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Facing an uncertain future: Gerald Hensley comments on the approach to defence outlined by Hugh White and suggests that there is good reason not to be too gloomy about coming difficulties. Hensley, Gerald May 1, 2020 1438
Learning the Art of Joint Operations: Ulysses S. Grant and the U.S. Navy. Laver, Harry Essay Apr 1, 2020 5194
Peacetime Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific. Asare, Benjamin A. Mar 1, 2020 7656
Reconceiving Modern Warfare: A Unified Model. Reid, K.C. Report Jan 1, 2020 5450
Harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Across the Seven Joint Functions. Ray, Brian David; Forgey, Jeanne F.; Mathias, Benjamin N. Report Jan 1, 2020 9375
Iran terms 1980 tabas desert operation 'historic US failure'. Brief article May 5, 2019 304
Fire for Effect: The Evolution of Joint Fires. Berwanger, J. Mark Apr 1, 2019 3296
Joint Mission Control: From Component to Joint Leadership of All-Domain Missions. Chapman, Matthew B.; Dalman, Gerrit H. Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2019 4934
Fighting and Learning in the Great War: Four Lessons in Coalition Warfare. Grieco, Kelly A. Sep 22, 2018 5592
Enhancing Global Security Through Security Force Assistance. Smith, Keith D. Jul 1, 2018 1864
Reverse Engineering Goldwater-Nichols: China's Joint Force Reforms. Smith, Shane A.; Henderschedt, Thomas; Luedecking, Timothy D. Jul 1, 2018 7067
REMEMBERING. Peate, Les Excerpt Jul 1, 2018 538
Bombing the Romanian Rail Network. Truxal, Luke Mar 22, 2018 4690
CANADA'S DEFENCE PLANNING ADRIFT: No apparent operational focus in foreseeable future. Taylor, Scott Feb 1, 2018 842
The Final Tactical Mile in Multi-Domain Battle: Seizing Mosul, Tal Afar, and Raqqa. Sharpsten, Christopher J. Jan 1, 2018 1569
NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Sigonella's Enterprise Logistics Response Team Supports Saxon Warrior 17. McMillen, Tia Nichole Nov 1, 2017 503
Defeating ISIL: we will need more than just hammers in the toolbox. Stogran, Pat Jul 1, 2017 1544
Providing materiel readiness on a joint Battlefield. Perna, Gustave "gus" Jul 1, 2017 576
The Egyptian-GCC Military Exercises. Mar 13, 2017 192
A ride through horror. Brief article Jan 9, 2017 173
Images of the joint logistics enterprise: a political system: this article, the second in a series of three about how logisticians can view the joint logistics enterprise, discusses the enterprise as a political system. Paparone, Christopher R.; Topic, George L., Jr. Sep 1, 2016 621
The three dimensions of interoperability for multinational training at the JMRC: by focusing on the technical, procedural, and human dimensions during training, units can ensure better interoperability. Gamble, Duane A.; Letcher, Michelle M.T. Sep 1, 2016 1662
The joint logistics enterprise: machine and organism: this article, the first in a series of three about how logisticians can view the joint logistics enterprise, discusses the enterprise as both a machine and a complex organism. Paparone, Christopher R.; Topic, George L., Jr. Jul 1, 2016 647
Joint theater sustainment integration is within reach in the Pacific. Dorman, Edward F., III; Vielledent, Marc C. Jul 1, 2016 900
Sustainment mission command in a globally distributed environment. Dorman, Edward F., III Jul 1, 2016 1437
The 16th Sustainment Brigade sustains a strong Europe. Gamble, Duane A.; Letcher, Michelle M.T. Jul 1, 2016 1764
The joint munitions command ensures ammunition readiness: JMC responsible for the life-cycle management of ammunition and provides joint forces with munitions to enable successful military operations. Farmen, Stephen E. Jul 1, 2016 520
Interorganizational cooperation III of III: the joint force perspective. McArthur, By James C.; Marshall, Cara Allison; Erickson, Dale; Flowers, E. Paul; Franco, Michael E.; Apr 1, 2016 6984
Thoughts on force protection. Berkebile, Richard E. Essay Apr 1, 2016 4752
If we fight joint, shouldn't our history reflect that? Winkler, David F. Apr 1, 2016 3739
From the chairman: our force and our fight. Dunford, Joseph F., Jr. Essay Jan 1, 2016 821
