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Johnson & Johnson Advanced Materials Company - organized for success.

After more than a century of industry leadership, Chicopee reorganized in 1992 to more effectively focus on strategically important customers. Now called Johnson & Johnson Advanced Materials Company, the organization continues a tradition of aggressively marketing itself as a supplier of up-to-the-minute technologies and products worldwide.

As John Bohan, vice president of marketing and sales explains, "Johnson & Johnson Advanced Materials Company will continue to be responsive to market changes. We have consolidated the marketing talents of our American and Canadian operations to take full advantage of forecasted growth in markets of strategic interest to us, such as automotive, to name just one. The pending free trade agreements between the United States, Canada and Mexico represent a tremendous opportunity for our company."

"In addition, we feel strongly that we must also provide technological capabilities that generate dynamic new products to perfectly match our customers' requirements."

One such innovation from Johnson & Johnson Advanced Materials Company is a new fabric that combines the best of wovens and nonwovens. Using a unique fabric forming technology, the company has developed MIRATEC[TM], a new structure that possesses a balance of the desirable attributes of both wovens and nonwovens but without the limitations of either fabric.

The new process enables more precise control over the arrangement of fibers in the fabric. In this way, structural elements typical of fine yarns in both appearance and performance may be formed in the fabric. At the same time, regions of less densely packed fibers providing fluid-holding capacity are built into the fabric structure.

The first commercial application of the MIRATEC fabric is a product marketed by Johnson & Johnson Medical Inc., the NU-BREDE[TM] Packing and Debridement Sponge, designed to replace traditional woven gauze for wound packing, wound debridement and wet to dry debridement.

Gauze, a commonly used material for wound care products, has a sought-after texture but is limited in absorbency and sheds lint and other particles into a wound. Compared to gauze, nonwoven sponges do not unravel, have greater gram for gram absorbent capacity and exhibit a soft, cushioning texture.

Although spunlace nonwoven fabrics have become widely accepted for use as wound dressings and bandages, they do not perform well for packing and debriding wounds because, unlike gauze, they are bulky and do not adhere to tissue. Consequently, woven gauze has remained the preferred sponge material for packing and debriding wounds, despite its limitations.

NU-BREDE Packing and Debridement Sponge introduces a new class of wound care fabrics that unites the best qualities of woven gauze, such as texture, with those of nonwoven fabric, such as softness, absorbency and conformability.

"The infinite variety of patterns possible through MIRATEC technology mirrors the nearly limitless scope of its potential," says John Bohan. "MIRATEC exemplifies the fundamental principles that guide us toward serving our customers better, continuously surpassing their expectations and striving to reach new levels of quality."

He summarizes, "We at Johnson & Johnson Advanced Materials Company embrace the philosophy of total quality management. To be successful, it is no longer enough to simply meet customer needs. We aim to exceed their expectations and in doing so become legendary. Our entire organization is focused on the customer and on developing solutions to problems and designing products that expand opportunities."
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Date:May 1, 1993
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