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Articles from Journal of Advanced Transportation (January 1, 2018)

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A Causal Model for Safety Assessment Purposes in Opening the Low-Altitude Urban Airspace of Chinese Pilot Cities. Tang, Jun; Yang, Wenyuan Report 11187
A Comparison Analysis of Surrogate Safety Measures with Car-Following Perspectives for Advanced Driver Assistance System. Tak, Sehyun; Kim, Sunghoon; Lee, Donghoun; Yeo, Hwasoo 8126
A Cost Function Approach to the Prediction of Passenger Distribution at the Subway Platform. Yang, Xiaoxia; Yang, Xiaoli; Wang, Zhenling; Kang, Yuanlei 9569
A Deep Learning Approach of Vehicle Multitarget Detection from Traffic Video. Li, Xun; Liu, Yao; Zhao, Zhengfan; Zhang, Yue; He, Li 5982
A Dynamic Short-Turning Bus Control for Uncertain Demand. Zhang, Hu; Zhao, Shuzhi; Liu, Huasheng; Li, Jin 5245
A Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm Based Analysis of Pedestrian Shockwaves at Bottleneck. Sun, Lishan; Gong, Qingsheng; Yao, Liya; Luo, Wei; Zhang, Tianqi 4321
A Geostatistical Investigation into the Effective Spatiotemporal Coverage of Road Weather Information Systems in Alberta, Canada. Wang, Xu; Gu, Lian; Kwon, Tae J.; Qiu, Tony Z. 6380
A Global Sensitivity Analysis of Dynamic Loading and Route Selection Parameters on Network Performances. Duruisseau, Charlotte; Leclercq, Ludovic 11616
A Methodology for Choosing between Route Deviation and Point Deviation Policies for Flexible Transit Services. Zheng, Yue; Li, Wenquan; Qiu, Feng 7138
A Model for the Evaluation of Brazilian Road Transport: A Sustainable Perspective. Wolff, Mariana Goncalves de Carvalho; Caldas, Marco Antonio Farah 9818
A Modified Cellular Automaton Model for Accounting for Traffic Behaviors during Signal Change Intervals. Hsu, Chih-Cheng; Chiou, Yu-Chiun 6827
A New GNB Model of Crash Frequency for Freeway Sharp Horizontal Curve Based on Interactive Influence of Explanatory Variables. Wang, Xiaofei; Pu, HuaQiao; Li, Xinwei; Yan, Ying; Yao, Jiangbei 5893
A New Method Based on Field Strength for Road Infrastructure Risk Assessment. Li, Yi; Chen, Yuren 6014
A Novel Performance Framework and Methodology to Analyze the Impact of 4D Trajectory Based Operations in the Future Air Traffic Management System. Ruiz, Sergio; Leones, Javier Lopez; Ranieri, Andrea 12997
A Novel Rerouting Planning Model for the Terminal Arrival Routes under the Influence of Convective Weather. Zhang, Ming; Kong, Xianglu; Liu, Kai; Li, Xiangyu 13928
A Pattern Analysis of Daily Electric Vehicle Charging Profiles: Operational Efficiency and Environmental Impacts. Desai, Ranjit R.; Chen, Roger B.; Armington, William 7100
A Rapid Prototyping Environment for Cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Massow, Kay; Radusch, Ilja Report 25773
A Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance Method for Autonomous Vehicles Using an Obstacle-Dependent Gaussian Potential Field. Cho, Jang-Ho; Pae, Dong-Sung; Lim, Myo-Taeg; Kang, Tae-Koo 7070
A Robust License Plate Detection and Character Recognition Algorithm Based on a Combined Feature Extraction Model and BPNN. Xie, Fei; Zhang, Ming; Zhao, Jing; Yang, Jiquan; Liu, Yijian; Yuan, Xinyue 6217
A Robust Longitudinal Control Strategy of Platoons under Model Uncertainties and Time Delays. Chen, Na; Wang, Meng; Alkim, Tom; van Arem, Bart 7840
A Separation Strategy for Connected and Automated Vehicles: Utilizing Traffic Light Information for Reducing Idling at Red Lights and Improving Fuel Economy. Li, Lin-heng; Gan, Jing; Li, Wen-quan 6838
A Ship Domain-Based Method of Determining Action Distances for Evasive Manoeuvres in Stand-On Situations. Szlapczynski, Rafal; Krata, Przemyslaw; Szlapczynska, Joanna 10049
A Short Turning Strategy for Train Scheduling Optimization in an Urban Rail Transit Line: The Case of Beijing Subway Line 4. Zhang, Miao; Wang, Yihui; Su, Shuai; Tang, Tao; Ning, Bin 9467
A Simheuristic Method for the Reversible Lanes Allocation and Scheduling Problem at Smart Container Terminal Gate. Wang, Wenyuan; Jiang, Ying; Peng, Yun; Zhou, Yong; Tian, Qi 8156
