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Joint NBWA/Beer Institute program recently unveiled.

Joint NBWA/Beer Institute program recently unveiled

At the recent National Beer Wholesalers Association convention in Las Vegas, September 21-25, NBWA president Ron Sarasin announced a new program that will unite the Beer Institute and the NBWA in an effort to combat underage drinking.

The two organizations have collaborated in the design of three posters, intended for display at retail locations. In all, more than two million posters will be distributed across the nation. According to Sarasin, the posters are designed to discourage the practice of underage drinking. "These posters drive home the message that this industry does not want the underage drinker's business," Sarasin said, "and that the industry will do everything it can to prevent our product from being purchased by minors."

According to Sarasin, the posters will bear the logos of the Beer Institute and the NBWA. "Working together," he said, "we have crafted a clearly effective message. I think this effort shows that brewers and wholesalers are working hand-in-hand to address this problem."

Sarasin noted the program depends on wholesaler cooperation. Addressing the gathered NBWA membership, he said, "It is imperative that we show the nation that we're part of the solution. It is wholesalers who will make the difference," Sarasin continued.

"You are the ones who must ensure that these posters get out to the retailers," he noted. "In doing so, you are helping to stem the tide of underage drinking."

Sarasin also paid tribute to the brewers, pointing to their strong support for the program. "The unselfish support of the brewers has been key," he said. "The brewers have given freely of their time for this effort, and have sought no recognition for themselves. I think that this illustrates that their concern on this issue is real."
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Title Annotation:National Beer Wholesalers Association; effort to combat underage drinking
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 7, 1991
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