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Josh takes a dive; Casualty BBC1, 8.05pm.

JOSH'S (Ian Bleasdale) testosterone patches seem to be working when he jumps into a river to save a boy from drowning.

The lad, Owen (Toby Parkes), has been kidnapped in a car by his father, Carl (Jason Hughes), but when Carl stops at a cafe, Owen plays around with the ignition and knocks the car into gear.

The car rolls towards the river and plunges in. Josh, parked nearby with Comfort (Martina Laird), takes off his boots and dives in to rescue Owen.

When she learns of Josh's bravery, Colette (Adjoa Andoh) congratulates him with a kiss but their romantic mood is short-lived when Josh announces that he wants to start a family.

Unconvinced about bringing up a baby, Colette makes it clear that kids are certainly not part of her plan.

After Jack's (Will Mellor) performance in the nightclub, Nikki (Kelly Harrison) won't talk to him.

Jay (Paul Maddaford) lies in a ward upstairs recovering from his beating and things take a serious turn when Jack is arrested on suspicion of assault. Distressed, Jack calls Eddie (Philip Martin Brown) from the station.

Within moments Eddie visits Jay and threatens to break his legs if he does not drop the charges.

Ian Beasdale plays paramedic Josh Griffiths, a man whose love life has faced its fair share of traumas over the years.

After his family was killed in a house fire, Josh struggled to come to terms with his loss and found refuge in gambling before being straightened out by his caring hospital colleagues.

Josh finally found the strength of a new life through the love of nurse Colette but while they've been happy throughout most of their relationship, cracks are beginning to appear.

Even Ian is doubtful the future is bright for Josh and Colette.

He says: "The poor man's had more than his fair share of unhappiness in his life."

The Art Show

Ch4, 8.30pm

FOUNDER and designer of clothing label Red-or-Dead, Wayne Hemmingway casts a critical eye over designer consumer culture.

According to Hemmingway, designer labels have moved into every aspect of our lives and have taken up residence in our homes, encouraging us to pay over the odds for objects we may not need.

He contrasts the modern obsession with constant change to his childhood, when home was somewhere to relax, a place in which to hoard reminders of the family's life rather than to show-case innovations in furniture.

We have come to live, he says, in a "visual monoculture" in which fashion means conformism.

He cites the French designer Philippe Starck as a purveyor of this uniformity. And he questions whether a pounds 30 toilet brush is any more effective than the bog-standard, pounds 1.95 version.

An Audience With

Donny Osmond

ITV, 9.20pm

DONNY takes centre stage to entertain a celebrity-packed audience.

Joining forces with two of the biggest names in pop, Westlife and Blue, Donny belts out many of his chart-topping hits and, for the first time in 22 years, reunites with his Osmond brothers.

Wayne, Jay, Merrill and Alan sing on stage with Donny for the first time in two decades in an emotionally charged rendition of Love Me For A Reason.

Donny says: "Being reunited with my brothers on stage was amazing. They all went to great lengths to be there and had to cancel their own shows in the U.S. for this performance.

The show is made all the more memorable due to Alan Osmond's health problems - he has multiple sclerosis - but Donny felt the show just wouldn't be the same without him.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 23, 2002
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