Building joint capacity within the reserve component. French, Brent Jan 1, 2016 7261
Joint force observations of retrograde operations from Afghanistan. Piggee, Aundre F.; Bain, Matthew; Carlson, David; Lliteras, Richard; Ostrander, Christopher; Pleis, Jan 1, 2016 4273
The criticality of collaborative planning. Mussoni, Sarah; de Vreede, Gert-Jan; Buckles, Alfred Jan 1, 2016 3563
Interorganizational cooperation II of III: the humanitarian perspective. McArthur, James C.; Carswell, Andrew J.; Cone, Jason; Chamberlain, Faith M.; Dyer, John; Erickson, D Jan 1, 2016 5959
The enduring IED problem: why we need doctrine. Tranchemontagne, Marc Jan 1, 2016 5505
Expanding the NATO movement control network. Yauger, Robert R. Nov 1, 2015 2492
The benefits of deploying health physics specialists to joint operation areas. Mower, Scott; Bast, Joshua D.; Myers, Margaret Jul 1, 2015 3320
To enable and sustain: Pacific Air Forces' theater security cooperation as a line of operation. Warner, Jeffrey B. Jan 1, 2015 5771
Implementing joint operational access: from concept to joint force development. Thomas, Jon T. Report Oct 1, 2014 2742
Rules for planning joint sustainment. Solseth, Mark Mar 1, 2014 2562
Overcoming logistics challenges in east africa: The Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa has established a presence in East Africa to strengthen organic security capabilities, prevent conflict, and build partner-nation capacity. King, Akil R., III; Moss, Zackary H.; Pittman, Afi Y. Jan 1, 2014 1661
Friend or foe? Aikins, Matthieu Nov 1, 2013 6239
From the chairman: leadership in historic times. Dempsey, Martin E. Oct 1, 2013 689
Widening the aperture in education. Battaglia, Bryan B. Oct 1, 2013 1135
Reconnaissance and surveillance looking deep. Cone, Robert W. Essay Oct 1, 2013 2084
ISR support to operational access: winning initiative in antiaccess and area-denial environments. Marvin, Andrew Robert Essay Oct 1, 2013 4254
Mission command: addressing challenges and sharing insights. Parrington, James; Findlay, Mike Essay Oct 1, 2013 4478
Military space: at a strategic crossroad. Shelton, William L. Sep 1, 2013 2008
Airmen and mission command. Harvard, James W. Report Mar 1, 2013 4765
Active shooter architecture approach offers joint operations protection. Burns, Phillip G. Jan 1, 2013 2295
Manage or educate: fulfilling the purpose of joint professional military education. Bowhers, Vincent C. Essay Oct 1, 2012 3488
Delivering Air Sea Battle. Fitzgerald, Mark P. Essay Oct 1, 2012 1957
Developing joint force officer-enlisted leadership capacity for the 21st century. Brownhill, Curtis L. Essay Jul 1, 2012 2029
Offensive cyber for the join force commander: it's not that different. Carter, Rosemary M.; Feick, Brent; Undersander, Roy C. Jul 1, 2012 4773
Forging jointness under fire: air-ground integration in Israel's Lebanon and Gaza wars. Lambeth, Benjamin S. Jul 1, 2012 5262
The F-35 and the future of power projection. Laird, Robbin F.; Timperlake, Edward T. Essay Jul 1, 2012 7502
Increased US troops criticized. Brief article Jun 22, 2012 158
Operational level of war. Dec 1, 2011 706
Huge US-Israeli Army Exercise to Test Missile Defense. Nov 6, 2011 103
The joint direct support airborne ISR Initial Capabilities Document. Ilse, Lee F. Jul 1, 2011 2325
Supporting the joint fight: joint forcible entry exercise 10-6. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 204
Strategic Landpower Essay contest announced. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 147
Mamata sees red over joint forces. Oct 26, 2010 720
Mamata Banerjee wants joint forces to quit West Bengal's Maoist-hit areas. Oct 20, 2010 328
Joint forces kill 3 militants in Helmand. Oct 20, 2010 213
The Joint Interrogation Certification Course. Sanders, Kelly Oct 1, 2010 397
The Joint Analyst and Interrogator Collaboration Course. Skora, Patrick Oct 1, 2010 1027
Rebels detained in joint operations. Sep 28, 2010 171
Joint forces to remain in West Bengal, says Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. Jul 30, 2010 273
