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Jonathan W. Martin of NIST to deliver 2006 FSCT Mattiello Memorial Lecture.

The Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology is pleased to announce the selection of Jonathan W. Martin, Group Leader of the Polymeric Materials Group within the Building and Fire Research Laboratory of NIST, to deliver the Joseph J. Mattiello Memorial Lecture during the organization's 84th Annual Meeting, November 1-3, 2006, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA. The Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the International Coatings Expo and the International Coatings Technology Conference.


The invited lecture commemorates the contributions of Dr. Mattiello former President of the FSCT (1943-44), who was instrumental in expanding the application of the sciences in the decorative and protective coatings fields. He was vice president and technical director of Hilo Varnish Corporation, Brooklyn, NY, when he died in 1948.

The lecturer, chosen from among selected individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the science and/or technology of coatings, is invited to deliver a paper on a phase of chemistry or other physical science, engineering, human relationships or other sciences fundamental to paint and coatings, varnish, lacquer, or otherwise related to protective or decorative coatings.

Educational and Professional Background

Dr. Martin earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Pennsylvania State University in 1968 and 1971, respectively. He earned his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Washington State University in 1979. In 1978, he joined the Polymeric Materials Group in the Building and Fire Research Laboratory at NIST as materials research engineer. In 1994, Dr. Martin became the Group Leader for the Polymeric Materials Group. He is responsible for the research of 35 staff members and has directed the Coatings Service Life Prediction Consortium from 1994 to the present. Dr. Martin has over 130 publications, two patents, and has co-edited three proceedings books.

Career Highlights

Dr. Martin's main research interest has been the implementation of a reliability-based methodology for predicting the weathering service life of polymeric materials. Implementation has many aspects including developing novel metrologies for characterizing coatings, deriving mathematical models for characterizing degradation and for linking field and laboratory exposure results, as well as designing and creating high-throughput and informatics systems capable of improving measurement and data analysis efficiency.

Recent progress toward this goal includes the analysis of the validity of reciprocity and additivity laws for polymer degradation, deriving models for linking field and laboratory exposure results, designing and building a novel laboratory exposure device, called the NIST SPHERE, that essentially removes all known sources of experimental error from the exposures, and, finally, validating models for characterizing field exposure environments in near real-time and in the same way that these environments are characterized in the laboratory. He has also initiated an extensive research program in nano-physical and nano-chemical measurements for characterizing polymer degradation.

Dr. Martin has received numerous awards for his research. He has received an R & D 100 award for his research on the roughness of metallic surfaces using infrared thermography. From the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology, Dr. Martin has received the 1990 Best Corrosion Paper award, the 1995 Technical Focus Speaker Award, the 2003 second place Roon Award, the 2004 first place Roon Award, and the 2004 John Gordon Best Paper Award. From the U.S. Department of Commerce, he has received a Bronze Medal Award in 1996 and the William P. Slichter Award in 2004 for his continued efforts in stabling numerous industry consortia aimed at addressing critical research needs of the coatings and sealants industries. Dr. Martin will also be the recipient of the 2006 American Chemical Society Tess Award.

Industry Contributions

Since 1997, Dr. Martin has co-chaired four international symposia on the service life prediction of polymeric materials. The first three symposia were held in 1997, 1999, and 2003, while the fourth will be held in Key Largo, FL, in 2006. Proceedings for the first three symposia have been published in book form.

NIST views government/industry consortia as an effective means to transfer technology from the government to industry. The Polymeric Materials Group, headed by Dr. Martin, has led or has co-led five NIST/industry consortia since 1994. One of the earliest NIST/industry consortium, the Roofing Service Life Prediction Consortium, completed its assigned tasks. The Coatings Service Life Prediction, the Sealants Service Life Prediction, and the Polymer Interphase Consortia are ongoing from 1994, 2001, and 2001, respectively, and each of these consortia have completed more than one three-year phase of research while the Fire Retardant Materials Consortium will start its first three-year phase of research in 2006.

Dr. Martin is also a member of several ASTM and RILEM standards groups.
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