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Joint Certification of Service Human Intelligence Collector Training and Professional Development.

War as a Human Endeavor--War is chaotc, lethal, and a fundamentally
human endeavor. It is a clash of wills fought among and between people.
All war is inherently about changing human behavior, with each side
trying to alter the behavior of the other by force of arms. Success
requires the ability to outhink an opponent and ruthlessly exploit the
opportunities that come from positions of relative advantage. The side
that best understands an operational environment, that learns and
adapts more rapidly, and that acts more quickly, is most likely to win.
                                                 ADP 3-0, Operations


Within the Department of Defense's (DoD's) human intelligence (HUMINT) enterprise, foundational training for HUMINT collectors is conducted by the individual services, whereas professional development training is conducted by a joint element--the HUMINT Training Joint Center of Excellence (HT-JCOE). When deployed, HUMINT-trained service personnel generally operate in a joint environment, under a geographic combatant command and component-delegated HUMINT authorities. HUMINT collectors provide operational and intelligence reporting in a joint intelligence information report, which is described in the Defense HUMINT Enterprise Manual 3301.002. Joint certification of service HUMINT training ensures a common operational language and common standards for HUMINT collectors when they deploy or when they atend joint HUMINT professional development courses.

HUMINT Training and Joint Certification

Each individual service initially trains its respective personnel in HUMINT collection under the service's train, man, and equip responsibilites. The U.S. Army's 35M10 HUMINT course trains Soldiers in interrogation, debriefing, and military source operations. The Marine Corps has a Marine AirGround Task Force Counterintelligence/HUMINT Course to train military occupational specialty (MOS) 0211 Marines; and the Navy trains its Navy enlisted classification 3913 Sailors in interrogation, debriefing, military source operations, and counterintelligence operations. The HT-JCOE, headquartered at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, delivers follow-on professional development training for these HUMINT disciplines. The HT-JCOE offers additional courses for skill identifiers in debriefing (Defense Strategic Debriefing Course), in source operations (Source Operations Course and Defense Advanced Tradecraf Course), and in specialized functional and topical courses.

DoD Instruction (DoDI) 3305.15, DoD Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Training and Certification, establishes the requirement to develop HUMINT training standards and to provide oversight of training. The Joint Coordination Element (JCE) was chartered under the auspices of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Joint J-7 staff to meet the requirements of DoDI 3305.15. JCE's mission is to certify training and standards through the joint certification process. Subject mater experts from each service conduct the comparative review of service MOS and the Universal Joint Task List; review lesson plans; and observe, verify, and validate the conduct of HUMINT training. Each service has used the joint certification process to validate its own foundational training course and to ensure the consistency of tasks and training standards with the DoD's HUMINT enterprise.

Joint certification of service and HT-JCOE HUMINT training courses has enabled the development of a shared operational vocabulary and has better prepared 35M Soldiers, 0211 Marines, 3913 Sailors, and Navy intelligence debriefers to operate under joint authorities and to report in a commonly understood joint format when operationally employed and deployed. Personnel from each service are already exposed to Universal Joint Task List standards. They are also conditioned toward success when participating in professional development and advanced HUMINT training at HT-JCOE or throughout the HUMINT enterprise, and they are able to perform to common standards when deployed.


Joint certification provides a valuable external technical review to ensure the Army's foundational 35M10 HUMINT course is consistent within the DoD's HUMINT enterprise for technical tasks and operational doctrine. This ensures the Army's HUMINT Soldiers are prepared to operate effectively under joint and geographic combatant commander authorities, both in deployed and in garrison environments.

by Chief Warrant Officer 5 Joseph P. Lancaster

CW5 Joseph P. Lancaster is a senior human intelligence (HUMINT) collector with 31 years of service as a HUMINT collector, interrogator, and debriefer at U.S. Forces Command, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, and U.S. Special Operations Command. He previously served as the 35M course officer in charge at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence.
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Author:Lancaster, Joseph P.
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Date:Jul 1, 2018
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