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Johnson & Johnson restructuring: stronger emphasis placed on R&D.

A recent restructuring was undertaken by Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ, parent company of Personal Products Company and roll goods manufacturer Chicopee. According to David Lehman, who was vice president-marketing, Specialty Products Division of Chicopee until last month (he left to work for J&J subsidiary Surgikos on May 22), the reorganization, which took place April 15, actually encompassed two distinct areas and resulted in the strategic realignment of Chicopee into two new units.

The first part of the restructuring involved the combining of the research and development and development engineering departments of Chicopee, Personal Products and Johnson & Johnson Canada into a new company, Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Absorbent Products & Materials Research. The company is designed to provide a stronger and more focused performance in developing new technology for the absorbent and related materials area.

"Johnson & Johnson has determined that having a critical mass in R&D is crucial in nonwovens and absorbent products," said Mr. Lehman. The research and development and developmental engineering departments of all three companies now report to Alfred Mays, president of Chicopee, who is overseeing both new J&J companies.

The second newly-created company is called Johnson & Johnson Advanced Materials Company and includes what has up to now been considered Chicopee.

Mr. Lehman said plans have not been finalized yet for exactly how the new company will be organized; however, he did say that the Advanced Materials Company will include the Specialty Products Division, the Affiliate Division and Chicopee's Gainesville, GA woven operations.

As part of the change, a dryform plant in North Little Rock, AR, will be managed by Personal Products; products manufactured there will be marketed by the new company.

No replacement has been named yet for Mr. Lehman; in the interim Robert Munoz, vice president-Affiliate Division, is heading operations.
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Date:Jun 1, 1992
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