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JoinS tuddf or somee xcellent rugby rambling; PICK OF THE DAY.

Byline: Steve Davies

Super League Backchat Sky Sports 3, 10pm FOOTBALL started it, cricket followed and now it's rugby league's turn to indulge in a spot of fireside rambling, writes Steve Davies.

After Hold The Back Page and Cricket Writers on TV, now welcome to Super League Backchat, hosted by RPSPORT's very own Rod Studd, aided and abetted by Stevo, who once upon a time had a full name though no one can quite recall what it was. They are joined at the bar by a pair of 13-a-side scribes from the press.

This evening, discussing the crisis at Bradford Bulls among other things, are Chris Irvine from The Times and The Guardian's Andy Wilson.

It's a simple format but made far more fun than its football or cricketing counterparts by Studd, whose passion for all this huffing and puffing means he's almost in a perpetual state of crossness. Or at least he was in the internet version. Here's hoping he's not mellowed now they're on the telly.

Any resemblance, by the way, to Monty Python's Four Yorkshiremen sketch is entirely co-incidental. Reet then; cup of tea anyone? Cold tea. Without milk or sugar. Or tea...
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jul 3, 2012
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