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Jonathan Culler: A checklist of writings on literary criticism and theory to 1994.

This enumerative bibliography of Jonathan Culler's publications in literary theory and criticism is divided into two parts. The first lists books that he has published or edited, and is arranged chronologically. The second lists shorter works - chapters, essays, reviews, and other substantial publications - which have appeared in volumes or journals, and are grouped by year of publication, through 1994.

Within the annual groupings in Part 2, publications that span two years are listed at the end of the group for the earlier date: thus an item appearing in the 1980-1981 volume of a journal will be listed under publications for 1980, at the end. Aside from this, the order of material within an annual group is that book reviews follow non-reviews. Reviews (regardless of whether they have titles) are listed alphabetically by title of the publication in which they appear; and, when more than one review was published in a given publication in the same year, the ordering is by page number within the publication volume. As for non-reviews, essays appearing in volumes precede those appearing in journals, followed by miscellaneous non-review publications, where again items in volumes (such as prefaces, encyclopedia articles, etc.) precede those in journals (responses, editorials, etc.). In any of these categories, English-language publications precede those in French.

The scope of this bibliography is limited in a number of respects. I have omitted some items which appeared in foreign-language or popular-press publications, or in publications that I judged ephemeral. Further, I have ignored instances where snippets of Culler's work have been reprinted in textbooks or the like. Further still, I have not been concerned with translations of books or essays by Culler into other languages (though there are a number of such instances). In regard to books especially, I have ignored British as opposed to American publication information, except where there is some significant difference (i.e., as to date, title, etc.).

One of my interests in arranging this listing has been to show, as clearly as possible, the interrelations between Culler's publications, especially in two kinds of case: (1) those where essays have appeared in similar versions under different titles, and (2) those where essay-length publications have been absorbed into chapters of books. In regard to the latter, the entries in the second part are cross-referenced to those in the first, where a short title is given in italics for any book that includes material published separately. Thus an essay like "Presupposition and Intertextuality" (1976), which appears in revised form as ch. 5 of The Pursuit of Signs (1981), is listed as "Revised in Pursuit 5," followed by the pagination for the essay as it appears in the book.

Entries that I have not been able to verify are marked with an asterisk.

I would like to thank my colleagues Craig Abbott and Robert Self for help on specific points in this bibliography. Most especially I would like to thank Jonathan Culler for his cooperation and assistance.

1. Books

Flaubert: The Uses of Uncertainty. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1974; rpt. 1985 ["Afterword" added, 233-38,264: inc. revision of "The Uses of Madame Bovary" (1981)].

Structuralist Poetics: Structuralism, Linguistics, and the Study of Literature [Poetics]. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1975.

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Framing the Sign: Criticism and Its Institutions. Normal: U of Oklahoma P, 1988 [Framing].

Ed. On Puns: The Foundation of Letters. Oxford: Blackwell, 1988.

2. Shorter Publications


Review of Milton and the Renaissance Hero, by John M. Steadman (1967). Oxford Magazine 23 Feb. 1968: 216-17.

1969 [=1970]

Review [unsigned] of Humanism and Terror, by Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1947), trans. John O'Neill (1969). Yale Review 59.2 (1970): vi, x. In "Reader's Guide."

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Review of La Langage, ed. Andre Martinet (1968). Modern Language Review 65 (1970): 586-87.

"Interpreting Myths." Review of G. S. Kirk, Myth: Its Meaning and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures (1970). Yale Review 60 (1970-1971): 108-14.


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Revised in Poetics, ch. 10: "'Beyond' Structuralism: Tel Quel." 241-54, 272.

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