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Jones, Allan Frewin and Chalk, Gary: Sundered Lands, Book One: Trundle's Quest.

Jones, Allan Frewin and Chalk, Gary

Sundered Lands, Book One: Trundle's Quest

Hodder, 2010, pp164, 4.99 [pounds sterling]

978 0 340 98809 1

Trundle, the hedgehog, is the Lamplighter of Shiverstones. He leads a simple and quiet life: working, then returning home to eat cabbage soup. Then one day, trouble and adventure come in the form of a Romany called Esmerelda Lightfoot.

Esmerelda believes that Trundle is the Lamplighter who appears on the Prophetic Badger Blocks. She wants him to join her on a quest to find the Six Crowns of the Badgers of Power. However, Esmerelda is being closely followed by the evil Captain Grizzletusk and his pirate band, and they must escape from the pirates before they can begin their quest.

Trundle's Quest is a highly imaginative and inventive story set on a vast archipelago of floating islands called the Sundered Lands. The writing is full of action and adventure, making the story fast-paced and exciting. This encourages the reader to keep reading. The illustrations are also extremely good. They are detailed and work very well with the text, making this an excellent introduction to fantasy for young readers.

The book also plays little tricks on the reader. Neither the cover nor the first few pages reveal that Trundle is in fact a hedgehog. This is only revealed when he meets Esmerelda. This is a clever way of subverting any preconceptions the reader might have about a fantasy story.

Trundle's Quest is the first in a series of six books, following the quest for the six Badger's Crowns.

Andrea Rayner

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Author:Rayner, Andrea
Publication:School Librarian
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Date:Dec 22, 2010
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