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Johnson, Pete: My Parents Are Driving Me Crazy.

Johnson, Pete

My Parents Are Driving Me Crazy

Illustrated by Nikalas Catlow

Award Publications, 2015, pp200, 5.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 78270 160 6

This diary style story covers four weeks of Louis' life and the disasters that befall him. Dad has been made redundant resulting in Mum and Dad doing a role swap. Dad's cooking isn't up to much and he expects some child participation in the cleaning of the house. Not quite what Louis and his brother, Elliot, had in mind. Meanwhile, Louis has reached the final of Kids With Attitude, performing as a stand-up comic. His friend, Maddy, is great in the bossy role of his agent but things take a sour turn when she and Louis go on their first date. As his love life becomes tangled, relations between Louis and Maddy take a nosedive. Back at school, Louis has come to the attention of Mr Beach, the History teacher. When he persuades Dad to write his history essays he can't believe his luck and suddenly starts bringing home A grades. A class test outs him as a fraud and as Louis gets into more and more trouble the final of Kids With Attitude is looming. His act is still a disaster and Maddy is still acting very frostily. A very funny, highly entertaining diary of everyday life in Louis' household.

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Author:Krajewski, Ellen
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 22, 2016
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