A Simulation Platform for Combined Rail/Road Transport in Multiyards Intermodal Terminals. Chen, Xuchao; He, Shiwei; Li, Tingting; Li, Yubin 10628
A Simulation-Based Dynamic Programming Method for Interchange Scheduling of Port Collecting and Distributing Network. Peng, Yun; Wang, Wenyuan; Xu, Xinglu; Chen, Modi; Song, Xiangqun; Li, Xiangda 7577
A Sparse Optimization Approach for Energy-Efficient Timetabling in Metro Railway Systems. Luo, Ziyan; Li, Xiaoyu; Xiu, Naihua 9201
A State-of-the-Art Review on Empirical Data Collection for External Governed Pedestrians Complex Movement. Shi, Xiaomeng; Ye, Zhirui; Shiwakoti, Nirajan; Grembek, Offer 26867
A Subjective Optimal Strategy for Transit Simulation Models. Nuzzolo, Agostino; Comi, Antonio 6365
A SVM Approach of Aircraft Conflict Detection in Free Flight. Jiang, Xu-rui; Wen, Xiang-xi; Wu, Ming-gong; Wang, Ze-kun; Qiu, Xi 5511
A Synchronous Optimization Model for Multiship Shuttle Tanker Fleet Design and Scheduling Considering Hard Time Window Constraint. Jiang, Zhenfeng; Chen, Dongxu; Yang, Zhongzhen 5850
A Third-Order Consensus Approach for Vehicle Platoon with Intervehicle Communication. Chen, Jianzhong; Bai, Dongyang; Liang, Huan; Zhou, Yang 5532
A Two-Layer Network Dynamic Congestion Pricing Based on Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram. Wei, Bangyang; Sun, Daniel "Jian" 7763
Acceptance of Driverless Vehicles: Results from a Large Cross-National Questionnaire Study. Nordhoff, Sina; de Winter, Joost; Kyriakidis, Miltos; van Arem, Bart; Happee, Riender 15604
Accident Management System Based on Vehicular Network for an Intelligent Transportation System in Urban Environments. Mayouf, Yusor Rafid Bahar Al-; Mahdi, Omar Adil; Taha, Namar A.; Abdullah, Nor Fadzilah; Khan, Sulem 7528
Advances in Traffic Safety Methodologies and Technologies. Dong, Chunjiao; Shao, Chunfu; Huang, Helai; Chen, Xiaoming; Sze, N.N. 1443
Air Traffic Efficiency Analysis of Airliner Scheduled Flights Using Collaborative Actions for Renovation of Air Traffic Systems Open Data. Harada, Akinori; Ezaki, Tooru; Wakayama, Tomoaki; Oka, Koichi 6905
Airworthiness Support Measures Analogy to the Prospective Roundabouts Alternatives: Theoretical Aspects. Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich 3991
An Adaptive Window Size Selection Method for Differentially Private Data Publishing over Infinite Trajectory Stream. Jo, Geonhyoung; Jung, Kangsoo; Park, Seog 7790
An Association Rule Based Method to Integrate Metro-Public Bicycle Smart Card Data for Trip Chain Analysis. Zhao, De; Wang, Wei; Ong, Ghim Ping; Ji, Yanjie 6367
An Earlier Predictive Rollover Index Designed for Bus Rollover Detection and Prevention. Tian, Shun; Wei, Lang; Schwarz, Chris; Zhou, WenCai; Jiao, Yuan; Chen, YanQin 5693
An Eco-Driving Advisory System for Continuous Signalized Intersections by Vehicular Ad Hoc Network. Lee, Wei-Hsun; Li, Jiang-Yi 7101
An Ecolevel Estimation Method of Individual Driver Performance Based on Driving Simulator Experiment. Wu, Yiping; Zhao, Xiaohua; Yao, Ying; Rong, Jian 7069
An Efficient Color Space for Deep-Learning Based Traffic Light Recognition. Kim, Hyun-Koo; Park, Ju. H.; Jung, Ho-Youl 8487
An Evaluation Method of Urban Public Transport Facilities Resource Supply Based on Accessibility. Sun, Chao; Chen, Xiaohong; Zhang, H. Michael; Huang, Ze 5603
An Extended Car-Following Model at Signalised Intersections. Zhao, Hongxing; He, Ruichun; Ma, Changxi 13905
An Improved Deep Learning Model for Traffic Crash Prediction. Dong, Chunjiao; Shao, Chunfu; Li, Juan; Xiong, Zhihua 8280
An Improved Robust Principal Component Analysis Model for Anomalies Detection of Subway Passenger Flow. Wang, Xuehui; Zhang, Yong; Liu, Hao; Wang, Yang; Wang, Lichun; Yin, Baocai 6600
An Improved Single-Lane Cellular Automaton Model considering Driver's Radical Feature. Qu, Xu; Yang, Mofeng; Yang, Fan; Ran, Bin; Li, Linchao 6265
An Imputation Method for Missing Traffic Data Based on FCM Optimized by PSO-SVR. Shang, Qiang; Yang, Zhaosheng; Gao, Song; Tan, Derong 12292
