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John Paul condemns terrorism, invokes God's mercy. (News in Brief: Vatican).

Vatican City--During a commemorative service to an overflowing crowd of pilgrims at the Vatican on September 11, John Paul II prayed for the victims of September 11 and condemned terrorism. "Every person has the right to have their life and dignity respected, which are inviolable goods. God says this, international law sanctions it, the human conscience proclaims it, civil coexistence demands it."

He asked all to pray for the eternal rest of the victims, to ask God to grant mercy and pardon to those who organized and carried out the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and to entrust to God the victims of all atrocities. A Vatican-affairs expert attending the service recalled that John Paul had, just twenty days before in Poland, entrusted the world to the mercy of God.

In an address to the new British Ambassador to the Vatican on Sept. 8, the Pope quoted from his Message for 2002 World Day of Peace: "Terrorism is built on contempt for human life ... it is a true crime against humanity." In his deep concern for youth, he urged the international community not to overlook the overlying causes that lead young people, especially, to despair and to temptations of violence, hatred, and revenge. He challenged world leaders to build a global culture of peace and solidarity, with a pointed reference to countries of the West, whose foundations and core of society are Christian (Zenit, Sept. 8, 11).
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Date:Nov 1, 2002
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