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Joint statistical meetings. (Behind the Scenes).

This year, the American Statistical Association (ASA) held its 161st Annual Meetings in Atlanta, GA, from August 5-9. Each year at these meetings, statisticians, mathematicians, economists, computer specialists, and other professionals share data, ideas, and research. ASA attendees can take part in a variety of paper presentations, caucus meetings, and section-sponsored activities. As in years past, SOI was represented at ASA by the work of many people.

SOI representatives included Martha Eller, Brian Francis, Nick Greenia, Emily Gross, Barry Johnson, Paul McMahon, Jacob Mikow, Tom Petska, Tammy Rib, Pete Sailer, Mike Weber, Missy Whitten, and Bill Wong. The one event that included a majority of SOI personnel was a session sponsored by the Section on Government Statistics, the section for which Bill Wong serves as Webmaster. This session, entitled "Innovative Analyses of Federal Tax and Information Returns," was organized by Tom Petska and chaired by former SOI Director Dan Skelly. The following five SOI-sponsored papers were presented there:

* "The 1998 Gift Tax Panel Study: Using the IRS Returns Transaction File as a "Sample Frame" by Martha Eller and Tammy Rib

* "Taxing Charity: Linking Income Tax Returns to Samples of Nonexempt Charitable and Charitable Remainder Trust Returns" by Melissa Belvedere, Jacob Mikow, and Melissa Whitten

* "Measuring the Impact of Interstate Migration on Federal Income Tax Receipts" by Brian Francis and Emily Gross

* "Disclosure-Proofing the 1996 Individual Tax Return Public Use File" by Pete Sailer, Mike Weber, and Bill Wong

* "Statistical Information from Administrative Records in the Federal Tax System" by Tom Petska

In addition to the eleven authors whose works were presented in the above-mentioned session, three SOI participants contributed to other sessions, all sponsored by the Section on Survey Research Methods. In a session entitled "Sample Design and Redesign," Paul McMahon presented his paper, "Sample Design Revisions in the Wake of NAICS and Regulatory Changes." Nick Greenia, in a session entitled, "Confidentiality and Survey Data," presented his paper, "Business Perceptions of Confidentiality," co-authored with Julia Lane and Brad Jensen, both of the Census Bureau. Also, in this section, Barry Johnson chaired a four-paper session entitled "Survey Research Via the Internet: Methodological Issues."

Overall, the ASA Annual Meetings were a success for SOI. The meetings provided an avenue to profile the efforts and dedication of SOI staff, as well as to learn from others. The ASA audience drew from a variety of disciplines that allowed attendees to be introduced and exposed to SOI and some of its diverse work. Finally and importantly, Dan Skelly was able to chair a session and see first-hand the ongoing work he fostered while at SOI.
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