An Innovative Approach for Modelling Urban Road Traffic Using Timed Automata and Formal Methods. Valente, Eduardo; Avram, Camelia; Machado, Jose; Astilean, Adina 10261
An Investigation of the Safety Performance of Roundabouts in Korea Based on a Random Parameters Count Model. Park, Minho; Lee, Dongmin; Park, Je-Jin 6015
An Optimization Problem for Quadcopter Reference Flight Trajectory Generation. Eliker, Karam; Zhang, Guoqing; Grouni, Said; Zhang, Weidong 6120
An Overview of Nature-Inspired, Conventional, and Hybrid Methods of Autonomous Vehicle Path Planning. Ayawli, Ben Beklisi Kwame; Chellali, Ryad; Appiah, Albert Yaw; Kyeremeh, Frimpong 22653
Analysis of Loss of Control Parameters for Aircraft Maneuvering in General Aviation. Ud-Din, Sameer; Yoon, Yoonjin 10051
Analysis of Nonsevere Crashes on Two- and Four-Lane Urban and Rural Highways: Effects of Wet Pavement Surface Condition. Kassu, Aschalew; Anderson, Michael 7907
Analysis of Work-Zone Crashes Using the Ordered Probit Model with Factor Analysis in Egypt. Zhang, Kairan; Hassan, Mohamed; Yahaya, Mahama; Yang, Shupeng 7299
Analysis on Port and Maritime Transport System Researches. Chen, Lingshan; Xu, Xiang; Zhang, Ping; Zhang, Xiaotian 11131
Analyzing Capacity Utilization and Travel Patterns of Chinese High-Speed Trains: An Exploratory Data Mining Approach. Liu, Fanxiao; Sun, Zhanbo; Zhang, Peitong; Peng, Qiyuan; Qiao, Qingjie 4720
Ant Colony Optimized Routing Strategy for Electric Vehicles. Joo, Hyunjin; Lim, Yujin 5181
Application of Customer Segmentation for Electronic Toll Collection: A Case Study. Qian, Chao; Yang, Meng; Li, Peiqi; Li, Shuguang Case study 5316
Application of Data Clustering to Railway Delay Pattern Recognition. Cerreto, Fabrizio; Nielsen, Bo Friis; Nielsen, Otto Anker; Harrod, Steven S. 12732
Application of Finite Mixture of Logistic Regression for Heterogeneous Merging Behavior Analysis. Li, Gen 6367
Applying EBM Model and Grey Forecasting to Assess Efficiency of Third-Party Logistics Providers. Wang, Chia-Nan; Day, Jen-Der; Nguyen, Thi-Kim-Lien 7648
Approach to the Weight Estimation in the Conceptual Design of Hybrid-Electric-Powered Unconventional Regional Aircraft. Centracchio, Francesco; Rossetti, Monica; Iemma, Umberto 9638
Aspects of Improvement in Exploitation Process of Passenger Means of Transport. Brzezinski, Marian; Kijek, Magdalena; Owczarek, Paulina; Glodowska, Katarzyna; Zelkowski, Jaroslaw; 5334
Automatic Estimation Method for Intersection Saturation Flow Rate Based on Video Detector Data. Wang, Linhong; Wang, Yunhao; Bie, Yiming 7542
Before-and-After Field Investigation of the Effects on Pollutant Emissions of Replacing a Signal-Controlled Road Intersection with a Roundabout. Meneguzzer, Claudio; Gastaldi, Massimiliano; Giancristofaro, Rosa Arboretti 10401
Bike-Sharing Static Rebalancing by Considering the Collection of Bicycles in Need of Repair. Zhang, Sheng; Xiang, Guanhua; Huang, Zhongxiang 14354
Blind Corner Propagation Model for IEEE 802.11p Communication in Network Simulators. Jaktheerangkoon, Sanchai; Nakorn, Kulit Na; Rojviboonchai, Kultida 5695
Calculation Method for Load Capacity of Urban Rail Transit Station considering Cascading Failure. Huang, Jiajun; Zhou, Feng; Xi, Mengru 5800
Capacity Impacts and Optimal Geometry of Automated Cars' Surface Parking Facilities. Kong, You; Le Vine, Scott; Liu, Xiaobo 8788
Causation Analysis of Hazardous Material Road Transportation Accidents by Bayesian Network Using Genie. Ma, Xiaoli; Xing, Yingying; Lu, Jian 7517
Challenges for Air Transport Providers in Czech Republic and Poland. Torun, Anna; Burniak, Czeslaw; Bialy, Jerzy; Tomaszewska, Justyna; Grzesik, Norbert; Hoskova-Mayerov 3591
Changes in Trust after Driving Level 2 Automated Cars. Walker, Francesco; Boelhouwer, Anika; Alkim, Tom; Verwey, Willem B.; Martens, Marieke H. 6952
Characterization of Road Condition with Data Mining Based on Measured Kinematic Vehicle Parameters. Masino, Johannes; Thumm, Jakob; Levasseur, Guillaume; Frey, Michael; Gauterin, Frank; Mikut, Ralf; R 6433
Characterizing Critical Transition State for Network Fundamental Diagram. Hong, Rongrong; An, Chengchuan; Lu, Zhenbo; Jingxin, Xia; Nie, Qinghui; Rao, Wenming 6585
