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Join the professor in opening Pandora's box.

Professor Layton and Pandora's Box (DS) PROFESSOR Layton and The Curious Village was one of the surprise smash hits on the DS last year so inevitably the franchise would continue - but would it live up to the success of its predecessor? Eleven-year-old Katie Smith tells us why it does just that... This new game has more than 150 puzzles that you need to solve to help you progress through the game and get information.

Some of the games are very easy but there is an increase in difficulty as you go through the game trying to achieve the aim of unlocking Pandora's Box.

In the professor's trunk is his journal, which is important and shows you the mysteries you have solved.

The trunk also lets you peek at the puzzle index and try puzzles you have already completed.

Some of the trunk's features are hidden, but can be unlocked by mastering some of the game's puzzles.

You can also go to Granny Riddleton's shack to solve the lost puzzles.

On your way to finding Pandora's Box you get to collect hint coins which can then be used to get a hint when you get stuck on a puzzle.

The weekly downloadable puzzles are fun and you can watch through your old puzzles, too.

You can track your progress through Layton's Challenges - a section that sets you levels to get to. There are also some Top Secret bonuses for when you collect the game - very exciting!

The graphics on the game are very cute and cartoony and it is a lot of fun to play even if it does drive you mad. Anyone who likes puzzles will love it, especially fans of the first game.

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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Sep 6, 2009
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