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Articles from Journal of Acoustic Emission (January 1, 2007)

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A simple method to compare the sensitivity of different AE sensors for tank floor testing. Vallen, Hartmut; Vallen, Jochen; Forker, Jens Report 2052
Acoustic emission and X-ray tomography imaging of shear fracture formation in concrete. Katsaga, Tatyana; Young, R. Paul Report 3566
Acoustic emission leak testing of pipes for pressurized gas using active fiber composite elements as sensors. Brunner, Andreas J.; Barbezat, Michel Report 2600
Acoustic emission monitoring of flexurally loaded aramid/epoxy composites by embedded PVDF sensors. Caneva, Claudio; De Rosa, Igor Maria; Sarasini, Fabrizio Report 3606
Acoustic emission monitoring of reinforced concrete frame during seismic loading. Anastasopoulos, A.; Bousias, S.; Toutountzakis, T. Report 2718
Acoustic emission signals generated by monopole (pencil-lead break) versus dipole sources: finite element modeling and experiments. Hamstad, M.A. Report 5115
Acoustic emission source location in a thick steel plate by lamb modes. Hamstad, M.A. Report 7558
Acoustic emission source location on an arbitrary surface by geodesic curve evolution. Prasanna, G.; Bhat, M.R.; Murthy, C.R.L. Report 1910
Acoustic emission technique applied for monitoring and inspection of cementitious structures encapsulating aluminium. Spasova, L.M.; Ojovan, M.I.; Scales, C.R. Report 6842
Acoustic emission techniques standardized for concrete structures. Ohtsu, Masayasu; Isoda, Toshiro; Tomoda, Yuichi Report 3721
Acoustic emission testing of seam-welded high energy piping systems in fossil power plants. Rodgers, John M. Report 2002
AE monitoring of soil corrosion of buried pipe. Cho, Hideo; Takemoto, Mikio Report 2624
Analysis of acoustic emission from impact and fracture of CFRP laminates. Ono, Kanji; Mizutani, Yoshihiro; Takemoto, Mikio Report 2621
Analysis of the hydrogen degradation of low-alloy steel by acoustic emission. Paradowski, Krystian; Spychalski, Wojciech; Lublinska, Krystyna; Kurzydlowski, Krzysztof J. Report 1903
Application of acoustic emission in monitoring of failure in slide bearings. Baran, Ireneusz; Nowak, Marek; Darski, Wojciech Report 1834
Characteristics ofacoustic emissions from dehydrating wood related to shrinkage processes. Rosner, Sabine Report 2761
Characterization of titanium hydrides using a hybrid technique of AE and FEM during indentation test. Taniyama, Yoshihiro; Cho, Hideo; Takemoto, Mikio; Nakayama, Gen Report 2284
Clustering analysis of AE in rock. Iverson, N.; Kao, C.-S.; Labuz, J.F. Report 2241
Damage assessment of gearbox operating in high noisy environment using waveform streaming approach. Ozevin, Didem; Dong, Jason; Godinez, Valery; Carlos, Mark Report 2589
Damage evaluation of post-tensioned concrete viaduct by AE during proof loading. Proverbio, Edoardo; Campanella, Giuseppe; Venturi, Vincenzo Report 1475
Damage in carbon fibre composites: the discrimination of acoustic emission signals using frequency. Eaton, Mark; Holford, Karen; Featherston, Carol; Pullin, Rhys Report 2981
Damping, noise, and in-plane response of MEMS acoustic emission sensors. Wright, Amelia P.; Wu, Wei; Oppenheim, Irving J.; Greve, David W. Report 3194
Demand on flexural tension steel reinforcement anchorage zones in full-scale bridge bent caps quantified by means of acoustic emission. Schumacher, Thomas; Higgins, Christopher; Glaser, Steven; Grosse, Christian Report 2013
Early fault detection at gear units by acoustic emission and wavelet analysis. Scheer, Christian; Reimche, Wilfried; Bach, Friedrich-Wilhelm Report 2943
Evaluation of repair effect for deteriorated concrete piers of intake dam using AE activity. Shiotani, Tomoki; Aggelis, Dimitrios G. Report 3550
Global monitoring of concrete bridge using acoustic emission. Shiotani, T.; Aggelis, D.G.; Makishima, O. Report 3150
H. Reginald Hardy, Jr. (1931-2008). Ono, Kanji In memoriam 280
High-temperature acoustic emission sensing using aluminum nitride sensor. Noma, Hiroaki; Tabaru, Tatsuo; Akiyama, Morito; Miyoshi, Noriko; Hayano, Tomoharu; Cho, Hideo Report 2197
Hydrogen related brittle cracking of metastable Type-304 stainless steel. Cho, Hideo; Takemoto, Mikio Report 1881
Immersion-type quadridirectional optical fiber AE sensor for liquid-borne AE. Matsuo, Takuma; Cho, Hideo; Ogawa, Takeshi; Takemoto, Mikio Report 2257
Impact imaging method to map damage in concrete bridge deck slabs. Butt, Stephen D.; Limaye, Vidyadhar; Newhook, John P. Report 1894
Mapping of wheel flange rubbing on rail using AE: laboratory test. Thakkar, N.A.; Reuben, R.L.; Steel, J.A. Report 2401
Meeting calendar. Brief article 142
Monitoring the evolution of individual AE sources in cyclically loaded FRP composites. Unnthorsson, Runar; Runarsson, Thomas P.; Jonsson, Magnus T. Report 2017
Neural network burst pressure prediction in composite overwrapped pressure vessels. Hill, Eric v.K.; Dion, Seth-Andrew T.; Karl, Justin O.; Spivey, Nicholas S.; Walker, James L., II Report 2866
Novel acoustic emission source location. Pullin, Rhys; Baxter, Matthew; Eaton, Mark; Holford, Karen; Evans, Sam Report 2549
On using AE-hit patterns for monitoring cyclically loaded CFRP. Unnthorsson, Runar; Runarsson, Thomas P.; Jonsson, Magnus T. Report 2437
Plastic-region tightening of bolts controlled by acoustic emission method. Mizutani, Yoshihiro; Onishi, Tadashi; Mayuzumi, Masami Report 1975
Probability of detection for acoustic emission. Pollock, Adrian Report 2378
Real-time denoising of AE signals by short time Fourier transform and wavelet transform. Ito, Kaita; Enoki, Manabu Report 1536
Structural integrity evaluation using acoustic emission. Ono, Kanji Report 7025
Thirty years experience of industrial applications of acoustic emission testing at TUV Austria. Tscheliesnig, Peter Report 3206

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