Characterizing Heterogeneity in Drivers' Merging Maneuvers Using Two-Step Cluster Analysis. Li, Gen; Sun, Lu 7552
Choice Behavior of the Elderly Regarding Street-Crossing Facility. Wei, Chong; Yan, Xuedong; Shao, Chunfu; Sun, Jiang; Ma, Lu 4765
Cluster Analysis Based Arc Detection in Pantograph-Catenary System. Huang, Shize; Yu, Liangliang; Zhang, Fan; Zhu, Wei; Guo, Qiyi 4645
Clustering Algorithm for Urban Taxi Carpooling Vehicle Based on Data Field Energy. Qiang, Xiao; Shuang-Shuang, Yao 5275
Cognitive Waveform Design for Radar-Communication Transceiver Networks. Yao, Yu; Wu, Lenan 5873
Combinatorial Optimization of Service Order and Overtaking for Demand-Oriented Timetabling in a Single Railway Line. Li, Dewei; Ding, Shishun; Wang, Yizhen 13895
Comparative Analysis on Propagation Effects of Flight Delays: A Case Study of China Airlines. Wu, Weiwei; Wu, Cheng-Lung; Feng, Tao; Zhang, Haoyu; Qiu, Shuping Case study 5013
Comparison of Factors Affecting Crash Severities in Hit-and-Run and Non-Hit-and-Run Crashes. Zhou, Bei; Li, Zongzhi; Zhang, Shengrui 7961
Comprehensive Evaluation and Classification of Interchange Diagrammatic Guide Signs' Complexity. Li, Yang; Zhao, Xiaohua; He, Qing; Huang, Lihua; Rong, Jian 5879
Construction Prototyping, Flight Dynamics Modeling, and Aerodynamic Analysis of Hybrid VTOL Unmanned Aircraft. Czyba, Roman; Lemanowicz, Marcin; Gorol, Zbigniew; Kudala, Tomasz 7890
Context-Aware Intelligent Traffic Light Control through Secure Messaging. Ozkul, Mukremin; Capuni, Ilir; Domnori, Elton 7078
Cooperative Systems for Autonomous Vehicles. Armingol, Jose M.; Olaverri-Monreal, Cristina; Garcia, Fernando; Milanes, Vicente; Martin, David 461
Cost of Capital Estimation for Highway Concessionaires in Chile. Vergara-Novoa, Cristian; Sepulveda-Rojas, Juan Pedro; Alfaro, Miguel D.; Riveros, Nicolas 8510
Decade-Long Changes in Disparity and Distribution of Transit Opportunity in Shenzhen China: A Transportation Equity Perspective. Zhou, Qingfeng; Dai, Donghui; Wang, Yaowu; Fan, Jianshuang 9295
Decision-Support Framework for Selecting the Optimal Road Toll Collection System. Milenkovic, Marina; Glavic, Drazenko; Mladenovic, Milos N. 11481
Defining Reserve Times for Metro Systems: An Analytical Approach. D'Acierno, Luca; Botte, Marilisa; Gallo, Mariano; Montella, Bruno 11497
Density-Based Statistical Clustering: Enabling Sidefire Ultrasonic Traffic Sensing in Smart Cities. Lucken, Volker; Voss, Nils; Schreier, Julien; Baag, Thomas; Gehring, Michael; Raschen, Matthias; Lan 11652
Design and Profit Allocation in Two-Echelon Heterogeneous Cooperative Logistics Network Optimization. Wang, Yong; Yuan, Yingying; Assogba, Kevin; Gong, Ke; Wang, Haizhong; Xu, Maozeng; Wang, Yinhai 12182
Design Method of ADAS for Urban Electric Vehicle Based on Virtual Prototyping. Jezierska-Krupa, Katarzyna; Skarka, Wojciech 11932
Design of Fully Automatic Drone Parachute System with Temperature Compensation Mechanism for Civilian and Military Applications. Madani, Basem AL-; Svirskis, Marius; Narvydas, Gintautas; Maskeliunas, Rytis; Damasevicius, Robertas 7040
Determining Causal Factors of Severe Crashes on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana. Nazneen, Sahima; Rezapour, Mahdi; Ksaibati, Khaled 6140
Development and Testing of Intelligent Alcohol Transportation Security System. Msomi, Velaphi; Solomons, Shandene E.A. 2971
Development of a Representative EV Urban Driving Cycle Based on a k-Means and SVM Hybrid Clustering Algorithm. Zhao, Xuan; Yu, Qiang; Ma, Jian; Wu, Yan; Yu, Man; Ye, Yiming 9935
Distribution-Free Model for Ambulance Location Problem with Ambiguous Demand. Chu, Feng; Wang, Lu; Liu, Xin; Chu, Chengbin; Sui, Yang 12221
Does Urban Rail Transit Discourage People from Owning and Using Cars? Evidence from Beijing, China. Liu, Shasha; Yao, Enjian; Yamamoto, Toshiyuki 7893
Double Magnetic Loop and Methods for Calculating Its Inductance. Belenguer, Ferran Mocholi; Salcedo, Antonio Mocholi; Sanchez, Victor Milian; Nunez, Jose Humberto Ar 8844
