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Jordy made a fortune out of Michael he's alone and abandoned!

Superstar Michael Jackson is celebrating becoming a father - but the boy who was once the apple of his eye has been abandoned by his parents.

Jordy Chandler became a rich young man thanks to his allegations of child abuse against Jackson. But while the star starts a new life as a family man, Jordy's family life lies in tatters.

Jordy, who just turned 17, has more money than he can spend and doesn't have to work a day in his life if he chooses.

But he has confided to friends he would trade it all if he could go back to being a normal lad growing up in suburban Los Angeles. The Jacko scandal took its toll on him. He no longer lives with his maternal parents.

His mother June Schwartz, who introduced Jordy to Jackson and escorted him to Jacko's mansion Neverland for dates, has no contact with her son.

The skateboard she delivered as a present on his last birthday lies discarded, still in its unwrapped box in the garage.

He has lost touch with his stepfather Dave Schwartz who tried to prevent the scandal to save Jordy from all the attention.

His real father Evan, who snatched Jordy from his mother and began threatening Jackson with a law suit unless he made a financial deal, has also gone.

He split with his second wife Natalie in 1995. He reportedly got one million dollars in the eventual settlement by Jackson and quit his successful dental practice.

Though he lives only a few hundred yards away in a bachelor pad, he rarely sees his son now.

Jordy lives with his step-mother Natalie, his eight- year-old half-brother Nikki and half-sister Emmanuel, five.

Since the crazed British Jackson fan Denise Pfeiffer got into the house and threatened the family, the boundary is lined with an 8ft spiked iron fence.

Jordy has few friends.

His one girlfriend, Sonnet Simmonds, left him when media attention became too much.

And Jordy has tried not to socialise with anyone from his past who knew him as "the kid who sued Jackson".

Around the world his name is famous but in Los Angeles where newspapers and television respect his anonymity he is just another rich LA kid. But few have any idea how rich.

When Jackson settled his civil law suit out of court in 1994, he agreed to pay Jordy pounds 15 million in annual instalments.

The final instalment will be in June 1999 - which coincides with the date when Jacko can no longer be prosecuted over the sex abuse allegations.

Under the US statute of limitations, police will not be able to reopen the case even if Jordy wanted them to.

But already Jordy has amassed huge wealth. His most recent bank statements show he has pounds 3 million-worth of bonds and shares alone. And he enjoys dabbling on the stock market with the help of his financial guru Jeffrey Hahn, vice president of the Santa Monica Bank.

He goes to a private school which he partly owns.

Jordy instructed his financial aides to buy into the Crossroads School when he noticed how much his annual fees were.

And after he bought himself a trendy Nissan Pathfinder vehicle and noticed how much money he was spending on petrol, he bought shares in Mobil, Chevron and Texaco. When he discovered the Internet on his computer he bought shares in Hewlett Packard Computers and telephone companies.

He even bought part of his bank, the Bank of New York.

Jordy has developed a taste for expensive clothes.

When he plays roller hockey outside his home he dons Armani trousers.

He surfs in Florida, scuba-dives in the Bahamas and skis in Taos and Vail, Colorado.

But all the holidays merely serve as a distraction.

Jordy is now an isolated and aloof character. Since the age of 13 his main company has been lawyers and social workers.

His father is still embroiled in a series of law cases.

Evan is being sued by Jordy's step-father for breaking up the family. Jordy's first attorney in turn is suing for his share of the settlement.

And his dad is suing Jackson again for allegedly breaking a gag order they had agreed on.

"All Jordy wants is to be a normal kid," said author Victor Gutierrez, who wrote the investigative book Michael Jackson Was My Lover: The Secret Diary of Jordy Chandler. "But he can't have that. The memories are too painful, and no amount of money can compensate for that."

This week, as every news channel and magazine broadcast the news that Jacko's wife Debbie has given birth to a son, Jordy couldn't bare to watch.

He escaped for a game of roller hockey with his half-brother in the street.

"Jordy dreams of being a great ice skater, hockey player or script writer," said Gutierrez.

"But in reality, he lacks the ambition and knows it. Who can be bothered when you already have millions in the bank?"
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Author:Smith, Kevin
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 16, 1997

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