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Jott this down.

Jott, a provider of mobile voice-to-text applications, selected Voxbone to enable its new voicemail-to-text conversion service, Jott Voicemail. Jott Voicemail is compatible with all major U.S. mobile operators and a growing number of smaller operators. To access the service, cell-phone users forward unanswered calls to a Voxbone number. Voxbone routes the call over its managed IP network to Jott's application servers, where Jott's voice-to-text technology takes over. It records a message and then turns the recorded voice into text, which is then delivered as an SMS or email. Jott also makes the original audio file available online and via a call-in number.

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Title Annotation:SOUNDBYTES; Jott's selection of Voxbone for voicemail-to-text conversion service
Publication:Speech Technology Magazine
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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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