Driver and Path Detection through Time-Series Classification. Bernardi, Mario Luca; Cimitile, Marta; Martinelli, Fabio; Mercaldo, Francesco 12945
Driver's Eco-Driving Behavior Evaluation Modeling Based on Driving Events. Chen, Chen; Zhao, Xiaohua; Yao, Ying; Zhang, Yunlong; Rong, Jian; Liu, Xiaoming 7832
Driver's Lane Selection Model Based on Phase-Field Coupling and Multiplayer Dynamic Game with Incomplete Information. Wang, Xiaoyuan; Wang, Fang; Kong, Dong; Liu, Yaqi; Liu, Liping; Chen, Chen 9237
Driving Risk Detection Model of Deceleration Zone in Expressway Based on Generalized Regression Neural Network. Qi, Weiwei; Wang, Zhexuan; Tang, Ruru; Wang, Linhong 4367
Dynamic Eco-Driving Speed Guidance at Signalized Intersections: Multivehicle Driving Simulator Based Experimental Study. Chen, Peng; Yan, Cong; Sun, Jian; Wang, Yunpeng; Chen, Shenyang; Li, Keping Report 7555
Dynamic Evolution of Traveler's Bounded-Rational Route Choice Behavior. Long, Xueqin; Zhang, Liancai; Wang, Yuejiao; Guan, Hongzhi 6041
Dynamic Games Methods in Synthesis of Safe Ship Control Algorithms. Lisowski, Jozef 4637
Dynamic O-D Demand Estimation: Application of SPSA AD-PI Method in Conjunction with Different Assignment Strategies. Nigro, Marialisa; Abdelfatah, Akmal; Cipriani, Ernesto; Colombaroni, Chiara; Fusco, Gaetano; Gemma, 11660
Effects of Human-Centered Factors on Crash Injury Severities. Adanu, Emmanuel Kofi; Jones, Steven 8034
Effects of Safety Facilities on Driver Distance Perception in Expressway Tunnels. Wei, Leyu; Xu, Jinliang; Jia, Xingli; Zhang, Xiaodong; Li, Haoru 6591
Effects of Users' Bounded Rationality on a Traffic Network Performance: A Simulation Study. Batista, S.F.A.; Zhao, Chuan-Lin; Leclercq, Ludovic Report 14867
Efficiency Assessment of Transit-Oriented Development by Data Envelopment Analysis: Case Study on the Den-en Toshi Line in Japan. Guo, Jing; Nakamura, Fumihiko; Li, Qiang; Zhou, Yuan 6850
Emerging Information and Communication Technologies for Traffic Estimation and Control. Kouvelas, Anastasios; Chow, Andy; Gonzales, Eric; Yildirimoglu, Mehmet; Carlson, Rodrigo Castelan 727
Empirical Approximation for the Stochastic Fundamental Diagram of Traffic Flow on Signalized Intersection. Zhang, Nan; Yang, Xiaoguang; Ma, Wangjing 7411
Engaging Multiple Actors in Large-Scale Transport Infrastructure Project Appraisal: An Application of MAMCA to the Case of HS2 High-Speed Rail. Cornet, Yannick; Barradale, Merrill Jones; Gudmundsson, Henrik; Barfod, Michael Bruhn 14630
Enhancing Freeway Safety through Intervening in Traffic Flow Dynamics Based on Variable Speed Limit Control. You, Jinming; Fang, Shouen; Zhang, Lanfang; Taplin, John; Guo, Jingqiu 6029
Erratum to "Validity of Mental Workload Measures in a Driving Simulation Environment". Correction notice 162
Estimation of Urban Link Travel Time Distribution Using Markov Chains and Bayesian Approaches. Qin, Wenwen; Yun, Meiping 8725
Evaluating Highway Traffic Safety: An Integrated Approach. Yang, Yanqun; Easa, Said M.; Lin, Zhibin; Zheng, Xinyi 7632
Evaluating the Impacts of Bus Stop Design and Bus Dwelling on Operations of Multitype Road Users. Zhang, Jian; Li, Zhibin; Zhang, Fangwei; Qi, Yong; Zhou, Wenzhu; Wang, Yong; Zhao, De; Wang, Wei 5481
Evaluation of Roundabout Safety Performance through Surrogate Safety Measures from Microsimulation. Giuffre, Orazio; Grana, Anna; Tumminello, Maria Luisa; Giuffre, Tullio; Trubia, Salvatore; Sferlazza 9761
Evaluation of the Rain Effects on Gap Acceptance Behavior at Roundabouts by a Logit Model. Lee, Dongmin; Hwang, Sooncheon; Ka, Eunhan; Lee, Chungwon 6530
Every Second Counts: Integrating Edge Computing and Service Oriented Architecture for Automatic Emergency Management. Chen, Lei; Englund, Cristofer 8000
Exploring the Energy Efficiency of Electric Vehicles with Driving Behavioral Data from a Field Test and Questionnaire. Hu, Kezhen; Wu, Jianping; Liu, Mingyu 8464
Exploring the Relationships between Subjective Evaluations and Objective Metrics of Vehicle Dynamic Performance. Zhao, Jianyou; Liu, Jing; Yang, Liping; He, Ping 7063
