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Joint government sessions with Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria.

The Macedonian government is to hold joint sessions, not only with the Serbian but also with the Kosovar, Albanian and Bulgarian governments. The government explained that such meetings are aimed at increasing the regional cooperation. Analyst liber Sela said that the concept of international cooperation is a good idea but having in mind the "speech of hatred" of Albanian PM Dacic, it is clear that the integration is not their goal but the counter-response to Albanians.

"In general, such initiatives are welcomed and should contain multilateral concept and a concept of integration but it will be bad for Macedonia if it becomes part of Dacic's game which encourages hatred," Sela said, (end) Anila Limani

- RDK reacted to the increase of the number of Macedonian voters in the Municipality of Kicevo and the issuance of new identity cards to people who are not residents of Kicevo, which according to this party is a preparation for great manipulation at the local elections. Rufi OsmanTs party called on the State Election Commission to control the voter's lists and the parties not to abuse citizens as a "double vote." (end) A.L
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Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jan 30, 2013
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