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Joint security pledge.

THE British and French governments have pledged to increase security at the Eurotunnel after one migrant died during an attempt by hundreds to storm the Channel Tunnel.

Eurotunnel has revealed that since the beginning of the year it has blocked 37,000 migrants trying to make their way to Britain, and that in the last month nine people have died trying to cross the Channel.

The operator said that on Monday night 2,000 attempts were made by people to storm the tunnel, and that it had fielded 1,500 more on Tuesday night - when a man believed to be a Sudanese national was crushed under a truck.

Although no one succeeded last night, it is thought that up to 148 people made it to the UK after Monday's incursion.

French police have been urged to take a "zero tolerance" approach to the crisis or face British deportation centres being "overwhelmed" with migrants.

Home Secretary Theresa May confirmed that "a number" of people crossed the border, adding that the French and British governments needed to work with Eurotunnel to quickly address the issue.

Speaking at the Home Office, Mrs May said: "Crucially what we are looking at now is improving security at the railhead at Coquelles, so we can ensure people are not trying to come through the tunnel.

"That means some urgent work in government but also with Eurotunnel, and Eurotunnel has a role to play here in the measures they themselves put in place to protect their trains."


A train leaves the Eurotunnel at Coquelles

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 30, 2015
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