Exploring Travel Time Distribution and Variability Patterns Using Probe Vehicle Data: Case Study in Beijing. Chen, Peng; Tong, Rui; Lu, Guangquan; Wang, Yunpeng 8918
Flexible Emergency Vehicle Network Design considering Stochastic Demands and Inverse-Direction Lanes. Wang, Hua; Xiao, Ling; Chen, Zhang 10253
Fuel-Efficient Driving Strategies for Heavy-Duty Vehicles: A Platooning Approach Based on Speed Profile Optimization. Torabi, Sina; Wahde, Mattias 9662
Fuzzy Approach in Rail Track Degradation Prediction. Karimpour, Mostafa; Hitihamillage, Lalith; Elkhoury, Najwa; Moridpour, Sara; Hesami, Reyhaneh 4010
Generalized Estimating Equation Model Based Recursive Partitioning: Application to Distracted Driving. Park, Hyoshin; Pugh, Nigel 6728
Global and Local Path Planning Study in a ROS-Based Research Platform for Autonomous Vehicles. Marin-Plaza, Pablo; Hussein, Ahmed; Martin, David; de la Escalera, Arturo 4927
Group Gap Acceptance: A New Method to Analyze Driver Behavior and Estimate the Critical Gap at Multilane Roundabouts. Shaaban, Khaled; Hamad, Hassan 4069
Hierarchical Matching of Traffic Information Services Using Semantic Similarity. Duan, Zongtao; Tang, Lei; Kou, Zhiliang; Zhu, Yishui 7920
High-Level Interpretation of Urban Road Maps Fusing Deep Learning-Based Pixelwise Scene Segmentation and Digital Navigation Maps. Fernandez, Carlos; Munoz-Bulnes, Jesus; Fernandez-Llorca, David; Parra, Ignacio; Garcia-Daza, Ivan; 9672
High-Speed Data-Driven Methodology for Real-Time Traffic Flow Predictions: Practical Applications of ITS. Chang, Hyun-ho; Yoon, Byoung-jo 7766
Highway Project Value of Money Assessment under PPP Mode and Its Application. Hu, Xiaowei; Han, Juan 7576
Highway Travel Time Prediction Using Sparse Tensor Completion Tactics and K-Nearest Neighbor Pattern Matching Method. Zhao, Jiandong; Gao, Yuan; Tang, Jinjin; Zhu, Lingxi; Ma, Jiaqi 8529
Human Factors and Errors in Security Aviation: An Ergonomic Perspective. Arcurio, Michelle S.F.; Nakamura, Eliane S.; Armborst, Talita 6150
Hybrid Optimization-Based Approach for Multiple Intelligent Vehicles Requests Allocation. Hussein, Ahmed; Marin-Plaza, Pablo; Garcia, Fernando; Armingol, Jose Marla 7207
Hybrid Random Regret Minimization and Random Utility Maximization in the Context of Schedule-Based Urban Rail Transit Assignment. Li, Dewei; Gao, Yufang; Li, Ruoyi; Zhou, Weiteng 15968
Identifying Driver Behavior in Preturning Maneuvers Using In-Vehicle CANbus Signals. Zardosht, M.; Beauchemin, S.S.; Bauer, M.A. 6551
Identifying Public Transit Commuters Based on Both the Smartcard Data and Survey Data: A Case Study in Xiamen, China. Sun, Shichao; Yang, Dongyuan Case study 5520
Impact of a Lower Conservation Budget on Road Safety Indices. Rojo, M.; Gonzalo-Orden, H.; Linares, A.; dell'Olio, L. 5522
Impact of a New Metro Line: Analysis of Metro Passenger Flow and Travel Time Based on Smart Card Data. Fu, Xiao; Gu, Yu 7288
Impact of Capacity Drop on Commuting Systems under Uncertainty. Zhang, Wenwei; Zhao, Hui; Jiang, Rui 10863
Implementation and Evaluation of a Traffic Light Assistance System Based on V2I Communication in a Simulation Framework. Olaverri-Monreal, Cristina; Errea-Moreno, Javier; Diaz-Alvarez, Alberto Report 6539
Improving Bus Operations through Integrated Dynamic Holding Control and Schedule Optimization. Liu, Shuozhi; Luo, Xia; Jin, Peter J. 10969
Improving Electric Vehicle Charging Station Efficiency through Pricing. Wolbertus, Rick; Gerzon, Bas 8579
Improving Multisensor Positioning of Land Vehicles with Integrated Visual Odometry for Next-Generation Self-Driving Cars. Rahman, Muhammed Tahsin; Karamat, Tashfeen; Givigi, Sidney; Noureldin, Aboelmagd 7029
Improving Traffic State Prediction Model for Variable Speed Limit Control by Introducing Stochastic Supply and Demand. Bie, Yuwei; Seraj, Mudasser; Zhang, Can; Qiu, Tony Z. 7529
Individual Travel Behavior Modeling of Public Transport Passenger Based on Graph Construction. Liang, Quan; Weng, Jiancheng; Zhou, Wei; Santamaria, Selene Baez; Ma, Jianming; Rong, Jian 7484
Integrated Optimization on Train Control and Timetable to Minimize Net Energy Consumption of Metro Lines. Zhou, Yuhe; Bai, Yun; Li, Jiajie; Mao, Baohua; Li, Tang 11233