US army officer to leave post in Iraq, head Joint Forces Command. May 25, 2010 141
VDC, Army launch joint operations to flush out militants in J-K. May 17, 2010 372
Joint forces arrest wanted person in Kirkuk. May 11, 2010 93
Juniper chosen by US Joint Forces Command. Apr 15, 2010 222
Joint forces capture 11 infiltrators west of Mosul. Apr 6, 2010 100
Insurgents detained in joint operations. Mar 11, 2010 259
Joint forces poised for Helmand battle. Feb 4, 2010 494
A joint connection in the skies above Afghanistan. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 215
Joint forces to remain in Kirkuk until after election. Jan 31, 2010 98
Joint forces operate in disputed areas. Jan 31, 2010 349
Joint forces to secure elections in Kirkuk. Jan 26, 2010 134
Mahjob: deploying joint forces in Nineveh aims at dividing Iraq. Jan 5, 2010 123
U.S. Joint Forces Command provides Global Force Management: increased troop levels means better security for the Afghan people and an extraordinary logistics campaign for U.S. troop deployment. Anderson, Sharon Jan 1, 2010 2172
Joint forces detain 30 people in Baiji. Dec 23, 2009 111
Purple dragons: should the Chemical Corps become joint? Walk, Robert D. Report Dec 22, 2009 2057
Operating the distributed common ground system: a look at the human factor in net-centric operations. Brown, Jason M. Essay Dec 22, 2009 3673
21 insurgents killed in joint operations, ministry claims. Dec 21, 2009 181
Allied Joint Forces official pleads not guilty to swearing at airport policeman. Dec 10, 2009 478
Lockheed Martin team awarded USD29m contract by US Joint Forces Command. Sep 22, 2009 152
Hashemi voices reservations about joint forces presence in Kirkuk, Ninewa. Sep 16, 2009 154
Future of war: how the game is changing of war. Erwin, Sandra I. Aug 1, 2009 4260
Q&A with U.S. Marine Corps General James N. Mattis NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command. Interview Jul 1, 2009 2821
Q&A with vice Adm. Robert S. "Bob" Harward, Deputy Commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command Rear Adm. Dan W. Davenport, Director, Joint Concept Development and Experimentation Directorate (J9), U.S. Joint Forces Command. Interview Jul 1, 2009 2580
Joint exercise Northern Edge ensures maritime security. Owsley, Steve; Stennis, John C. Jul 1, 2009 350
Global distributed ISR operations: the changing face of warfare. Deptula, David A.; Marrs, James R. Report Jul 1, 2009 4304
Joint chiefs of staff J7 Joint Education and Doctrine Division. Jul 1, 2009 1038
Ethical challenges for commanders and their chaplains. Brinsfield, John W.; Wester, Eric Jul 1, 2009 1122
The joint narrative: describing the future environment and joint operations. Mattis, James N. Report Jul 1, 2009 4289
The Army's "organic" unmanned aircraft systems: an unhealthy choice for the joint operational environment. Burdine, Travis A. Jun 22, 2009 6743
CBRNE response measures for the 2009 presidential inauguration. DiGioia, Jeremy J.; Ebbert, Jonathan Jun 22, 2009 1670
Business acumen: what it means to logisticians. O'Brien, Kristina M.; Ferris, Stephen P. Essay Jun 22, 2009 5405
Our joint connection. Crow, Shirley Jun 22, 2009 1040
Partnerships the right team: partnering, partnerships, strategic partnerships--those are some interesting words. You've probably heard them bantered about frequently during the last few years. Likewise, you've probably seen a variety of briefs, books, pamphlets, or handouts where organizations told you about their partnerships. Jun 22, 2009 330
Joint operations at JAXPORT. Hill, Anthony, Jr. Jun 22, 2009 749
Joint forces might help local funding. Jun 2, 2009 344
Operation Arctic Care '09 medical outreach in America's last frontier. Grills, Matt Jun 1, 2009 1568
Information 365 24/7. Egge, Sean May 1, 2009 821
Multi-nation logistics: a top J4 priority for the warfighter. Booker, Eric May 1, 2009 1134
An exercise in sea-basing ... 5th Fleet coalition cargo. Cuca, Zack May 1, 2009 549
Unit safety. Brief article May 1, 2009 331
Joint Chiefs of Staff release Capstone concept for joint operations. May 1, 2009 390
