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Joint Chiefs of Staff.

RADM Mark D. Harnitchek, USN, Vice Director for Logistics

(703) 695-2732 *

COL James E. Veditz, USA, Exec. Officer to Director for Logistics

(703) 614-3561 *

MG Darrel R. Porr, USA, Joint Staff Surgeon

(703) 697-4346 *

MG Donald L. Jacka, ARNGUS, Dep. Dir. for Logistics Ops.

(703) 697-4121 *

Brig Gen Linda Hemminger, USAFR, Dep. Dir. for Reserve Med. Affairs

(703) 697-4346 *

Mr. John J. Erb, Deputy Director for Strategic Logistics

(703) 695-2934 *

COL Kurt J. Stein, USA, Deputy Director for Power Projection and Sustainment

(703) 614-3561 *

COL Joseph M. Harmon, USA, Health Service Support Division

(703) 697-4421 *

Col John E. Butcher, USAF, Mobility Division

(703) 614-2648 *

COL Robert Guglielmi, USA, Sustainment & International Logistics Division

(703) 697-1535 *

COL Terry W. Beynon, USA, Logistics Information Fusion Division

(703) 695-0967 *

CAPT Andrew Benson, USN, Capabilities and Strategy Division

(703) 614-7232 *

CAPT David Stewart, USN, Engineering Division

(703) 614-2627 *

CAPT Tuck Hord, USN, Multi National Division

(703) 614-2627 *

Col Alexander J. Arnista, USAF, Joint Logistics Operation Center

(703) 697-0744 *

The Logistics Directorate, J-4, under the leadership of Lt Gen Duncan J. McNabb, USAF, serves the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in his primary role as advisor to the National Command Authorities. The J-4 provides a strategic and joint perspective on strategic lift, logistics, medical, and engineering advice to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Unified Commands. In addition to focusing on current joint operational requirements, major departmental programs include Logistics Transformation, Joint Vision Focused Logistics, Deployment Process Improvements, and Force Health Protection. The J-4 Logistics Directorate is transforming for the future. This transformation results from the exploitation of new approaches to operational concepts and capabilities, the use of old and new technologies, and new forms of organization that more effectively anticipate new or still emerging strategic and operational challenges. The J-4 strategy revolves around our ability to transform into a better organization with better business processes that is physically and mentally ready to execute the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs priorities. Although the Joint Staff has no command or logistics executive authority, it serves as a major coordinating agency within the planning and programming systems.


The Director for Logistics is supported by Rear Admiral Mark D. Harnitchek, USN, the Vice Director for Logistics; MG Darrel R. Porr, USA, Joint Staff Surgeon; BG (P) Donald L. Jacka, USAR, Deputy Director for Logistics Operations; and Brig Gen Linda Hemminger, USAFR, Deputy Director for Reserve Medical Affairs. The J-4 Directorate consists of eight divisions with approximately 120 personnel on the staff.


Details at WWW.DTIC.MIL/JCS/J4

* Capabilities and Strategy Division

* Logistics Information Fusion Division

* Engineering Division

* Sustainment and International Logistics Division

* Mobility Division

* Multi-National Division

* Health Service Support Division

* Joint Logistics Operations Center

Lt Gen Duncan J. McNabb, USAF

Director for Logistics (J-4)
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