Integrating Bus Holding Control Strategies and Schedule Recovery: Simulation-Based Comparison and Recommendation. Wu, Weitiao; Liu, Ronghui; Jin, Wenzhou 9360
Intelligent Autonomous Transport Systems Design and Simulation. Chin, Cheng Siong; Zhong, Xionghu; Hamdan, Mohammad; Cui, Rongxin; Cano, Juan C.; Martinez-de Dios, 1261
Investigating the Differences of Single-Vehicle and Multivehicle Accident Probability Using Mixed Logit Model. Dong, Bowen; Ma, Xiaoxiang; Chen, Feng; Chen, Suren 7019
Investigation into Interactions between Accident Consequences and Traffic Signs: A Bayesian Bivariate Tobit Quantile Regression Approach. Xu, Xuecai; Saric, Zeljko 7302
Investigation on Range Anxiety and Safety Buffer of Battery Electric Vehicle Drivers. Yuan, Quan; Hao, Wei; Su, Haotian; Bing, Guanwen; Gui, Xinyuan; Safikhani, Abolfazl 8498
Investigations on Driver Unique Identification from Smartphone's GPS Data Alone. Chowdhury, Arijit; Chakravarty, Tapas; Ghose, Avik; Banerjee, Tanushree; Balamuralidhar, P. Report 8249
Joint Analysis of the Commuting Departure Time and Travel Mode Choice: Role of the Built Environment. Ma, Xiaolei; Yang, Jie; Ding, Chuan; Liu, Jianfeng; Zhu, Quan 8911
Joint Operating Revenue and Passenger Travel Cost Optimization in Urban Rail Transit. Li, Wenxin; Peng, Qiyuan; Li, Qinlin; Wen, Chao; Zhang, Yongxiang; Lessan, Javad 9103
Leader-Follower Based Locally Rigid Formation Control. Raghuwaiya, Krishna; Sharma, Bibhya; Vanualailai, Jito 8278
Locating Station of One-Way Carsharing Based on Spatial Demand Characteristics. Chen, Xiaohong; Cheng, Jiaqi; Ye, Jianhong; Jin, Yong; Li, Xi; Zhang, Fei 9006
Managing Recurrent Congestion of Subway Network in Peak Hours with Station Inflow Control. Zou, Qingru; Yao, Xiangming; Zhao, Peng; Dou, Fei; Yang, Taoyuan 9473
Metro Timetabling for Time-Varying Passenger Demand and Congestion at Stations. Li, Keping; Huang, Hangfei; Schonfeld, Paul 20108
Microscopic Simulation-Based High Occupancy Vehicle Lane Safety and Operation Assessment: A Case Study. Li, Chao; Karimi, Mohammad; Alecsandru, Ciprian Case study 7827
Minimizing Metro Transfer Waiting Time with AFCS Data Using Simulated Annealing with Parallel Computing. Liu, Xiaobo; Huang, Minghua; Qu, Hezhou; Chien, Steven 9270
Minimizing the Average Delay at Intersections via Presignals and Speed Control. Ghanbarikarekani, Mina; Qu, Xiaobo; Zeibots, Michelle; Qi, Weiwei 4962
Minimizing the Impact of Large Freight Vehicles in the City: A Multicriteria Vision for Route Planning and Type of Vehicles. Ezquerro, Sara; Romero, Juan P.; Moura, Jose L.; Benavente, Juan; Ibeas, Angel 4554
Mining Connected Vehicle Data for Beneficial Patterns in Dubai Taxi Operations. Bridgelall, Raj; Lu, Pan; Tolliver, Denver D.; Xu, Tai 4861
Model-Based Optimization of Velocity Strategy for Lightweight Electric Racing Cars. Targosz, Miroslaw; Skarka, Wojciech; Przystalka, Piotr 12159
Modeling Air Traffic Situation Complexity with a Dynamic Weighted Network Approach. Wang, Hongyong; Song, Ziqi; Wen, Ruiying 8739
Modeling and Predicting Stochastic Merging Behaviors at Freeway On-Ramp Bottlenecks. Sun, Jian; Zuo, Kang; Jiang, Shun; Zheng, Zuduo 8793
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Modeling the Effects of Bus Stops on Bicycle Traffic Flow by Cellular Automata. Huang, Zhaoguo; Guo, Xiucheng; Zhang, Chunbo; Zhang, Hongying 5726
Modeling the Satisfaction of Bus Traffic Transfer Service Quality at a High-Speed Railway Station. Cheng, Xiaoyun; Cao, Yu; Huang, Kun; Wang, Yuejiao 8020
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Multisource Data Framework for Road Traffic State Estimation. Grau, Josep Maria Salanova; Mitsakis, Evangelos; Tzenos, Panagiotis; Stamos, Iraklis; Selmi, Luigi; 5173
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On the Kinematics of Vehicles Relevant to Conflict Detection and Resolution. Campos, Luis Braga; Marques, Joaquim Guerreiro 8174
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Passenger Travel Regularity Analysis Based on a Large Scale Smart Card Data. Ouyang, Qi; Lv, Yongbo; Ren, Yuan; Ma, Jihui; Li, Jing 5952