Interview with Rear Admiral John M. Richardson USJFCOM Strategy and Policy Directorate (JS). Interview Apr 1, 2009 3648
Effects-based thinking in joint doctrine. Apr 1, 2009 596
Health sector development in Afghanistan: the way forward. Brezinski, Paul; Edie-Korleski, Montserrat; Durrani, Timur S.; Howard, Douglas; Manansala, Michael Apr 1, 2009 4002
The heart of an officer: joint, interagency, and international operations and Navy career development. Stavridis, James; Hagerott, Mark Essay Mar 22, 2009 6424
Expeditionary logistics in its truest form. Paquette, Richard A. Mar 1, 2009 1912
The 8th Theater Sustainment Command leads the way during operation Pacific Strike 2008. MacCarley, Mark; Coleman, Brian F. Cover story Mar 1, 2009 2532
Two services work toward one mission in Afghanistan. Conaty, Brendan Brief article Feb 1, 2009 291
Effects-based operations: combat proven. Carpenter, P. Mason; Andrews, William F. Jan 1, 2009 3056
EBO: there was no baby in the bathwater. Van Riper, Paul K. Jan 1, 2009 3294
Coast Guard boosting cooperation with military. Rusling, Matthew Jan 1, 2009 1049
Capability test methodology and Join Battlespace Dynamic Deconfliction. Hutchison, Steven; Lorenzo, Max; Bryan, Dan Jan 1, 2009 2594
JEOC Joint Engineer Operations Course. King, Rachel M.; Boeres, Dwayne E. Jan 1, 2009 1398
When is deterrence necessary? Gauging adversary intent. Schaub, Gary, Jr. Report Jan 1, 2009 11284
The "in lieu of" myth: airmen of joint ground operations. Marttala, David W. Report Jan 1, 2009 6054
The "in lieu of" myth: airmen of joint ground operations. Marttala, David W. Case study Jan 1, 2009 13484
The "in lieu of" myth: airmen of joint ground operations. Marttala, David W. Report Jan 1, 2009 9760
Operation just cause: an air power perspective. Siler, Stetson M. Essay Dec 22, 2008 8098
Army strategic intelligence: prepared for the future. Dunmire, Brian Company overview Oct 1, 2008 6633
Air Force logistics readiness officers: how to be successful in a joint environment. Hunt, Andrew Sep 22, 2008 1372
JLOTS 2008: soldiers, sailors train 'over the shore'. Lorge, Elizabeth M. Sep 22, 2008 1019
Unified View: how U.S. Transportation Command, U.S. Joint Forces Command and the Defense Logistics Agency are collaborating to deliver faster solutions to warfighters. Ross, Scott Sep 22, 2008 763
Korean, U.S. militaries collaborate through changes. Klapakis, Donna Sep 22, 2008 858
Paving the way for testing in a joint environment: the capability test methodology. DiPetto, Chris Sep 1, 2008 2684
Soldiers in Korea get full spectrum training. Lopez, C. Todd Aug 1, 2008 1114
Battling misperceptions: challenges to U.S. security cooperation in Central Asia. Kangas, Roger D. Essay Jul 1, 2008 6028
Joint doctrine update: Joint Chiefs of Staff J7 Joint Education and Doctrine Division. Jul 1, 2008 850
U.S., Pakistan forces complete Inspired Union 2008. Jul 1, 2008 416
U.S. teams up with the Adriatic Three for Logistics Exercise '07. Sigmon, Lew Jul 1, 2008 673
Red teaming and the intelligence professional: the environment and the challenge. Marsella, Nicholas R. Jul 1, 2008 3277
Coalition intelligence in OJF: a year in Iraq with multinational Division-Central South. Wilkinson, Robert M. Report Jul 1, 2008 3328
Synthesis: intelligence support for disaster. Blew, Robert A. Jul 1, 2008 3586
Cleared to engage: improving the effectiveness of joint close air support. Johnson, Michael H. Jun 22, 2008 6918
DSU prepares for submarine escape and rescue exercise. Riveracorrea, Alexia M. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 240
Implementing the Seapower Strategy. Hughes, Wayne P., Jr. Mar 22, 2008 5691
The "triangle of death": medical sustainability in expeditionary sea-based operations. Smith, Arthur M. Mar 22, 2008 8382
History of joint forces staff college. Mar 1, 2008 4761
Air Force-Navy integration in strike warfare: a role model for Seamless Joint-Service Operations. Lambeth, Benjamin S. Essay Jan 1, 2008 9883
Joint doctrine update: joint chiefs of staff J7 joint Education and doctrine division. Jan 1, 2008 685
Major joint/combined operations. Vego, Milan N. Jan 1, 2008 8877
