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Jordanians find hilarity in Snapchat's choice to feature Irbid.

Snapchat chose to feature Irbid, Jordan, the second-largest governorate in the country, on Wednesday and it had some mixed reviews.

And after major cities like Cairo , Dubai and Tel Aviv, the main question on people's minds is why the tech giant chose to go with #Irbid_live over the capital of Amman. Here's how most people reacted.

lmao IRBID snapchat story out of all the cities in Jordan?!?!?! this is too funny to me

-- nadine (@nadineex3) October 6, 2015

Irbid before amman on snapchat?

-- [euro] [euro]*[euro]aa (@BaselBishawi) October 6, 2015

#irbid_live , no seriously, what is it there to show!!

-- Kawthar (@KawtharAlattar) October 6, 2015

So they lined up irbid between Dubai live and Doha live. Irbid never stood a chance.

-- Kalthoum (@KCedDz) October 7, 2015

Other Jordanians, mostly from Irbid, were glad to get the exposure.

thank you @Snapchat for bringing a part of Jordan, I love & miss my country so much #irbid_live love being jordanian

-- Dolama Rey (@DolamaRey) October 6, 2015

#irbid_live very proud that my hometown is being introduced to the world through @Snapchat

-- Samkari (@Samkari_Z) October 7, 2015

Less than 15 miles from the Syrian border, Irbid has become a hub for university education with a growing Syrian population. The place may be most well-known for University Street, which is cited as having once broken the world record for most Internet cafes on a street.

The problem with featuring lesser-known cities? The natives might have some specific demands.

If khan Zaid and Shawermaji don't make it to #irbid_live at least twice it wouldn't be irbid.

-- Kalthoum (@KCedDz) October 6, 2015

By Hayat Norimine

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Date:Oct 7, 2015
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