case Study in China. Wang, Mingming; Wang, Li; Xu, Xinyue; Qin, Yong; Qin, Lingqiao Case study 7235
Hybrid Dynamic Route Planning Model for Pedestrian Microscopic Simulation at Subway Station. Gao, Yongxin; Chen, Feng; Wang, Zijia 10797
Impact of Guideline Markings on Saturation Flow Rate at Signalized Intersections. Qin, Zhengtao; Zhao, Jing; Liang, Shidong; Yao, Jiao 5695
Integrating Frequency Setting, Timetabling, and Route Assignment to Synchronize Transit Lines. Ibarra-Rojas, Omar J.; Munoz, Juan C.; Giesen, Ricardo; Knapp, Paul 10025
Intergreen Time Calculation Method of Signalized Intersections Based on Safety Reliability Theory: A Monte-Carlo Simulation Approach. Jiang, Ze-hao; Wang, Tao 4323
Location Strategy for Traffic Emission Remote Sensing Monitors to Capture the Violated Emissions. Owais, Mahmoud 5010
Modeling the Influence of Disturbances in High-Speed Railway Systems. Huang, Ping; Wen, Chao; Peng, Qiyuan; Jiang, Chaozhe; Yang, Yuxiang; Fu, Zhuan 6054
Modeling the Morning Commute Problem in a Bottleneck Model Based on Personal Perception. Guo, Xiao; Sun, Huijun 7082
Modelling the Effect of Mobile Phone Use on Driving Behaviour Considering Different Use Modes. Spyropoulou, Ioanna; Linardou, Maria 5991
Modern Roundabouts: A Challenge of the Future. Tollazzi, Tomaz; Mauro, Raffaele; Zilioniene, Daiva; Otkovic, Irena I.; Stamatiadis, Nikiforos 876
Numerical Simulation of the Static and Dynamic Aerodynamics of a UAV under Wake Flows. Mi, Bai-gang; Zhan, Hao 5240
Optimal Location of Biogas Plants in Supply Chains under Carbon Effects: Insight from a Case Study on Animal Manure in North Dakota. Park, Yong Shin; Szmerekovsky, Joseph; Dybing, Alan Case study 8762
Research on Local Dynamic Path Planning Method for Intelligent Vehicle Lane-Changing. Liu, Zhi-qiang; Zhang, Teng; Wang, Yi-fan 3725
Research on Taxi Pricing Model and Optimization for Carpooling Detour Problem. Zhang, Wei; He, Ruichun; Chen, Yong; Gao, Mingxia; Ma, Changxi 7107
Sensitivity and Performance Evaluation of Multiple-Model State Estimation Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicle Functions. Toro, Oliver; Becsi, Tamas; Aradi, Szilard; Gaspar, Peter 6669
Ship's Trajectory Planning Based on Improved Multiobjective Algorithm for Collision Avoidance. Li, Jinxin; Wang, Hongbo; Zhao, Wei; Xue, Yuanyuan 6977
Simulation-Based Framework for Estimating Crash Modification Factors (CMFs): A Case Study for ITS Countermeasures. Das, Plaban; Park, Seri; Bhavsar, Parth Case study 7463
Spatial Planning of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Costa, Evaldo; Paiva, Arthur; Seixas, Julia; Costa, Gustavo; Baptista, Patricia; Gallachoir, Brian O 10188
Sporadic Cloud-Based Mobile Augmentation on the Top of a Virtualization Layer: A Case Study of Collaborative Downloads in VANETs. Ordonez-Morales, Esteban Fernando; Lopez-Nores, Martin; Blanco-Fernandez, Yolanda; Reinoso-Mendoza, Case study 12084
Vibration Effect Produced by Raised Pavement Markers on the Exit Ramp of an Expressway. Liang, Guohua; Yin, Yujie; Zhang, Dong; Li, Rui; Wu, Yan; Li, Yu 7412

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