Joint Qualification System replaces Joint Specialty Officer System. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 247
Maritime homeland defense: a role for land-based airpower? Grynkewich, Alexus G. Dec 22, 2007 7579
Combined exercises: a security cooperation tool. Matos, Mario Dec 1, 2007 1096
Joint doctrine update: Joint Chiefs of Staff J7 Joint Education and Doctrine Division. Dec 1, 2007 762
Logistics visibility: enabling effective decisionmaking. Christianson, C.V. Essay Dec 1, 2007 2264
Joint special operations warfighter certificate. Prairie, John S.; Reidy, Frank X. Dec 1, 2007 665
Taking joint intelligence operations to the next level. Akers, Tyler Dec 1, 2007 1946
Designing bare base systems for logistics efficiency in the joint operational environment. Trautmann, William D., Jr. Report Dec 1, 2007 6920
Regional Planning teams spell success for Black Sea Partnership Cruise. Nov 1, 2007 500
Global Fleet Station completes pilot mission. Nov 1, 2007 419
Two nations: the ties that bind. Diaz, Dustin; Penny, Jason; Marks, Kim Nov 1, 2007 1466
Eyes on target: intelligence support to an effects-based approach. Ellsworth, James B. Jul 1, 2007 4247
A JTF training dilemma: component rigor versus joint realism. Ward, Thomas E., II Jul 1, 2007 2793
Norfolk squadron bridges to future of joint operations. Apr 1, 2007 514
WIN-T update. Roeber, Rod Mar 22, 2007 302
Purple medicine: the case for a joint medical command. Smith, Arthur M.; Lane, David A.; Zimble, James A. Jan 1, 2007 3681
Search and rescue: service teams seek more cooperation to save lives. Kennedy, Harold Dec 1, 2006 1342
Welcome to the Major Leagues. Anderson, Sharon Oct 1, 2006 2140
Urban resolve 2015. Anderson, Sharon Oct 1, 2006 1566
Enhancing joint fuel and munitions logistics: the Army Developmental Test Command is hosting a program that tests ways to improve planning for joint munitions and fuel support by making better use of information. Cast, Michael E. Sep 1, 2006 2331
Navy newsstand (March 10, 2006): Navy-Coast Guard National Fleet policy updated. Peterson, Gordon I. Jul 1, 2006 636
Planning lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq. Collins, Joseph J. Apr 1, 2006 3189
Push to combine programs gets top-level attention. Erwin, Sandra I. Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 133
Joint staff officers often unprepared for new jobs. Peck, Michael Dec 1, 2005 1053
Joint logistics for the EUCOM AOR: in the first of two articles on joint theater logistics concepts for the U.S. European Command area of responsibility, the author reviews the need for centralized logistics command and control. Kendrick, Randy S. Nov 1, 2005 3039
Logistics and support. Krause, M.E. Oct 1, 2005 730
Development of the joint logistician. Mauldin, Randall M. Oct 1, 2005 2733
Clearing the water: the divers of MDSU 1 and ROK find they share a common language and mission beneath the surface of South Korean waters. Darby, M.J. Jul 1, 2005 1654
Defining integrated operations. Downie, Richard D. Jul 1, 2005 1938
How joint are we and can we be better? Harrison, Chuck Jul 1, 2005 3722
Expert knowledge in a joint task force headquarters. Geraci, Joseph C. Jul 1, 2005 3048
Joint professionals: here today, here to stay. Coss, Michael A. Jul 1, 2005 4401
Joint operations in the Southwest Pacific, 1943-1945. Holzimmer, Kevin C. Jul 1, 2005 5391
335th Theater Signal Command: 'First In--Last Out'. Riedy, Randy K. Jun 22, 2005 690
842nd Signal Company fields latest communication package at RS05. Majewski, Greg Jun 22, 2005 417
982nd Signal Company (Combat Camera) in action. Clark, Tim Jun 22, 2005 495
LTG Helmly visits 335th TSC Signal Operations at RS05. Majewski, Greg Jun 22, 2005 392
Military services have moved beyond 'joint'. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 172
Successful net-centric operations require joint testing. Farrell, Lawrence P., Jr. May 1, 2005 777
February '05 efforts to deploy sea bases could draw lessons from special warfare. Tiron, Roxana May 1, 2005 1319
Joint interagency cooperation: the first step. Bogdanos, Matthew F. Apr 1, 2005 5887
