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Jones Ltd. brews Special Reserve.

D. Jones Ltd., contract brewers of New Hampshire's Frank Jones Ale, has announced the introduction of its newest product--Frank Jones Special Reserve.

Don Jones and LeaAnn Lombari, the company's owners, explained that the brew is available only through the state's liquor commission because of its higher alcohol content (6.2 percent). The state of New Hampshire has a 6-percent alcohol limit on those beers sold in grocery and convenience stores.

The Special Reserve can now be found in New Hampshire Liquor specialty stores throughout the state.

Jones explained that due to the popularity of Frank Jones Ale and this expected demand for Special Reserve, the company has begun construction on its own brewery in Newmarket, NH. The new brewing facility is expected to be open for business this fall, Jones said.
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Title Annotation:D. Jones Ltd.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 24, 1991
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