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John Moir's 'Gleanings' (1785?): sources for the stories, essays, and poems.

Earlier efforts to identify John Moir's contributions to contemporary magazines (NQ, ccxxv (1980), 64-5; ccxxxi (1986), 75-6) have now been added to and permit identification of first appearances for most of the substantial articles gathered in his Gleanings: or Fugitive Pieces. In Two Volumes . . . (London: Printed for the Author, and sold at his house, No. 8 Bolt Court, Fleet-Street [1785?]). Moir claimed that 'some were never before in print' ('Preface', l:iii) so we cannot expect to find a prior appearance for all he collected; the 'new' works are labelled as such in the following list.

Gleanings: Volume One. Essays:

I. Women. (from London Magazine, li (September 1782), 409-10)

II. Magnanimity. [from London Magazine, li (September 1782), 410-12)

III. Study of Politics. Written in 1777 (from London Magazine, li (September 1782), 412-14)

IV. Gentleness of Mind [not by Molt, from Westminster Magazine, x (February 1782), 83-5).

V. Taste (from London Magazine, li (October 1782), 472-5)

VI. Genius of Poetry. (new)

VII. Origin of Grace. (new)

VIII. Hume and Bolingbroke. [from London Magazine, li (September 1782), 430-32)

IX. Genius. [from London Magazine, li (October, 1782), 472)

X. Sensibility (from London Magazine, li (June 1783), 275-6)

XI. Doctor Samuel Johnson. (new)

XII. Writing to the Heart. (separately published in 1777)

XIII. Thomson's Seasons. (new)

XIV. Originality. (new)

XV. State of Europe. (from London Magazine, iii (May 1783), 222-8)

XVI. Outlines of the British Constitution. (new)

XVII. Genius of France and England Compared. (new)

XVIII. British Commerce. (new)

XIX. Public Virtue. (new)

XX. Empire. (from London Magazine, lii (January 1783), 21-3)

XXI. Pulpit Eloquence. [from London Magazine, li (December 1782), 553-8)

[XXII: Not used]

XXIII. Delicacy. [from Westminster Magazine, v (June-July 1777): 303-4, 3612)

XXIV. Eliza; or Female Benevolence. (new)

XXV. Friendship. (new)

XXVI. Population. (from Westminster Magazine, ix (June 1781), 312-13)

XXVII. Quackery. (new)

Gleanings. Volume Two. Moral Stories:

I. Samuel and Sally. [from Westminster Magazine, ix (August 1781), 405-7)

II. Henrietta. [from Westminster Magazine, v (August 1777), 407-8)

III. Manly. [from Moir's Female Tuition (1784), 74-8)

IV. The Philosopher in Love. [from Moir's Female Tuition (1784), 17787)

V. Serjeant More. [from Westminster Magazine, v (October 1777), 521-5)

VI. Hassan. [from Westminster Magazine, x (February 1782), 70-3)

VII. The Dwarf. A foreigner. (new)

VIII. The Execution. (from Westminster Magazine, v (July 1777), 341--3)

IX. Jessima. (new)

X. The Widow. (from Westminster Magazine, ix (May 1781), 241-3)

XI. Love and Joy. (by A. L. Aikin Barbauld)

Gleanings. Volume Two. Sketches, Fragmeats, Hints:

I. Majesty. (new)

II. Female Prostitution. (new)

III. Unanimity. (from European Magazine, vi (October 1784), 321-2)

IV. Sense of Honour. (new)

V. A Pretty Fellow. (new)

VI. Prosperity. (new)

VII. Health and Happiness. (new)

VIII. The Mother. (new)

IX. Picking Pockets. (new)

X. The Pin. (new)

XI. Honesty and Honour. (new)

XII. Public Life. (new)

XIII. Good-Nature. (new)

XIV. Villainous Company. (new)

XV. Court Favour. (new)

XVI. WAR. (new: said to have been written in 1785)

XVII. Secrecy. (new)

XVIII. Allegories. (from European Magazine, vi (October 1784), 316-17)

XX. Trifling. (new)

XX. Times, An Olio, (new)

The Gleaner, Volume Two. Fugitive Pieces. Verses on various subjects:

I. The Wits. (from London Magazine, li (October 1782), 485-6)

II. Lord Chatham's Death. (new)

III. Summer. (new)

IV. Amelia. (from Westminster Magazine, v (August 1777), 436-8)

V. Politeness. (new)

VI. The Wedding-Day. (new)

VII. Young Ladies Singing. (new)

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