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Virginia L. Naples,'s THE OTHER SABER-TOOTHS: SCIMITAR-TOOTH CATS OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE (9780801896644, $110.00) blends new research with previously published accounts to consider all aspects of the natural history of saber-tooth cats. From their world distribution patterns and how they interacted with non-prey animals to their biology and natural history, this pairs fine drawings with the latest information in a college-level collection suitable for any paleontological collection. E. Paul Zehr's INVENTING IRON MAN: THE POSSIBILITY OF A HUMAN MACHINE (9781421402260, $24.95) provides a vivid deconstruction of the Iron Man fantasy to consider if modern technology can create a suit of armor similar to the Iron Man story. Scientific analysis is used to consider how Iron Man's suit allows Stark to become a superhero--and how brain-machine interfaces can work to achieve the same. A fine pick for science and general holdings alike. Any collection strong in wildlife and natural history will relish James G. Sanderson and Patrick Watson's SMALL WILD CATS: THE ANIMAL ANSWER GUIDE (0801898854, $24.95). Even those well versed in small cats will find plenty of new names here to wonder at: Pallas' cat, fishing cats, sand cats, and more. Black and white photos accompany a lively set of insights on these varied cats, making for a scientific and fun guide.

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Title Annotation:Small Wild Cats: The Animal Answer Guide; Inventing Iron Man: The Possibility of a Human Machine; The Other Saber-tooths: Scimitar-tooth Cats of the Western Hemisphere
Publication:The Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Nov 1, 2011
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