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Potentialities of Autonomous Vehicles for Online Monitoring of Motorway Traffic Volume. Chang, Hyun-ho; Yoon, Byoung-jo 7789
Predicting and Visualizing the Uncertainty Propagations in Traffic Assignments Model Using Monte Carlo Simulation Method. Seger, Mundher; Kisgyorgy, Lajos 6935
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Sound-Proximity: 2-Factor Authentication against Relay Attack on Passive Keyless Entry and Start System. Choi, Wonsuk; Seo, Minhye; Lee, Dong Hoon 9512
Speed Behavior of Passenger Car on Helical Ramps and Helical Bridges in Mountain Riverside City. Xu, Jin; Fu, Jinghou; Liu, Xiaoming; Shao, Yiming 8389
Stability, Bifurcation, and Quenching Chaos of a Vehicle Suspension System. Chen, Chun-Cheng; Chang, Shun-Chang 5224
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Time-Dependent Transportation Network Design considering Construction Impact. He, Yi; Song, Ziqi; Zhang, Lihui 12349
Traffic Peak Period Detection from an Image Processing View. Xiao, Jianli; Li, Hang; Wang, Xiang; Yuan, Shangcao 3733
Traffic State Estimation Using Connected Vehicles and Stationary Detectors. Grumert, Ellen F.; Tapani, Andreas 9864
Trajectory Specification Language for Air Traffic Control. Paielli, Russell A. Report 7993
Tram-Oriented Traffic Signal Timing Resynchronization. Ji, Yuxiong; Tang, Yu; Wang, Wei; Du, Yuchuan 6600
Transfer Robustness Optimization for Urban Rail Transit Timetables. Ning, Liqiao; Zhao, Peng; Xu, Wenkai; Qiao, Ke 9728
Transportation Planning through GIS and Multicriteria Analysis: Case Study of Beijing and XiongAn. Farooq, Asim; Xie, Mowen; Stoilova, Svetla; Ahmad, Firoz; Guo, Meng; Williams, Edward J.; Gahlot, Vi 9380
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Trend Analysis of Pakistan Railways Based on Industry Life Cycle Theory. Li, Xuemei; Alam, Khalid Mehmood; Wang, Shitong 7267
Uncertainty Analysis for Natural Gas Transport Pipeline Network Layout: A New Methodology Based on Monte Carlo Method. Zeng, Jun; Sun, Chaoxu; Zhu, Zhenjun; Wu, Jiangling; Chen, Hongsheng 5540
Understanding the Effect of an E-Hailing App Subsidy War on Taxicab Operation Zones. Fang, Zhixiang; Su, Rongxiang; Huang, Lian 9791
UNION: A Trust Model Distinguishing Intentional and Unintentional Misbehavior in Inter-UAV Communication. Barka, Ezedin; Kerrache, Chaker Abdelaziz; Lagraa, Nasreddine; Lakas, Abderrahmane; Calafate, Carlos 5879
Urban Motion Planning Framework Based on N-Bezier Curves Considering Comfort and Safety. Lattarulo, Ray; Gonzalez, Leonardo; Marti, Enrique; Matute, Jose; Marcano, Mauricio; Perez, Joshue 7453
Urban Rail Transit Scheduling under Time-Varying Passenger Demand. Zhao, Xing; Hou, Zhongyan; Chen, Jihuai; Zhang, Yin; Sun, Junying 6427
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Urban Transformation in the Context of Rail Transport Development: The Case of a Newly Built Railway Line in Gdansk (Poland). Polom, Marcin; Tarkowski, Maciej; Puzdrakiewicz, Krystian 8995
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Validity of Mental Workload Measures in a Driving Simulation Environment. Galante, Francesco; Bracco, Fabrizio; Chiorri, Carlo; Pariota, Luigi; Biggero, Luigi; Bifulco, Genna 8549
Vehicle Relocation Triggering Thresholds Determination in Electric Carsharing System under Stochastic Demand. Ma, Wanjing; Wang, Lei; Li, Lin 7672
Vehicle Remote Health Monitoring and Prognostic Maintenance System. Shafi, Uferah; Safi, Asad; Shahid, Ahmad Raza; Ziauddin, Sheikh; Saleem, Muhammad Qaiser 6431
Vertical and Horizontal Queue Models for Oversaturated Signal Intersections with Quasi-Real-Time Reconstruction of Deterministic and Shockwave Queueing Profiles Using Limited Mobile Sensing Data. Liu, Yongyang; Guo, Jingqiu; Wang, Yibing 10762
Video Analytic Based Health Monitoring for Driver in Moving Vehicle by Extracting Effective Heart Rate Inducing Features. Lee, Kanghyu; Han, David K.; Ko, Hanseok 5278

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