The Commander's Emergency Response Program. Martins, Mark S. Apr 1, 2005 4363
Battle damage assessment: the ground truth. Diehl, James G.; Sloan, Charles E. Apr 1, 2005 3247
Defense review: beltway dogfighting at its best. Erwin, Sandra I. Mar 1, 2005 956
Battle experiments: live and virtual troops mix in amphibious exercise. Peck, Michael Dec 1, 2004 1036
Quick mission rehearsals goal of joint training. Peck, Michael Dec 1, 2004 822
Air force print news (Aug. 3, 2004): Army, air force sharing battle information. Bressendorff, James L. Nov 1, 2004 622
More than Airmen: services are combining forces, blurring the lines between Airmen, Marines, Soldiers and Sailors. Desjarlais, Orville F., Jr. Sep 1, 2004 2394
Allies 'welcome' at U.S. command centers. Erwin, Sandra I. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 131
The expeditionary airfield as a center of gravity: Henderson field during the Guadalcanal campaign (August 1942-February 1943). Philippart, Jeff D. Case study Sep 1, 2004 5339
Aviation urban operations: are we training like we fight? Kemper, Todd G. Report Sep 1, 2004 14555
Target practice. McKenna, Ted Jul 1, 2004 603
Intelligence support to Marine Corps combat operations in Afghanistan. Fatheree, Christopher L.R. Jul 1, 2004 5017
Army stresses 'joint expeditionary mindset'. Fein, Geoff S. Feb 1, 2004 401
Airpower, jointness, and transformation. Fought, Stephen O.; Key, O. Scott Dec 22, 2003 10820
Sustaining expeditionary joint forces. Juskowiak, Terry E.; Williams, Michael (British actor) Sep 1, 2003 2846
"Reining in" the center of gravity concept. (Features). Echevarria, Antulio J., II Jun 22, 2003 6513
JWID leads the way to interoperability. Brown, Michael A., Sr. Jun 22, 2003 527
Seminar develops joint operating environment. Caldwell, Jim Jun 22, 2003 1404
The joint forces air command problem: is network-centric warfare the answer? Woodcock, Major William A. Jan 1, 2003 6534
A change-challenge: the fire-support coordination "box". (Vortices). Quintrall, Mick Sep 22, 2002 3608
Organic versus joint organization. (Vortices). Poynor, D. Robert Sep 22, 2002 756
Leading air mobility operations in complex humanitarian emergencies. Isola, Eileen M. Report Aug 2, 2002 8533
PSA conference offers program updates. (Precision Strike Association). Lopez, Ramon Jul 1, 2002 816
Green Berets now in Georgia: U.S. Special Forces are training Georgian soldiers to fight radical Muslims. The mission could benefit other U.S. interests as well. (War On Terrorism). Dyhouse, Tim Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 647
Game plan. (Doctrine). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 809
Joint Interoperability Test Site Expected to Grow. Watson, Chris Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 903
Transforming the Air Force. Roche, James G. Sep 22, 2001 2501
Standing to. (Organization). Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 226
At-Sea Tests Aim to Improve Joint Operations. Book, Elizabeth G. Sep 1, 2001 1924
'Millennium Challenge' Will Test U.S. Military Jointness. Tiron, Roxana Aug 1, 2001 2091
Doctrine development in the South African armed forces up to the 1980s. (Chapter One). Kruys, G.P.H. Topic Overview Aug 1, 2001 6832
Operation Chromite: counterattack at Inchon. Ballard, John R. Mar 22, 2001 2969
Fighting with fires. Hooper, Guy R.; McDaniel, Michael L. Dec 22, 2000 2544
Logistics and JFCs. (Doctrine). Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 252
Rapid dominance: integrating space into today's air operations center. Harter, Mark E. Report Apr 1, 2000 5524
Rapid dominance: integrating space into today's air operations center. Harter, Mark E. Report Apr 1, 2000 8084
Building castles on sand? Ignoring the riptide of information operations. Bass, Carla D. Report Sep 1, 1998 13823
Airpower in the context of a dysfunctional joint doctrine. Pivarsky, Carl R., Jr. Report Feb 1, 1997 9804
A fragile unity is born; the contras go private. Anderson, Jon Lee; Annunziata, Lucia Mar 9, 1985 2494

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