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Joke of century.

This could only be the joke of the century, this call of the US-led western powers for a "peaceful and democratic transition" in Libya. What transition are they talking about and transition from whom to whom?

Is their any central authority left in the country after the assassinated Libyan long-time autocrat Moammar Gaddafi's ouster in 2011? Doesn't the whole of the country now virtually stand completely fragmented into Bantustans, with a multiplicity of militant militias, private armies, thuggish gangs and warring tribes ruling the roost in their respective fiefdoms jealously?

And isn't it that this unrecognisably fractured land has no functioning military force worth the salt to establish the state's writ all over the beleaguered land? And isn't it that there though is a government, but only in name, and only on paper, not on the ground? The truth about this lame-duck government could well be imagined from the fact that just a short while ago its prime minister was taken in custody by a militant militia and kept in its captivity for several hours. And it was not for any fear or action of a state security force that he was released by the militia. It did it on its own sweet will.

That should suffice to know of the skullduggery of this western call. It indeed were these western gladiators that have brought this calamity of a ravaging chaos, anarchy and lawlessness on the unsuspecting Libyan people. Of course, it was the Tunisian-origin Arab Spring that infected them energetically to rise up against their long-time oppressor. And rise they did courageously and unbendingly.

With their furious street protest they drove the autocrat into a real tight corner, with his close aides and confidantes throwing desperate feelers that he was prepared for a political settlement. Given the hopeless position he was in irretrievably, there was every possibility that a peace settlement could have ended up in his exit, albeit with some advantages and guarantees.

Had these western adventurists let the Libyan people settle the issue in their own best lights, their blighted land would not have been in intractable turmoil and turbulence as are they in now.

But they foolishly fell to the machinations of these western adventurists who had their own ideas and objectives. It is not as much the ouster of the Libyan autocrat that had propelled them on to poking their long noses in the popular uprising in Libya as was the intoxicating seductive smell of the Libyan oil. After all, not infrequently they had, particularly the United States and Britain, coalesced with him for the rendition of their Muslim terrorism suspects for interrogation and torture in his jails. And not that the Libya oil, statedly of the finest quality, was any forbidden domain to their oil giants, either.

Indeed, the oil leaders of Britain, France and Italy had long been in business in Libya. They were worked up over the influx of the Chinese enterprise in the Libyan oilfield. They apprehended after having established a foothold, the Chinese would expand and possibly elbow out the western oil cartel from the arena. It was this unquenchable thirst for the Libya oil that drove them mad and launch into an action that has now turned out to be disastrously counter-productive for them. In order to throw out Gaddafi from the scene altogether, they had set out to destroy the whole of his military machine. Taking the cover of an ambiguous resolution of the UN Security Council, they mounted a weeks-long huge air action led by the US warplanes and joined up by France and Britain with the latest inventories in their air arsenals.

This air operation not only destroyed his military muscle cripplingly but it also disintegrated his military force from top to bottom, with its officers and men fleeing their posts and deserting the military service altogether. That left no security arm for the Libyan newcomers to exert their authority and establish the state writ. Chaos was thus inevitable. And that is what has happened. And not just to the Libyans, to their great grief, but to themselves too to their own great grief. In view of the ravaging lawlessness and insecurity, the western oil companies had to pack up and leave. And they all have left from to all, leaving the pioneer western adventurists of this chaos high and dry.

Had indeed the Libyans not invoked the intervention of these adventurists, they would have been as better off now as are their Tunisians fraternal cousins. They had rebuffed foreign interference in their revolution disdainfully and are now well on the way of further bolstering the democratic fruits of their campaign. Not the poor Libyans, on whom a disgraced long-cashiered Libyan general, Khalifa Haftar, hosted for decades in some safe haven in the American state of Virginia, has recently been landed for an adventurist campaign. That would only add to their woes.
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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
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Date:May 25, 2014
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