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Jones Brewing begins exports to Canada.

Jones Brewing begins exports to Canada

Jones Brewing Co. of Smithton, PA, has entered into an export agreement with the Canadian province of Ontario for the export of select brands produced at its plant.

In a move designed to expand their market while preserving the premium quality of their beer, Jones has begun exporting with a modest 60,000-case order of its Esquire Dry and Stoney's brands. The order is expected to be the beginning of a continuing series of orders not only to Ontario, but also to other Canadian provinces.

The export venture is an unprecedented one for the regional brewer, which sells most of its product to consumers primarily in the nearby Monongahela Valley, south of Pittsburgh.

"We wanted to export to find out if that's a good market for our beer," said Gabriel Podlucky, Jones' chief executive officer. "With larger breweries such as Budweiser and Miller driving prices through the floor with their assembly-line type brews, we think there are some more discriminating beer lovers in the world - particularly in Canada - who appreciate the naturally-brewed, quality product we can turn out at a brewery our size.

"The exporting venture was really a team effort, sparked by the Mon Valley Progress Council," Podlucky continued. "We are one of a number of Mid-Mon manufacturers that the Progress Council is working with to expand their markets through an export assistance program, begun in 1989."

Although the Canadian order represents their first export deal, it is not the only international effort mounted by Jones to date. Currently the brewer is under contract to produce a non-alcoholic brew for a Swiss firm.

Responding to whether his brewery can handle the larger international role while maintaining product quality, Podlucky said, "If we ever get to the point where we're getting strapped, we'll build another plant - whatever it takes. The biggest thing we have going for us is the taste and quality of our brew. Nothing's going to interfere with that."
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Title Annotation:Esquire Extra Dry and Stoney's beer lines
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 20, 1990
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