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Jotamastic 87 - sand blast free epoxy system.

Maintenance painting can be a constant worry which cannot be ignored. It affects your budget, your production, your equipment and structures and the safety of your people. Jotamastic 87 has been specifically formulated to eliminate these worries economically. It is designed to lower the cost of preparation and application, and to increase the time between maintenance periods.

The Perfect Coating for Poorly

Pre-treated Surfaces

Blast-cleaning: For optimum adhesion, most protective coatings require that a steel surface is blast cleaned. Unfortunately, although quick and effective, blast-cleaning is expensive and sometimes not even practical. Using Jotamastic 87 ensures excellent adhesion without the need for this costly pre-treatment. And even if you are satisfied with blast-cleaning, this Jotun Coating still offers cost savings.

Corroded Steel: The presence of rust is often a sign that maintenance is required. But whatever the degree of corrosion and method of cleaning, complete removal of rust is expensive. Jotamastic 87 requires far less exacting preparation than other epoxy coatings. Its adhesion and penetrability is not impaired by the incomplete removal of rust; hence preparation costs can be greatly reduced without reduction in performance.

Old Paint: Steel surfaces in need of maintenance often show a combination of rust and old coatings. Like corrosion, old coating is also costly to remove completely. But for most protective coatings currently available, such cleaning is essential if incompatibility between new and old coatings is to be avoided. With its very low solvent content, Jotamastic 87 virtually eliminates the risk of incompatibility. It can be applied over many types of coatings without their lifting. If in doubt, a simple test patch will ensure that all is well.

The Maintenance Money Saver

High Solids Content: The high solids content of Jotamastic 87 coatings-ranging from 82% to 87% - allows the application of dry film thicknesses upto 400 microns in a single coat. As a result, the coating offers large savings in application cost - fewer coats are needed to reach the required thickness.

Easy Application: Jotamastic 87 can be easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray on any steel surface which is dry and reasonably clean. By choosing the most economical application method for each particular project, the cost of protection can be further reduced.

Better Protection: Along with its cost advantages, Jotamastic 87 offers excellent adhesion to steel surfaces and effectively penetrates and adheres to existing coatings, including weathered primers. The Jotun formulation also combines good resistance to abrasion with film flexibility to eliminate damage due to any expansion and contraction in the substrate.

Factors to Consider Before

Choosing Jotamastic 87

Jotamastic 87 is a high-tech coating which can be used to protect steel in a wide range of working environments. Its main advantage is exceptional performance at modest cost. In assessing its potential as a solution to your maintenance problems, consider the following: 1. The minimum surface preparation for Jotamastic 87 is only St 2 or 3. However, all loose material and contamination must be completely removed before application. 2. For optimum performance, Jotamastic 87 may also be applied on a surface thoroughly blast-cleaned to Sa 2-1/2 Jotamastic 87 is compatible with many other types of coatings and can therefore be used to economically upgrade existing treatment, to "epoxy" standards. 3. Jotamastic 87 can stand on its own, but when colour retention for good appearance over a long period of time is important, Jotamastic 87 is to be given a topcoat of Hardtop AS or Penguard Topcoat.


* Jotamastic 87 requires minimal preparation. * Jotamastic 87 offers economical long-term protection. * Jotamastic 87 achieves a complete system in one coat. * Jotamastic 87 can be applied over a large temperature range - down to minus 5oc. * Jotamastic 87 contains no Isocy anate
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